10 things I wish I knew before going to San Marino

10 things I wish I knew before going to San Marino

Alisa Ruda30 October 20207991 views10 min. read
10 things I wish I knew before going to San Marino
San Marino is one of the smallest and oldest states in Europe. You can get to San Marino from different points in Italy because these two countries are very connected with each other. Where is San Marino? Do not be surprised, but Italy surrounds this small country from all sides; the area of the state is only 61.2 km². The beautiful natural landscape combined with the architecture of the Middle Ages attracts tourists from around the world because, in San Marino, there is something to see. The country gained its independence back in 301; it is the oldest state with a rich and exciting history. It is not in vain that over 3 million tourists visit San Marino annually. They are attracted here by unusual architecture because the San Marino population still lives in ancient houses and castles. The official language is Italian, and the locals themselves are as friendly and open as the Italians, but they cannot stand being called Italians, not San Marinos. The San Marino population is very proud of its independence and does not consider itself a part of Italy. san marino people In the country of San Marino, there are sights at every step. You want to know as much as possible about all of them when you get to the Middle Ages from the 21st century. But the Middle Ages is here only in history and architecture; in fact, San Marino is a very modern state in Europe, where you can find entertainment for every taste and wallet. Where is San Marino? The country is located in Italy so that you can get to it from the famous Italian city. Once you arrive in the north of Italy in the town of Rimini, you can immediately go on a tour of San Marino. How to get from Rimini to San Marino? The distance between the cities is only 24 km. The most convenient means of transportation for travel to San Marino is a cab, a public bus that goes every hour, or a separate car (for example, rented). Public transport is the most popular among tourists and the cheapest, by the time the road takes only 1 hour. The first departures begin at 6 am. For boarding, go to Marvelli Square. The bus arrives in San Marino at Piazza Calcini, near the historical sites of the city. During the cold season, buses go every hour and a half. For 5 euros you can buy a one-way ticket for public transport. By car or cab from Rimini can be reached quickly, respectively, the cost of a rental vehicle is higher. If you are going to travel around San Marino, be sure to prepare a plan in time to see all the exciting things. This small but very unique country, you will like it. What is interesting about San Marino and its main San Marino attractions are collected in this review.

1. San Marino attractions: mountains, mountains, and once again the mountains

san marino mountain The Monte Titano massif, where San Marino is located, is 750 m above sea level. It is an incredibly beautiful mountain scenery, which you can admire from anywhere in the country. If the mountains are your weakness, then you will want to move to San Marino as soon as possible. Guaita Tower is the highest point in the country, from which you can fully enjoy the scenery. The mountains here seem to be the most beautiful that each of us has seen before. The green slopes, colorful houses, which seem to have grown into rocks and roads-spatulas, hold back the eyes. You can admire the scenery in San Marino for a long time, and most importantly, everyone who came to this small country can find here entertainment for themselves. San Marino will give you a lot of impressions, and you will never forget its mountains like a picture. Order a romantic walk by cable car, only 1.5 km, and you can see the city like in the palm of your hand and get to the most famous fortresses of Borgo Maggiore and Monte Titano. But first, choose a convenient way to get from Rimini to San Marino.

2. A large number of museums in San Marino that you can see

statue Small San Marino has many museums. Therefore, you will not get bored here. So, the National Museum, Aviation Museum, Vampire Museum, Museum of Torture Instruments, Museum of Modern Art, etc. The Sanmarin National Museum is famous for its exhibits from ancient history. The museum was built on donations. Today, you can see even finds from Egyptian and Roman culture, paintings, sculptures, and remains of the Basilica. Aviation Museum is located on the side of the road, so there is no need to go on a tour. You can stop for a short while and see exciting exhibits right from the car. If you are not faint of heart, then go on a tour to the Vampire Museum. Here you will see wax figures of vampires, famous storylines of popular sinister stories, and a vast, terrible werewolf at the entrance to the museum. Goosebumps on your skin are provided. Museum of the instrument of torture - the name says it all. There are not many exhibits, but they are all exciting and allowed to touch. Museum of Modern Art is an extensive collection of works by internationally renowned artists. Only 3 euros, and you can visit this unique excursion in San Monaco.

3. San Marino celebrates the Day of the Middle Ages

white castle

To enjoy the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, travel to San Marino in late July. Usually these days there are celebrations and various medieval activities. Everyone wears historical costumes, dances to ancient music, and competes in archery and crossbow shooting. We also recommend visiting the city market, which during the holiday turns into a medieval market. The unique atmosphere and traditions will make you feel like a real medieval inhabitant.

4. In San Marino it is cheaper than in Italy

san marino building Even though Italy surrounds San Marino, prices here are lower. Many tourists come here for shopping. In San Marino, there is something to see and buy. The country has a lot of branded boutiques and small souvenir shops, where you can buy anything. Also, there are unique things here. So be sure to visit the boutiques of Italian designers, which are unknown here. Leather things, bags, shoes, watches, sunglasses - everything can be bought in San Marino at attractive prices. For shopping, go to Azzurro Shopping Center, which is located near the highway with Rimini. Besides this shopping center in San Marino, there are a lot of boutiques and stores almost every step of the way. The main cities for shopping excursions are Serravalle and Dogana.

5. What to do in San Marino? San Marino has many beautiful towers

castle in san marino There are many towers in San Marino, and it would be nice to go up to visit them all during a tour of the country. Guaita Tower was built in the 11th century. In this tower kept the prisoners who had no chance to escape. To get to the building, you must climb to a height of 7 meters. Tower of Chest was built precisely 100 years after Guaita. Today, about a thousand copies of ancient weapons are kept in Chesta. Pentagonal Montale Tower is the newest, but the entrance for tourists to it is closed. You can only be photographed against the background of an impressive structure.

6. In the Government Palace, there is a spectacular change of guard

government palace It is an exciting spectacle for tourists, not everywhere you can see it. The residence is located on Freedom Square. From May to September, the guard changes every half hour. It is an exciting spectacle, which every day come to see the crowds of tourists. The guards are dressed in bright suits and play very effectively in this performance. If you have planned an excursion to San Marino in the warm season, you should visit the Government Palace and the change of guard.

7. The Main Temple of San Marino is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List

temple in san marino In San Marino, attractions are everywhere. One of them is the main temple of San Marino. The Basilica is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is the main sanctuary for locals. The relics of St. Marino, after whom the country is named, are located in this very church. The main temple is made of expensive white stone in neoclassical style. Inside the temple, there is also a portrait of St. Marino, revered by all San Marinis.

 8. San Marino brings interesting souvenirs to the temple

souvenirs It is from this beautiful state that you can bring beautiful and unique souvenirs for your loved ones. What is the most common thing to get?
  • alcoholic drinks, such as liqueurs and red wine. Fragolino is wildly popular;
  • products made of wood and ceramics, gold coins;
  • hand-painted bed linen;
  • Pinocchio figurines.
Prices for such products here are small, and in the souvenir shops, you can pick up unique products to remember San Marino.

9. San Marino will please gastronomical gourmets

burger In San Marino, sights are not limited to architecture and nature. There is a vast choice of tasty and nourishing food. It is not for nothing that San Marinas are close neighbors of Italians. All kinds of lasagna, pasta, pizza, and meat delicacies can be tasted at San Marino's facilities. Poultry meat (partridge and chicken) is incredibly popular here, and San Marinas adore seafood ear, Italian Polenta, and all kinds of cheese. For those who want sweets, this is a paradise of baking and caramel desserts, such as Cacciatello. The country is also known for its wines and liqueurs. Be sure to try the red "Riserva" or white "Roncalli". Among the liqueurs, the popularity is "Tilus" - a liqueur with a truffle smell. In any case, you should sign up for the tasting.

10. By cable car, you can get to Borgo Maggiore from San Marino

cable car The length of the ropeway is 1.5 km. Every 15 minutes daily, carriages are sent from one point to another. This type of movement between cities is popular because you can not only admire the scenery but also get to the desired end. Also, the funicular is often used to deliver goods. In the summertime, the cable car is open almost around the clock from 7:50 to 1:00. Therefore, you can travel over the city even at night. It is prohibited to drive in the center of the capital San Marino, and most tourists prefer hiking and excursions. So if you are going on a tour in the center, do not forget to park your car on the outskirts of the city. But believe me, it will not cause any discomfort, because all the sights of San Marino are within walking distance. How to get from Rimini to San Marino? The most convenient way is on a regular bus. Then take the cable car to Borgo Maggiore. So, you are in San Marino, what to see for a tourist? Look for everything you have time for. You will discover a lot of new and exciting things, and you will take a lot of Instagram pictures against the background of landscapes, mountains, and historical monuments. This small and independent country conquers from the first minute. There is no access to the sea coast in San Marino, but there is an extraordinary beauty of the mountains. If you are going to go on an excursion, check your level of training on hiking. After all, you will want to conquer the highest points. san marino

Some useful tips for those who are travel to San Marino:

  • Do not call San Marinos Italians, and it is an insult to the people of the country;
  • Before taking a photo of a San Marino resident, it is necessary to ask for his permission;
  • Locals behave with tourists more restrained than Italians, so it is not accepted to hug her at the first meeting;
  • The San Marino population speaks Italian, part of the central community understands English.
san marino Where is San Marino, there are beautiful landscapes, sympathetic people and a great time. San Marino is a lovely country for active recreation, shopping, and pleasant meetings. It is that small part of big Europe, where you can feel the spirit of the Middle Ages in every building and every historical attraction. I wish you an exciting and unforgettable time in San Marino!

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