12 Instagrammable places in Sint Maarten

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12 Instagrammable places in Sint Maarten
photography. What’s more, Instagram has become an essential tool when it comes to getting inspired to choose a new getaway travel destination. And one of those destinations is Sint Maarten. Wait, you don’t know where is Sint Maarten? The island of St. Martin is located 240 km east of Puerto Rico. This small but beautiful island has about 78000 inhabitants and is divided into two sides, one French where the most important city is Marigot, and the other Dutch side with the most important city - Philipsburg. This is where the cruise ships arrive daily; being the main economic source of the city and the entire island. This island offers many beautiful corners ideal for taking the most liked Instagram photos and help other travellers get to know them through Instagram. Therefore, here we tell you which are the 12 Instagrammable places in Sint Maarten that you cannot miss.

1. Beautiful beaches for everyone

anse marcel beach The island of St. Martin - St. Maarten is covered with miles of white sand complemented by a turquoise blue ocean that laps on its shores. The different beaches of the island are as diverse in characteristics as their deep-rooted history. Whether you’re into water sports, quietness, or naked sunbathing, Sint Maarten has a beach for the most particular tastes, and they offer a perfect view for taking Instagram photos. You can take beautiful photos and portray the sunset or immortalize yourself in those crystal clear waters. Although we are talking about a Caribbean island, it has two well defined seasons: the dry season (from December to April) and the rainy season (from May to November). So in Sint Maarten weather during the dry season, you can enjoy the beaches much better. airplane Some of the most outstanding beaches in St. Maarten for you to get wonderful pictures are: Mullet Bay Beach: One of the most popular beaches on the island, located at the extreme southwest of the Dutch side of St. Martin - St. Maarten. This Instagrammable place is impressive for practising water sports and for enjoying beautiful sunsets worthy of a picture frame. Orient Bay Beach: Considered one of the sexiest beaches in the area, it is a perfect place for a romantic day by the water and taking perfect most liked Instagram photos, especially for the most exhibitionist of the travellers around us. orient beach Dawn Beach: This stunning beach sits just below the French border on the east coast of Dutch St. Martin and boasts some of the best sunrises and snorkelling to be found on the island. Maho Beach: it is located at the end of the runway of the Princess Juliana International Airport of St. Maarten. And unsurprisingly, it is a sight to see giant airliners flying over the sand only a few hundred feet high, and of course, photographing it is a must!

2. Visit museums and exhibits

courthouse Although it may be difficult to imagine stepping off the beach to enter the rich culture of St. Maarten, the island has made it home to some of the most revered exhibits in the entire Caribbean. But, if you think about what to do in Sint Maarten on a rainy day, this is a good option. As for taking Instagram photos, keep in mind that in any museum, it is usual that a part of the exhibition can be photographed. However, the most famous or important part of any museum is usually a camera-free area. Even so, in the sections where you are allowed to take most liked Instagram photos, you can play with the different lights and create a good portrait of one of the historical places in Sint Maarten. For example, try the Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit: This exhibit is an amazing compilation of nearly six decades of filmmaking, including relics from such famous films as Terminator and the Maltese Falcon. You also have the Museum of St. Maarten, in the centre of Philipsburg: This museum is operated by the National Heritage Foundation & Museum and has exhibits that focus on the island’s plantation period, the history of the island in the salt industry, and the diversity of flora and fauna of the island, among others.

3. Golden Eagle Catamaran 

group of people have fun day Get to know one of the islands near Sint Maarten called Tintamarre. Do it on a catamaran capable of carrying up to 86 passengers. One of the most famous is the 76 foot Golden Eagle, one of the largest catamarans in the Caribbean, with an 80-foot mast. Experience the thrill of browsing while savouring homemade cakes and champagne, and of course, it is one of the best Instagrammable places to take most liked Instagram photos. The Tintamarre Island’s beaches have beautiful sand, and passengers can snorkel, swim, or explore the nearby caverns. Upon returning to the ship, The Golden Eagle Catamaran unfolds its spinnaker on the sail downwind to return to Sint Maarten, and you can enjoy snacks, music, and an open bar. Can you return from your travel to Sint Maarten not trying this?

4. Snorkelling

snorkelling If you’ve never been into snorkelling before, the beautiful coasts and waters of St. Maarten are a good starting point. From beginners to more experienced snorkelers, the island offers a wide variety of marine experiences. Numerous snorkelling excursions are available for those who are not yet comfortable renting some fins and going out on their own. Make sure you don’t miss out on a chance to swim at Creole Rock, which has one of the most diverse ecosystems on the island, a great space to take Instagram photos as long as you have waterproof cameras. Another point that snorkelling enthusiasts should not miss is Turtle Reef, which owes its name to the active presence of both green and hawksbill turtles and is considered one of the best places to take pictures in Sint Maarten.  Also, because the waters of Sint Maarten are transparent, they are ideal for diving regardless of your inexperience. Here you will see many-many different Instagrammable places that offer diving, including shipwrecks, and the possibility of seeing coral reefs, the habitat of many colourful and beautiful fish that you can appreciate in this activity.

5. First class fine food

cooking Whether you’re stopping at a hostel, staying all-inclusive, or relaxing at one of St. Maarten’s many private vacation rentals, you need to eat. If you are planning to cook something, have a picnic on the beach, or try one of the most famous restaurants on the island, St. Maarten is sure to have something that will keep your palate and your Instagram followers happy! Taking notes of its Dutch and French influences, meals in St. Maarten’s tend to be made up primarily of freshly caught seafood, often mixed with the best of Dutch food, creating some of the best dishes in the Caribbean. If possible, try some of the island’s Creole-style barbecue dishes while you’re there, such as shell stew, cooked bananas, braised chicken, and possibly the tastiest grilled garlic shrimp, all dishes worthy of being portrayed for your Instagram. One of the well-known restaurants in Sint Maarten is Bamboo. After Hurricane Irma, Bamboo moved into the shops of Puerto De Sol and has been transformed into a stylish bar and restaurant. Bar Bamboo serves food and drinks until the wee hours of the morning amid elegant Asian decor. The cocktail menu complements world-class sushi prepared by master chefs from New York and Los Angeles. It’s a super cosy place for those perfect photos you’re looking for.  Another of the Instagrammable places - speaking of restaurants - is the Ocean Lounge, located in the centre of Philipsburg. Holland House Beach Hotel’s outdoor lounge is one of the most elegant spots on the island. Dining options include an ingenious selection of light snacks like zucchini soup, salmon and caper bruschetta, and tonka brûlée bean cream. Live music sets the mood for a relaxing meal. 

6. Make your own perfume

perfume You can’t leave Sint Maarten without being able to create your own perfume. This means that you can create a unique perfume with a scent that will make you remember this beautiful island. In this way, you will be able, apart from selecting the aromatic oils that you like the most - of which there are more than 300 - to choose a name that characterizes it and identifies it as your own creation. Also, you can learn to make perfumes since these places have their own laboratories where they offer 60 or 90 - minute courses and upon completion, you will obtain a certificate, and among the participants and instructors, they will celebrate with a special drink, and the house gives you sweets, it is a moment to enjoy. Of course, as for your created fragrance, they file the formula in case you want to elaborate more in the future. Imagine your perfume with your name; you cannot stop immortalizing this moment with some photos to show everyone your creation.

7. Stroll through Philipsburg

historical place in sint maarten One also comes to know historical places in Sint Maarten since it has a very wide history, and although much of its great attraction is colonial, we can see great architectural innovations. They are there, waiting for us to take the most liked Instagram photos. The city offers many beautiful corners such as Wathey Square or the Courthouse that provide perfect angles for perfect Instagram photos. But the greatest attraction of the capital of St. Maarten, Philipsburg, in addition to its beaches, its restaurants, its history, and its architecture, stands out in a great attraction and is the commercial district of Philipsburg, a unique place where many people go to buy at great and attractive prices, tax-free. The entire Philipsburg shopping district offers the best prices on jewellery, watches, and precious stones (emeralds, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, pearls, gold, and silver) with prices between 25% and 50% lower than what you find in countries like the United States, from very prestigious brands such as C2K, Caribbean Hook, Honora, House of Tanzanite, John Atencio, John Hardy, Kabana, Roberto Coin, etc.

8. Visit Marigot, the St Martin capital

marigot Now that you know some of the best places to take pictures in Sint Maarten, and taking advantage of the fact that you have two different cities on the same island, you can easily visit Marigot, which is half an hour from Philipsburg by car. As I told you at the beginning, Marigot is the capital of the French part, written as St Martin opposite St Maarten. It is a European territory, with all the advantages of the single market. It is the place where almost all nationals of the European Union live. The capital does not look at all like that of the Dutch part, so you will constantly have different photo collections for your Instagram. This charming enclave is much more local and charming for many tourists. It may especially remind you of a small town on the French Riviera, with Caribbean influences mixed in a much quieter environment and where cruise ships do not arrive. You can enjoy beautiful beaches, wooden houses, with flowers and balconies: lovely markets, and French cafes and shops, perfect for cheap French perfumes and purchases.

9. Visit the Butterfly Farm

butterfly Can you imagine taking pictures of colourful butterflies lay down on your hands? Your Instagram followers will love to see that. Without a doubt, the Butterfly Farm or Le Ferme des Papillons is one of those Instagrammable places that you must visit while in Marigot. In this beautiful and Instagrammable place, you will be instructed on the development of butterflies, that is, all their growth process from when they are an egg until they are adults. As you go through the farm, you will see thousands of butterflies flying over you so you can hold them in your hands. You will be able to see an infinite variety of butterflies, both common and those that are in danger of extinction. Of course, butterflies are also seen in different parts of the city, even in Philipsburg, but they always return to the farm since they have a lot of food, that is, there are many flowers, so it is a very beautiful natural space. Because the farm also has many flowers, some hummingbirds can also be seen.

10. Ferry to Pinel Island

pinel island One of the less crowded islands that are only 20 minutes from Sint Maarten is Pinel Island. You can visit it by going on a ferry, and you can spend the day doing different activities such as kayaking. You can also eat and drink what you want. Enjoy the day sunbathing and taking beautiful photos. Also, since in Pines Island you will see crystal clear waters, you can snorkel a few meters from the coast. Besides, iguanas are the queens of this exotic but charming place where you can come into direct contact with the most genuine beauty of the Caribbean. There is no doubt that you will have wonderful Instagram photos of this moment.

11. Enjoy the serenity in the St. Martin Nature Reserve

Well, if the Sint Maarten weather is great, then St. Martin is too! That means that you can visit the serenity of the St. Martin Nature Reserve. Although the island of Saint Martin has developed architecture, it still offers the beauty of pure nature. This is appreciated in the St. Martin Nature Reserve, where you will find different ecosystems and animals such as turtles, birds, and reptiles. It is a great moment to portrait those animals in their natural habit to share with your Instagram followers.

12. Try 12 Metre Regatta

yaquina bay Get on one of the fastest 12-meter class sailboats in the world and race like a pro with the 12-meter regatta. This one-of-a-kind experience gives you the option to sit back and enjoy the adrenaline-pumping ride or actively participate by turning windlasses and lowering sales while racing other boats on an authentic America’s Cup circuit; this is definitely one of the best places to take pictures in Sint Maarten. After the race, enjoy a celebration of Win at the clubhouse and walk through the boutique to shop for race memorabilia. The regattas are open to anyone over the age of nine, and no previous experience is required. As you can see, Sint Maarten is a great place for those who want to fill their Instagram with new and original photos. If you travel to Sint Maarten, do not forget your cameras!

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