Travel photographer's essential equipment

Farhad Karimli22 November 20191888 views4 min. read
Travel photographer's essential equipment

How to become a travel photographer?

To become a travel photographer is some people's dream, some people's goals, or profession. Hundreds of people become popular in this area. Although this work is easy and straightforward for many, being a skilled travel photographer requires courage, skill, patience, attention, creativity, and perseverance. Nevertheless, these human qualities are not enough. A travel photographer needs several tools to make his work more comfortable and put in a great job. Let's find out these important photographer's equipment.

1. Photo camera 

Camera of photograph

How to become a photographer? The leading equipment which all photographers need to become a professional photographer is a camera. There are several questions for these people, "What camera should I buy?" "Which will be better, a Canon, a Nikon or a Sony?" Most cameras of this brand are good. Nevertheless, a budget-friendly A7RII Sony camera, in terms of both photography and video, says its word for memorizing every moment of your trip.

2. Lens

lens of the camera

One of the items every travel photographer needs is the lens. Your camera needs a professional lens than the normal lens in order to make your photos and videos more natural, fuller, and brighter. Many brands keep their lead in this regard. However, the budget-friendly and useful lens for both photo and video is the Sony GM 16-35 f2.8 camera lens. With this camera lens, you can fit your favourite scenes into a bigger frame.

3. GoPro


What is GoPro? In some places, it is impossible to take pictures or videos with a camera. For example, cameras may be out of order underwater; or while climbing up, it is heavy to carry a camera. Besides, it is difficult to hold a camera while making a vlog. In the meantime, GoPro will come to your aid. Despite its small form, it can create high-quality shots. The budget-friendly model is the GoPro Hero 4. 

4. Microphone 

last Monfrotto

If you are travelling with friends, lovers, or other acquaintances, you will take great videos wherever you are. In this case, a receiver is required to record the quality of your conversations, depending on the destination. If you want more natural and fuller sound in your videos, one of the items every travel photographer needs - a "Rode Video Micro" microphone is budget-friendly. This kind of microphone has a part called DeadCat. This accessory reduces the effect of wind, the background sounds and accurately records the voice that the camera has been focused. "Rode Video Micro" microphones can fit both your camera and GoPro.

5. Tripod 

tripod for camera.jpg

You are alone and want to take a picture as a professional photographer while travelling? You want to take a photo with a friend, but no one is there to take your photos. Therefore, you need a tripod. The tripod must be compact, lightweight, and wind-resistant. Among these models, the budget-friendly is the Manfrotto Element Tripod. There are two types of these tripods: aluminium and carbon. The second type prevents your hand from burning in the heat and freezing in the cold.

6. Remote control

black camera

You put your camera on the tripod and the tripod in the right place, so how do you take the photo? Right, cameras have a maximum of 10-second timers, but when you want to take multiple images in one view, it is a tedious task to approach the camera and to come back from where you are. If it is long-distance, it is not easy to enter the frame on time. In this case, the camera remote control will help you to take your photos wherever you want. While there are some remote control brands, the Pixel-branded remote control is more suitable. 

7. Drone  

white Drone

When travelling to different parts of the world, we come across such scenes; we want to take photos or videos from above, not from where we stand. The drone is the best photographer's equipment for this purpose. You can lift the drone up to a certain height with the remote control and make it fly to a certain distance. If you want a drone for your budget, image quality, lightweight, and durable against the wind, DJI Mavic Air is the best for you.

tools for photos

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