12 Instagrammable places in Somalia

12 Instagrammable places in Somalia

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12 Instagrammable places in Somalia
Somalia that holds a special place in the heart of African history, music, and adventure lovers. Where is Somalia? Somalia is located on the eastern part of the African continent, bordering Djibouti, Ethiopia, the Gulf of Aden, Kenya, and the Somali Sea. What is the capital of Somalia? The city of Mogadishu is the largest and capital city of Somalia. Also, the capital of Somalia is home to the major part of the country that links important international trade and travel routes with the cities. Somalia is an especially great destination to visit if you love capturing picturesque moments and sharing a lot of travel posts on Instagram. There are dozens of Instagrammable places in Somalia where you can get your most liked Instagram photo. Many famous places in Somalia are worth discovering and exploring. In this blog, we will list the best places to visit in Somalia, where you can admire this fascinating African country`s natural and architectural beauties. Your social media followers will adore the photos and videos captured during your time in Somalia.

1. The city of Hargeisa

hargeisa Hargeisa is a pretty historic city that is home to numerous old buildings. The architecture of the city of Hargeisa represents the military past of Somalia in a very picturesque and detailed manner. The city of Hargeisa is one of the most worthy places to visit in Somalia. Aircraft models, tank monuments, patriotic graffiti on the historical walls, and peace statues are very valuable for local people. Both local Somalians and foreign visitors admire the Instagrammable historical sites of Hargeisa city. Actually, the city of Hargeisa is the capital of Somaliland autonomous state within Somalia. Somaliland peacefully acquired political self-determination at the end of the 1980s. There has not been any conflict in the city of Hargeisa. Nowadays, the city is perfectly safe and open for tourists.

2. Zeila ruins

zeila ruins Somalia is home to precious archaeological sites representing ancient history. If you are a history lover, the town of Zeila can be one of the best places to visit in Somalia. The floods and sea waves have eroded the castle walls in Zeila for thousands of years. Also, the arid and dry climate of Zeila town has caused serious erosion of ancient architecture. Today, Zeila ruins site is one of the most famous places in Somalia that attracts thousands of travellers every year. You will enjoy photographing the extraordinary ruins of Zeila. You can even have your most liked Instagram photo in the town of Zeila.

3. Laas Geel

laas geel caves Climbing up to the hills through arid rocks is one of the most interesting tourist activities during your time in Somalia. The local tourism agencies organize group trips to the area of Laas Geel, which is a site with its ancient history dating back to several thousand years ago. While hiking, you will stumble upon dozens of caves within huge rocks and hills. The tour guides will give you a lot of information about the fascinating history of caves. The paintings on the walls of the caves will tell you a lot about the lifestyle and culture of ancient Somalians. The photos and videos that you record in Laas Geel caves will amaze your Instagram followers.

4. Sa'ad Din Island

island Zeila Archipelago includes many picturesque islands, such as Sa'ad Din Island. You will see the Instagrammable view of the island on the spot while approaching the islet by boat. The thick green forests of the island will amaze you with their beautiful trees. It seems as if the trees rise directly from the sea. Sa'ad Din Island features mainly coral reefs that are typical of tropical islets of the Zeila Archipelago. The island features unique flora and fauna that amaze the foreigners. The island is one of the most picturesque places to visit in Somalia, thanks to its beautiful landscape and the turquoise water surrounding the islet. A short trip to the Sa'ad Din Island will be an unforgettable part of the tropical vacation that you will never forget in a lifetime.

5. The coastal city of Berbera

berbera The city of Berbera is located along the coastlines of the Indian Ocean. This ancient city features colourful medieval architecture designed and built by the Ottomans. Thanks to its significant geographical location as a port city, Berbera has been the trade centre of Somalia. In medieval times, many merchants from various nations visited Berbera and added valuable elements to the Somalian culture. The merchants brought spices, musical instruments, manuscripts, books, and other valuable cultural things from other empires and cities to Berbera. The city of Berbera holds a special place among Instagrammable places of Somalia, thanks to its colourful medieval houses built with ancient dyed bricks. Wandering around the fascinating streets of Berbera will be an amazing experience during your time in Somalia.

6. Lido Beach

lido beach Also called Liido by Somalians, Lido Beach is one of the most famous places in Somalia. Lido Beach is located along the long coastline of the magnificent sea with turquoise water. The crystal clear water and pristine white sand of Lido Beach will make your relaxing time in Mogadishu absolutely amazing. Lido Beach is one of the most picturesque places to visit in Somalia. Also, many people visit Lido Beach every day during the hot summer days. Therefore, the beach can be overcrowded sometimes. However, you will enjoy communicating with local people and playing beach football together with other tourists. You can capture the best Instagrammable moments at Lido Beach during the sunset.

7. Iskushuban

white rock formations Iskushuban is one of the best places to visit in Somalia. In the town of Iskushuban, you can have a boat trip passing through wild caves. Approaching the rocks by boat is an amazing experience that many tourists love. You will have a chance to explore the Somalian wilderness at its best. The unique flora and fauna of Iskushuban will admire you with their colours and extraordinary looks. There are dozens of natural beauties that you can photograph, post on Instagram, and amaze your social media followers. Stories and live videos recorded in Iskushuban will get a huge number of love reactions and boost your profile activity. The town of Iskushuban is a must-visit place during your vacation in Somalia.

8. Bosaso

bosaso Bosaso is a glorious port city with an ancient history dating back to the medievals. Marvellous ships standing near the harbour generate amazing scenic views. The city of Bosaso is one of the best Instagrammable places in Somalia, thanks to mainly its modern urban architecture mixed with ancient houses and streets. The medieval architects designed and built houses with white marbles. During the evening, you can capture great moments thanks to shining marbles.

9. Lamadaya Waterfalls

lamadaya waterfalls Lamadaya waterfalls start from the high snowy hills of the mountain ranges. The waterfalls drop through the wild solid rocks, making the surfaces more slippery for hikers and climbers. The pace of the water flow becomes more intense during the summer days as the snow melts due to the rising temperatures. Lamadaya waterfalls have an amazing picturesque view that amazes visitors of the town.

10. Lag Badana National Park

lag badana It is time to mention the Lag Badana National Park, where you can observe the tropical African wilderness at its best. Tall coconut trees, white sands, turquoise water, and wild animals will remind you of film scenes on abandoned tropical islands. You can capture your most liked Instagram photo in the National Park area. Lag Badana National Park is a natural reserve area protected by the Somalian government. The National Park has been open for tourism since the late 1990s.

11. Xaafuun

red boat on the beach Another great destination for enjoying tropical beaches is Xaafuun. The town of Xaafuun is home to marvellous white sand beaches that are famous for sunset views. Many small canoes decorate the seaside and ocean shore. You will enjoy photographing colourful canoes while relaxing on pristine sands. Xaafuun hotels offer canoe trips for locals and tourists. During the boat trip, you will have dozens of chances to capture Instagram photos for posting on social media. Xaafuun has historically been a fishing town where many people made their living by catching and selling various fish species. People also took the captured fish to the port cities in order to sell to foreigners and make a lot of money. The tradition of fishing has remained until today.

12. Mogadishu Cathedral

mogadishu cathedral Mogadishu Cathedral is the most famous tourist destination in the capital of Somalia. The ancient architecture, ornaments on interior walls, and weekly religious ceremonies make the Mogadishu Cathedral very unique. You can record fascinating photos and videos during religious rituals when the local people wear traditional clothes.

A quick recap

In this blog, we have answered the following questions: Where is Somalia? Where are the best places in Somalia to travel and capture great moments for posting on social media? After finding out where is Somalia, you can organize a great summer vacation in this beautiful African country.

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