10 reasons why you should and should not travel to Somalia right now

Gunel Eyvazli06 November 20202845 views7 min. read
10 reasons why you should and should not travel to Somalia right now
Africa, and the Somalia population is more than 15 million. This country is one of the oldest living centres on earth. Archaeologists still found historical artefacts. This information might give you a hint about what to do about Somalia when you are travelling across the country. Wilderness and vast historical background seem attractive to many travellers. But for every traveller, our advice is to search for the answer to a question - is it safe to travel to Somalia. As with everything on earth, nothing is cheap, and trouble is the taste of life, especially your blood is boiling in your veins. Do you know what language is spoken in Somalia? English and Italian are the principal languages in the country. Before visiting the country, learn some vocabulary because, for many travellers, the country is far beyond their expectations. Every minute of your travel to Somalia will remain a memory. 

1. Terrorism

soldiers Somalia's politics is very volatile, as it is the case in most African countries. Due to several facts and low levels of security in the country, people join terrorist groups and cause trouble. These troubles often happen during elections, especially presidential elections. Between October 2020 and February, there is a presidential election in the country. This period is especially vulnerable to the same kinds of acts. If you decide to go, do not stay longer in crowded places; leave major strategic zones such as airports or school buildings. There is a thread of Somalia's civil war in every corner of the country.  Another most spread kind of terrorism is kidnapping. Several cases happened in the last years in Somalia, even in the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu. Puntland and Somaliland are two regions with the most cases in the country. Even if you know how to travel to Somalia, do not visit the southern part of the country.

2. Police force

police The police force of Somalia is not effective at all. Police forces lost their credibility as most of them are corrupted. For some people, the police are the pirates of Somalia because they are involved in many cases. Police forces do not issue any problem in time due to systemic bankruptcy and corruption. Law is untactful and broken down. The people of Somalia are fed up with unstable security and low political transparency, and an inefficient policing system. And for a tourist who does not know what language is spoken in Somalia, it is definitely a bad idea to call cops for help. 

3. Vaccination is a must in Africa

Vaccination If you are visiting the continent, bear in mind that the medical system of Africa is much worse than the world. If you know how to travel to Somalia, just consider that Somalia does not have a well-developed hospital system either. If you are visiting Somali with your child younger than a year, do vaccinate him with a measles vaccine. Some vaccines, such as chickenpox and flu, have to be implemented before visiting the country. Most travellers obey using Malaria, typhoid, and Hepatitis A vaccines. If you are older than 40 years, make sure you get vaccinated against Hepatitis A two weeks before travel to Somalia. For Malaria, you will get a prescription before, during, and after your visit to the country. Typhoid is one of the prevalent diseases that most visitors suffer from. It can happen due to unclean water resources and untidy eating manners. CDC suggests every single visitor in Somalia gets a vaccine for typhoid.  

4. Be alerted on the go

hiking When you are travelling on foot, make sure that you have an answer to the question, "is it safe to travel to Somalia." Stay away from any kind of crowd and do not get involved in any deliberate activity planned by the Somalia population, locals unless your friend or relative is involved. People of Somalia are like a match ready to burn due to social status. The Somalia civil war can start every minute; you need to be careful. Even there are many facts about Somalia that people rushed into streets and collapsed places. It is normal for a country like Somalia.  If you are riding any kind of vehicle, choose the public transportation system as their safety observed by the government and avoided full buses and trains. These types of rides are dangerous for your health; you can get infected with any type of flu. This is preventive action against stealing your money and causing you any injury. Do not choose older vehicles. Taking taxis should be in line with considering licensed taxi companies if no official taxis are belonging to the government.  If you do not want to use any transportation methods listed above and you have no idea what to do about Somalia transportation, choose to drive cars, motorbikes, and similar kinds of vehicles. But do not drive after taking alcohol. Do not use local aircraft or unscheduling airlines

5. Lag badana bush national park

This national park locates on the shores of the Indian ocean. On the golden sands and bright sun, this national park is a perfect place for spending time with friends and family. This beach is full of waxy palm trees. For many people, Somali is the best place on earth to spend time on beaches. There are many facts about Somalia travellers that people only came here for its beaches. One disadvantage of this national park is that it is in the southern part of Somali. This part of the country is dangerous for travellers. The pirates of Somalia check these onshore regions of a country, as these are less protected. Just be alerted.

6. Mogadishu

This city is the capital of Somalia. Many people know Mogadishu for a lot of reasons. It is almost the safest city in the country, but you still need to ask locals whether is it safe to travel to Somalia or not. Every single traveller should understand that the country recently underwent the Somalia civil war.  The most modern and latest building in the city is the airport. Turkish investment in the airport brought the most modern building in the city, arguably in the country. The surrounding region's special police forces protect. There are flights from Mogadishu to Istanbul and Dubai.

7. Iskushuban

seafood Puntland is an autonomous region of Somalia. It is in the northern part of Somalia. Iskushuban is an ancient settlement. Some people may tell Iskushuban as an answer to the question of "where is Somalia."  This is a wall-like cave located on the shore of the ocean. Even today, the place is full of marine resources, including many types of fish, molluscs, and squids. Wanna try ocean plants? This place is a great hub and not known by many people. Here you can get special tips from the Somalia population who will direct you where you can find places to go fishing, camping. In close proximity, beaches lyes through beaches. There are old stories about the place - where is Somalia. Majeerteenia Sultanate was an ancient tribal collection, and they settled in Iskushuban. In the 20th century, as in most places in Africa, Somali "welcomed" french colonization. Tribes killed or obeyed the french authorities, and almost everybody learned french by force.

8. Visiting astonishing place - Berbera

somalia flag Do you know how to travel to Somalia, Berbera? Are you still thinking about what to do about Somalia? Let me talk about BerberaOttoman empire brought peace to the country. They settled new cities and buildings. From the design of the settlement, you can see perfectly shaped patterns on buildings as a piece of art. This is another place where is Somalia's beaches and architectural integrity emerge out of nowhere. To travel to Somalia without seeing Berbera is not a good idea at all. 

9. Hargeisa

pick yourself It is one of the ports in Somali, and for locals, this is a country within a country. This is a state that has its own governors, own rules. Since 1991, they have acted as a separate government. What is unusual is that the UN accepted the sovereignty of the city. Many travellers say that this is the only safe city in the whole of Somalia. If you happen to travel to Somalia, you have to visit Hargeisa. This city is an unreachable point for the pirates of Somalia

10. Laas Geel

cave This is a destination between ridges and hills. This place is on the outskirts of Hargeisa, the capital of Somalia. The importance of the city is that it represents the history of Somaliland. Here you can find facts about Somalia and its vast history. In some places, you can see cave drawings. This is hardly a developed part of the country and only visited by nature-lovers. 

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