12 Instagrammable places in Split

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12 Instagrammable places in Split
Instagrammable places of one city situated on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. This is Croatia's second-largest city, Split. However, where is Split? Split, the largest city of the Dalmatia region, is located on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea. It is also one of the Adriatic's most vibrant port cities. Besides, the city is known as a link to many diverse Adriatic islands, and the Apennine. It is popular as a tourist destination for places to visit in Split Croatia. Also, there are numerous interesting things to do in Split. So, I think nobody would regret and be bored during travel to Split Croatia. So after a little introduction of "where is Split?" let's start searching Instagrammable and wonderful places to see in Split.

1. Diocletian's Palace

diocletians palace At first, I would like to begin with the iconic Diocletian's Palace. This palace is a historical monument because of the Roman emperor Diocletian's settlement here for retirement in the 4th century and the tourist center with its best cafes, restaurants. Probably, most visitors spend most of their time around Diocletian's Palace. Ancient stone walls, cobblestone streets, vibrant gardens, wonderful balconies can be a great spot for your most liked Instagram photo from your travel to Split Croatia. There is the vestibule which is a grand room with a towering open dome above it. The charming view of the sunlight's play with this architectural detail and moving along the stone walls with a bright patch of blue sky all of the day makes this Palace one of the best places to see in Split.

2. Peristyle square

peristyle After Diocletian's Palace, we should speak about the place which is situated within the palace. It is one of the few key trademarks, Peristyle. Peristyle is the central square in the Old Town of Split. It is found with the faux Roman architecture lining square. The emperor used this part of the palace to address the crowd of people. Now, it is one of the best-preserved ancient Roman ruins in the world. A popular point for taking an Instagrammable photo for your Instagram account is its authentic arches and white marble columns that line the square. 

3. Sustipan Park

sustipan park Sustipan Park can be a great option among the places to visit in Split Croatia. It is located on a cliff above the water right next to Marjan. With an incredible green oasis covered in pine trees, Sustipan Park is the home to the Middle-Aged monastery of St. Stephen. The islands' views in front of Split and the cityscape from the eastern side of the park will be the magnificent background for your most liked Instagram photo.

4. Marjan Hill

split view from marjan hill As we mentioned above about Marjan Hill, let's explore this Instagrammable point of the city. It is located in a forest park at the end of the Split. Peninsula. It is a place with a lot of pathways and jogging trails. Marjan Hill has been a protected area since 1964. Both local and foreign visitors escape the crowded and busy center streets and enjoy nature and hike to the summit, where they can take charming views of the city for their Instagram. Marjan Hill, which is considered a symbol of Split, is one of the most wonderful places to see in Split.

5. Bacvice Beach

bacvice beach When we talk about the coastal city, we should mention the beaches of the places. Bacvice Beach can be on your list of places to visit in Split Croatia. It is the main beach in the city. The crystal-clear glistering waters, perfect sunshine, or sunset…What else tourists can want from the holiday? So, if you are tired of your busy daily life with work, you should visit this beach during your travel to Split Croatia. 

6. Prokurative square

prokurative square Prokurative is one of the tourist destinations you should add to your list of best places to see in Split Croatia. Prokurative is known among the tourists as Republic Square. It was erected in the 19th century. Coffee drinking, spending an interesting time with friends, taking great the most liked Instagram photos can be among the things to do in Split. Prokurative is a bright symbol of Split. Its pink and green hues, iconic archways, amazing views of the Split harbor, and Venetian flare gives this place a magnificent atmosphere.

7. Cathedral of Saint Domnius

cathedral building When you are planning to travel to Split, you should include the Saint Dominus Cathedral. This cathedral is known among the locals as Sv. Duje was named after the patron saint of the city. Saint Dominus Cathedral, constructed in the 7th century, is regarded as the oldest Catholic cathedral. Sv. Duje maintains not only history but also a beautiful view of the harbor, coastline, and the surrounding mountains from the top. You can add enjoying the view from the tower and seeing the crypt and the Temple of Jupiter inside to do in Split. 

8. Riva waterfront

riva waterfront

Riva, a famous waterfront promenade, should be among the best places to see in Split Croatia. It is one of the busiest areas in the city. Riva, which stretches the length of the old town is known among the people as the best place watching the beauty of the city by drinking coffee. Also, its iconic palm trees, the spectacular view of the sea, create perfect Instagrammable scenery for your Instagram post about your Split trip. mestrovic gallery Another destination in your travel plan to Split should be Mestrovic Gallery. You can spend valuable time obtaining information about the art sphere because Mestrovic Gallery represents a fantastic collection of artworks from the famed Croatian sculptor, Ivan Mestrovic. This building was built in the 1930s on the Split coast and was designed by the same artist. This gallery was intended to be that artist's summer residence. Certainly, you will not regret visiting this place. Because during your visit, you will admire the marble, bronze, and wood sculptures inside the gallery. Besides, you can find the perfect background for you're most liked Instagram photo. So, if you are interested in art, you should include Mestrovic Gallery's name in the row of the places to see in Split.

10. Perivoj garden restaurant 

perivoj garden restaurant Perivoj is one of the hot spots in Split. Perivoj is set in a garden that boasts architecture from the Art Nouveau movement in the 20th –century. Before, it was a villa that was measured over a thousand square meters. The architecture of Perivoj is protected by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia. With a combination of art and horticulture with aromatic Mediterranean herbs, palm trees, and cypresses, this place will be in your mind for a long time. 

11. Cindro Palace

cindro palace The next evidence of the perfection of the Split architecture is Cindro Palace. This is one of the Instagrammable places in Split. Cindro Palace was found in the 17th- century. This palace lies on the right of Kresimirova street, near the Iron Gate, and in the vicinity of Narodni Trg (Piaca) square. The Cindro palace is a great example of baroque housing architecture in this city. The balcony entrances with spatial atrium, and façade, and balconies with baroque stone fence create a magical atmosphere. The interesting fact about this place is that Napoleon's Marshall Marmoset has chosen this palace as his residency during his stay in Split at the beginning of the 19th-century. Besides, there is an opportunity to stay and sleep at night in this palace. The security, cleanliness, and quality of Cindro palace are suitable for it.

12. Klis Fortress

klis fortress If you are looking for Instagrammable places in this coastal city, you should consider about the visit Klis Fortress. Klis Fortress is located in the northeast of the town center. You know that you may recognize the castle as the City of Meereen from the film Game of Thrones. There is even a room inside the castle dedicated to the TV series of the film and visitors can climb over the fortifications inside. This incredible fortress sits along a limestone bluff, which is at its tallest point. This point is used to control the valley leading the town. This fortress is long and narrow. Also, a small on-site museum which demonstrates a nice collection of costumes and swords. Besides, the Klis Fortress deserves to visit because of its Instagrammable views


view of split city The coastal city of Croatia, Split is rich with even more Instagrammable places than mentioned above. So, if you have any hesitation about the travel to Split Croatia, you can relax, because a very interesting holiday among the beautiful places waits for you in Split. Therefore, check where is Split and just travel!

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