12 Instagrammable places in Stockholm

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12 Instagrammable places in Stockholm
Sweden and are wondering what to do in Stockholm? Or even better - where is Stockholm? This article will give you a short oversight and a few ideas for your next trip to this beautiful Scandinavian capital. To make it even more interesting I will use visual appeal as the main focus point. This is why you will hear a story of the most Instagrammable places in Stockholm! Planning is the first step to earning the most liked photo on Instagram and I truly hope this information will help create some spectacular ideas while also dreaming about an exciting trip. Off we go!

Where is Stockholm?

stockholm city Located in the South-Eastern part of Sweden, Stockholm is located on the coast of the Baltic sea. Besides the actual location that you can easily look up online, it is good to know that Stockholm also has its own archipelago and it is definitely one of the places to see in Stockholm. I especially enjoy looking at those tiny islands with red wooden houses when approaching this capital by ship.  Talking on the topic of location - Stockholm is also quite easy to reach from any point in Europe. A daily ship from the Baltic states, Helsinki or Norway, a bus, or train from any Western European city, or a flight from anywhere at all! You choose your preferred means of transportation and they are not hard to come by when you are planning to travel to Sweden. By the way, a helpful friend to find the most convenient route just about anywhere is Rome2Rio!

What to do in Stockholm?

tyska kyrka It is the capital of the country, after all, there are way too many places to visit in Stockholm and it would be hard to describe all of those here. But be sure, it has all you would want from a great destination - history in museums and streets, fashion in shops (H&M is Swedish!), and all types of fun for your liking. In summer there is plenty of beach activities going on. Locals are known to like pubs, but you will find great clubs too. And if you are not that much into partying, please plan an afternoon of Fika when considering what to do in Stockholm! You will hear some more about this cute tradition and other activities below, but surely it is something to experience to say you have had the full Swedish experience.

1. Picturesque views from the Stockholms Archipelago

stockholm archipelago It consists of more than 30 000 islands, islets, and rocks of which just about 200 are inhabited. Either way - if you decide to visit those or just admire them from a boat, they will stun you with the beauty of this untouched Stockholm nature. Rocks, sandy beaches, wooded and stranded islets, and an occasional human artifact in the shape of a charming wooden house. It is literally, a sea full of opportunities to take a breathtaking Instagram picture! FYI - many travel to Sweden just to spend their time on these islands!

2. Viking vibes from the Vasa and Viking museums

vasa museum Besides giving you chills when walking in on the historic and amazingly well preserved Vasa ship, you will be able to find out more about the real Vikings. Not the romanticized ones on the TV! And while there, get some epic shot to make your followers’ jaws drop too!

3. Instagrammable coffee moments during Fika

coffee Fika is one of the most popular Swedish pastimes where people would meet for a coffee/tea, a sweet thing, and a chill conversation. It is so common some people even do it twice a day (in the morning and the afternoon)! For you, it is a chance to get some really cute #travelgram pictures in cafes. One of the most Instagrammable places in Stockholm and also one of my favorites is Kaffeverket!

4. Colorful houses and cobblestone streets in Gamla Stan

colorful houses Traveling somewhere usually comes with a few must-sees, even if just for a reason to show off to your friends and social media followers. One of such places to visit in Stockholm is Gamla Stan or the Old Town, which also happens to be one of the best-preserved medieval city centers in Europe. Go there to take romantic pictures with the beautiful colorful buildings or just to get lost on the streets of this pretty island!

5. Travel back in time to Skansen museum

skansen museum It is the world's oldest open-air museum that will give you a unique insight into Swedish ways of living in the past. Over 150 buildings deconstructed and brought here will be just one of the few things to catch your attention. If you are looking for an authentic Swedish vibe, then for you this is definitely one of the Instagrammable places to see in Stockholm. Mostly because the staff is dressed in traditional costumes and you can also get quite great views of the city since the museum is located on a hill!

6. Childhood joy at Grona Lund

stockholm harbor Located in the beautiful Royal Djurgarden park, this is one of the top places to visit in Stockholm for families. Enjoying the rides in this amusement park you will also have a chance at making some fun pictures and lively stories with oohs and aahs and tons of cotton candy. One of the most popular Instagrammable places in this park is the old swing ride and the best time for a photo shoot will be right around the sunset. A bonus treat for the guests is the free concerts often taking place there!

7. An iconic Stockholm view from Monteliusvagen

stockholm view from monteliusvagen In translation, it means Montelius's path and it brings many to admire a view towards some of the main places to see in Stockholm. Just to name a few - you will see the Stockholm City Hall, Kungsholmen, and Riddarholmen. Some of the most popular postcard images are taken exactly from here and this is why you should snap one when you travel to Stockholm too! 

8. Spectacular praise for literature at Stockholm Public Library

stockholm public library One of the most famous buildings in Stockholm was designed by Gunnar Asplund and is truly stunning both from the inside and the outside. The main hall indoors has a spectacular view over rich shelves full of books and many insta-travelers have fallen into liking this place a lot. And while there you might even search for an ancient map to find out exactly where is Stockholm or other important facts to make your visit there more worthwhile.

9. The underground art scene in subway stations

metro station Many consider Stockholm’s underground system the world’s longest art gallery as more than 90 of 100 stations have been decorated with various art pieces and stunning objects. There is no question why this might be literally one of the best Instagrammable places in Stockholm because it will give you a big choice, a million angles as well as the possibility to get super creative. Just to name a few - try researching T-Centralen, Kungstradgarden , Solna Centrum, and Stadion to get an impression.

10. Another postcard view from Skeppsholmen Bridge

skeppsholmen bridge Make some great photos from the spot right next to the bridge. The image you will get is something along the lines - the colorful buildings of Gamla Stan, the waterfront, and the cute boats right in front. Many tourists also take a picture of the golden crown on the bridge and so should you!

11. Panoramic view from Fjallgatan

fjallgatan Okay, you will say enough with the cityscapes, but this is a special one. Not only because you will have a great view of the city from the top, but also because the place is located next to two other must-visits. One is Fotografiska, the photography museum with some stunning expositions. And the second will come in handy if you travel to Stockholm for food. A few minutes’ walk away from Fjallgatan there is one of the best places to try (and photograph) the famous Swedish staple. Go to Meatballs for the People for some serious belly happiness!

12. A dramatic staircase for selfies at Marten Trotzigs Grand

marten trotzigs grand This is the narrowest street of Stockholm, but it is packed full of visual potential. Not only is the street very compact to say the least, but the walls are also covered with graffiti and there are these super steep stairs on one end of the street. Surely, this place will not earn your most liked photo on Instagram, but I am no specialist in your creative powers. Just go there, find the best angles, and if not anything else, you will get a couple of great Instagram stories walking on this super narrow path.  Well, I sure hope that your most liked photo on Instagram will have been taken in one of these places, and even if not - surely you will have a great time if you travel to Stockholm! After all, it is not always about the likes you will get, but about the unforgettable moments, you will experience while visiting these most important places to see in Stockholm, right? 

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