12 Instagrammable places in Ulaanbaatar

Darya Kiyevskaya11 February 20211451 views12 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Ulaanbaatar
Instagrammable places of beautiful Kazan and decided to tell you about another capital – Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia is remarkable for its indescribably Instagrammable and picturesque nature. The environment there is striking in its purity and innocence. At first glance, there is a unique harmony in everything. The sounds of noisy cities do not interrupt mountain gorges' modest silence, cozy corners of pristine nature. Here, tall skyscrapers can easily be located next to small mobile yurts because part of Mongolia population is still nomadic. And at the same time, people in the country are extremely hospitable to all visitors. They will be happy to tell you about the beautiful places of the capital itself and other, no less beautiful cities of Mongolia. night view of ulaanbaatar Mongolia is sparsely populated, making the vast mountain ranges or plains and steppes seem too desolate and lonely. And if you are wondering where to take a photo in Ulaanbaatar, then do not worry. When you are in the middle of these mountains and deserts-it is extremely breathtaking and impossible to breathe the air – it is too clean and thick that you can even eat it with a spoon. At least a part of this magical atmosphere is sure to be transmitted in the photos that you take. However, Mongolia's capital has concentrated a large part of the Mongolia population; in the center, sometimes it is not crowded, and there are long traffic jams. Besides, in areas that are almost entirely made up of yurts, there is always smog and a dark haze. It is because people intensively heat their homes due to the severe winter cold and frost. And despite all the contradictions, tourists are annually attracted to the capital of Mongolia and its suburbs. So, the best Instagrammable places in Ulaanbaatar, where you can take most liked Instagram photos for your profile.

1. Statue of Genghis Khan

mountain I start, as usual, with one of the most famous sights. The equestrian statue of Genghis Khan is the largest monument to the conqueror, a kind of symbol erected on the 800th anniversary of Mongolia, an expression of respect and respect for the great khan. The monument is 40 meters high and is covered with 250 tons of stainless steel. It is set on a vast pedestal with a height of 10 meters, which is also a versatile tourist center. There is a museum dedicated to Genghis Khan's conquests, an art gallery, billiards, and, of course, souvenir shops. Construction of this structure began in 2006, just in honor of celebrating the 800th anniversary of Mongolia, and on September 26, 2008, its grand opening took place. The pedestal is surrounded by 36 columns as if the 36 khans who ruled after Genghis Khan are guarding its sacred heritage. On a horse's statue, there is a large observation deck, which offers an indescribable view of the endless steppes and plains. It is accessed by an elevator and stairs, and the platform itself is located at an altitude of 30 meters. Here you will get gorgeous most liked Instagram photos that will undoubtedly take with them a piece of the fascinating atmosphere of veneration of the great khan. The ever-expanding park with trees, swimming pools, and a mini-town of yurts will keep you in this place.

2. Monastery Gandantegchilen

monastery Monastery Gandantegchilen is one of the best places to visit in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia. It was founded in 1838! At that time, there was an active foundation of various monasteries, and this one is particularly memorable. Located now in the Yurt quarter, he does not lose the interest of visiting tourists to his person. Brightly painted walls, colorful and gilded roof, amazing architecture-all pleases and attracts the eye. This monastery is the largest temple of the Buddhist religion in Mongolia. Inside there is a statue of the golden Buddha, inlaid with expensive stones. Of the many Instagrammable places to take a photo in Ulaanbaatar, this monastery looks very epic. Besides, there are many different statues of deities covered with gold and jewels. Must-visit – admission is free, shooting and video are allowed, and the enjoyment of identity and interesting culture is provided. Besides, the temple fulfills its direct purpose – the monks conduct mandatory services, to which, by the way, the entrance is also allowed and free, only if you do not interfere with the events held there. In the monastery's courtyard, there is a permanent yurt for the staff, national Mongolia sculptures, drums with prayers are installed on the territory, and colorful figures of terrible gods stand at the gate. You can also visit the neighboring temples, where you will find a lot of new and beautiful things.

3. National Amusement Park

stone What is the capital without a grandiose Amusement Park? Like all attractions, this was founded many years ago – in 1965, and since then, many entertainment centers have been built on its territory. For example, a cinema, carousels, the House of Fear, the House of Fairy Tales, a shooting range, a sports ground, and fairy-tale sculptures have been built. In 2005, a large-scale reconstruction of the park was carried out, during which 18 modern attractions appeared, such as a roller coaster, a pirate ship and many carousels for both adults and the youngest. The National Park itself looks very beautiful, and there are many Instagrammable places where you can take wonderful and funny photos with the figures of fairy-tale characters and animal sculptures. And during the warmer times of the year, many festivals and concerts are sure to capture the memory.

4. The Palace of The Emperor

temple The Bogdyhans are the leaders of Mongolia during the centuries-old Chinese occupation. In the 1890s, a whole palace ensemble was built by order of one of these leaders, consisting of four buildings. Now the Summer and Winter Palaces are preserved. And there's something to see. Not only is it a valuable and magnificent monument of ancient culture, but it is also an Instagrammable place with an extraordinary atmosphere. If you want to enjoy Chinese architecture, Mongolian national sculptures, paintings, then welcome. Against the background of the setting sun, these buildings look even more beautiful and impressive. It is from this angle that the photos will look just great.

5. Choijin Lama Temple Museum

temple museum You can walk around the center of Ulaanbaatar and quite accidentally stumble upon this Instagrammable temple complex. Now the building is surrounded by modern multi-story high-rises. The Museum of Tibetan-Mongolian Buddhism is sure to attract those who are interested in this worldview. To be imbued with the spirit of centuries-old culture, to breathe the air saturated with ancient trends-the Choijin Lama Temple preserves the most valuable examples of the history, religion, traditions, and customs of centuries-old Mongolia. For example, the main gate images are more than 100 years old, but they are still perfectly preserved. Photography here is paid – from 1000 rubles. However, most liked Instagram photos are very unusual. Just imagine-old houses against the background of modern skyscrapers. Ideal for any thematic photo session.

6. Mongolian Museum of Natural History

museum Do you want to dive into the World of the Jurassic Period? Done! The presence of such a museum in Mongolia is not surprising. Since its vast territory is empty and not explored as it should be, to this day, there are dinosaur eggs, the remains of ancient animals, and even people in the deserts. In this museum, consistently observing the collection of exhibits, you can trace the stages of development of Mongolia-natural and human. There are also remains of extinct animals, samples of the rare mountain and volcanic rocks, tools of ancient people, and much more. Skeletons of tall dinosaurs, majestic mammoths, stuffed animals, and huge birds – an unreal atmosphere in which you should immerse yourself and imagine that you are in the real Jurassic period. A breathtaking adventure, isn't it?

7. The Zaisan Memorial

castle The Zaisan Memorial is a memorial complex dedicated to the Soviet soldiers who fell here in battles during the Second World War. A 27-meter monument to a soldier, framed by a concrete ring, which symbolizes the hearth of life among the Mongols. Thus, the Ulaanbaatar population thanks to the Soviet people for their help. To the top of the hill, where the memorial is located, there is a staircase, climbing up which you can see the whole of Ulaanbaatar. And the stairs are far from small; it has about 300 steps. So hunters for right angles easily overcome this distance and admire the magnificent creations.

8. Mountain Them-Bogd-Uul

mountain The highest point of the Gobi Altai, the southern side adjacent to the capital of Mongolia. A majestic mountain range, the same wild and undisturbed nature that you can admire for eternity and take beautiful Instagram photos for the same eternity. I wonder if the mood will be transmitted in the photos? Because the mood in this place is exceptional, you involuntarily stop breathing when you stand alone surrounded by such huge mountains. Early in the morning, when the sun is just rising above the horizon, the beauty is incredible. It will be cooler than any other attraction.

9. Gun Galuut National Nature Park

national park Gun Galuut National Nature Park is one of the most places to visit in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia. The reserve is a two-hour drive from the capital and is worth a visit. Here is the place where you can fully enjoy the pristine, untouched, pure, and innocent nature of this country. Amazing mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, steppe plains. Even swamps, where a huge number of rare birds live, and many useful plants grow. The reserve protects endangered species of mammals, fish, birds, and amphibians. There is a constantly open zone to tourists and visitors – you can take a horse ride through beautiful places or watch animals and birds from the observation deck, which is located high enough. There is also an area with access for special persons and a completely closed area where the most protected and endangered species live—beautiful clean air, magnificent views of the surrounding world, wildlife everywhere – the best holiday.

10. Mount Wooshin-Uul

snowy mountain At the top of this mountain is one of the largest bural mounds. Once upon a time, there lived tribes engaged in breeding various kinds of animals. They had a special funeral ritual – it is well known among the old generation. It is easily recognizable due to special stones' use – huge blocks of stone completely covered with runes, animal drawings, hunting situations, and the like. The height of such stones sometimes reaches 6-7 meters. At the same time, the accuracy and skill of these drawings are striking. By the way, the images sometimes come across as very strange and unusual. So you need to take a few most liked Instagram photos, at such and such locations!

11. Lake Uureg

lake uureg What can compare with the beauty and splendor of the mountains? Yes, Instagrammable views of high-altitude lakes. Lake Uureg does not have rocky and steep slopes, so it is convenient to sit directly on the shore and enjoy the views and crystal clear water. In the valley of the lake, tourists and locals still find stone statues, rock paintings-valuable archaeological sites. People come here to go fishing, have a good time with their family or admire the unusual mountain outlines, some of them step-shaped, some of them pyramid-shaped.

12. Basin of large lakes

lake In Mongolia, there is a National Park called the Great Lakes Basin. About twenty salt and fresh water reservoirs have winding and rocky shores, which makes it a little difficult to walk safely, but the local beauty and clean air smooth out any inconvenience. The Durgun Nuur salt lake, located on the territory of the reserve, is classified as a specially protected object due to the rapid drying of salt reservoirs. If you look at it for a long time from the horizon, it seems as if this small sea is another beautiful view for your aesthetic enjoyment. Still, looking for where to take a photo in Ulaanbaatar? The choice provided should be enough for a whole vacation in this multi-faceted country.

When is the best time to travel to Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar?

ulaanbaatar The most beautiful and stunning Instagrammable places in Ulaanbaatar are described above. Here you can take first-class photos and have a great time. However, it is important to know at what time it is worth visiting the capital because of the contrasting Ulaanbaatar climate. For example, in winter it is not desirable to go there. The temperature reaches – 40, and even colder. In the ranking of the coldest capitals, it is the capital of Mongolia that takes the first place, although the mountain ranges covered with a blanket of snow are an Instagrammable sight. Still, health is more important, and newcomers should travel to limit themselves to the warm seasons. By the way, about the heat. In summer, there is also nothing to do in the capital – in the desert places, there is unimaginable heat, the values of the mercury column rises above 40 degrees. And in the city, the smog that was mentioned at the beginning is felt especially acutely. However, in mid-July, several festivals are held, during which there will be a lot of entertainment, folk songs, dances, and treats. The most favorable period for visiting the capital of Mongolia is spring and early autumn. It is no longer unbearable heat and wild frosts have not yet come in September and October, and it's time to walk around the city center, visit interesting Instagrammable places, take a few Instagram photos for memory. Well, it's not worth talking about spring - the time when all the plants come to life, and all the living things come out. Just in time to admire the fantastic nature, the pristine appearance will not spoil either the weather or civilization. writer statue Foreign tourists in Mongolia are always happily welcomed, and travelers from Russia even more so. It has long been known that the local government is adopting Moscow's experience in various spheres of life. The friendly union of Moscow Ulaanbaatar has been built for centuries on good neighborly relations, long-standing historical friendship, and the protection of their peoples' traditions and culture. Moreover, when planning a trip, do not forget about the time difference. The time difference between Moscow and Ulaanbaatar's cities is +5 hours – if it is midnight in the first capital, then in the second earlier in the morning. I wish you a successful to travel to Mongolia. Yes, this is a country of contrasts. Even its city is full of contradictions. Perhaps, many people do not understand the way of life of the Ulaanbaatar population, all these incompatibilities. However, the country and the capital still attract new tourists every year who do not remain dissatisfied.

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