12 Instagrammable places in Uppsala

12 Instagrammable places in Uppsala

Punhan Shukurov19 February 20212254 views8 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Uppsala
Scandinavian countries, according to Forbes. Magnificent natural beauties, strong economies, and a clean urban environment can explain why Nordic people are delighted with their lives. The Economic and social features of these Northern European countries have attracted substantial global attention. Many people want to travel to Sweden and other Scandinavian countries to have a quiet vacation in all seasons of the year. For those who love traveling for photography and posting on social media, Swedish cities are extraordinarily generous. Thousands of foreigners travel to Uppsala to photograph beautiful places and create adorable Instagram photos. Where is Uppsala? Being one of the oldest higher education centers in Scandinavia, Uppsala is located in Sweden's southern part. Uppsala holds a special place among Nordic tourist destinations, thanks to its historical buildings, gardens, museums, and natural treasures. There are great places to visit in Uppsala, where you can have your most liked Instagram photos. Many foreigners interested in traveling to this magnificent city want to know what areas to see and what to do in Uppsala, Sweden. In this blog, we will list Instagrammable places in Uppsala that are worth visiting.

1. Uppsala Cathedral

uppsala cathedral Also known as Uppsala domkyrka is the tallest church in the Scandinavian countries. This sacred Nordic church has an old history dating back to the Viking Era. The Archbishop of Uppsala, the cathedral is a very significant religious place for Lutheran tradition. French architects built the Uppsala Cathedral in a French Gothic style. In addition to its spiritual value, the cathedral has great historical importance. The coronation ceremonies of the new Swedish kings took place in this Lutheran church. As the church is located on the banks of the Fyris river, the neighborhood is astonishingly picturesque. Many tourists who arrive at the capital of Sweden travel from Stockholm to Uppsala to see the fascinating cathedral. Everyone who visits the cathedral admires the building's stunning beauty and captures a lot of photos from different angles. The cathedral is very well known as a top-notch Instagrammable location in Uppsala.

2. Skokloster Castle

skokloster castle Built-in the 17th century, Skokloster Castle was the residence of Scandinavian aristocrat Carl Gustaf Wrangel. This castle is one of the most exciting places to visit in Uppsala. His wife Anna Margareta von Haugwitz decorated the residence's interior with painting collections, art samples, and antiques. Glass and silver tableware, wooden furniture, and delicate textiles have been valuable parts of the home. Skokloster Castle was also home to a fascinating library and armory hall. Today, the local government of Uppsala has turned the castle into a great museum. Thousands of tourists visit the castle and explore Nordic history. You can get your most liked photo on Instagram while having a walking tour around the castle building. The stunning architecture will amaze you and your Instagram followers with its extraordinary rooftop.  Skokloster Castle holds a special place among the Instagrammable places in Sweden. Your social media followers, who love history, will adore the photos of medieval weapons and books within the Old Silver Chamber. The King's Hall within Skokloster Castle is also worth visiting. Every piece in the castle rooms are legacies of ancient times. Therefore, it would be much better to explore the rooms with tour guides and learn the castle's history as much as you can.

3. Linnaeus Garden

linnaeus garden Also known as Linnaean Garden, this beautiful botanical garden is located in the area of Uppsala University. It is the oldest botanical garden that the university owns. Linnaeus Garden has preserved its 18th-century style after several renovations and restorations. Interestingly, the garden features specifications almost identical to what Carl Linnaeus designed. Linnaean Garden is home to a plethora of plant species preserved by the university. You will see a myriad of colorful flowers among the shades of green while exploring the garden. Capturing many beautiful Instagram photos while admiring the historical place's natural treasures will be a fantastic experience. The botanical garden is open for visitors during the weekdays. It is also worth noting that Linnaeus Garden is home to a historical museum. The botanical museum has attracted huge attention thanks to its unique samples from Scandinavian nature. Moreover, the Linnaeus Garden neighborhood has restaurants and coffee houses. Leaving the noisy city behind and spending time in the garden area's peaceful silence will be unforgettable moments of your travel to Uppsala. Many Swedish people who live in the capital travel from Stockholm to Uppsala to escape the busy city and have a great time in the garden neighborhood.

4. Svenska Kyrkan

svenska kyrkan What to do in Uppsala Sweden? Well, watching a traditional religious ceremony at a historical church would be great. Svenska Krykan is home to the third-largest Lutheran community in the world. Also known as the Church of Sweden, Svenska Kyrkan is the national Evangelical Lutheran Uppsala temple. The church is open to local and foreign tourists. The fascinating neighborhood of the church is home to a beautiful garden. While walking around the church building, you will enjoy the silence and calm environment. The photos of stunning Svenska Kyrkan building captured at different angles can be among your most liked Instagram photos. You can feel how the medieval influences have been preserved after various modern restorations—the walls and doors of the church building feature astonishingly delicate ornaments. The entrance into the Svenska Kyrkan will amaze you thanks to the stunning carpet and golden ornaments on the door, and the interior of Svenska Kyrkan is also pretty Instagrammable and charming. You will enjoy exploring the valuable elements of the Evangelical Lutheran culture.

5. Fyris river

fyris river What to do in Uppsala Sweden? Taking a boat trip on the most famous river of Uppsala would be an amazing idea. One of Uppsala's natural treasures is the Fyris river that passes through the city near Uppsala temple. Fyris river is pretty long. You can see the iconic Fyris river from the windows of your hotel room. The river is pretty famous in Sweden. Many Swedish people often travel from Stockholm to Uppsala to enjoy relaxing on the Fyris river banks. While resting, the visitors can also try fishing that is great for spending quality time. Catching unique fish species will be a fun activity that you will adore. Moreover, every year, thousands of foreigners travel to Sweden to see this legendary natural beauty and photograph its surroundings. The river will add fascinating beauty to every photo of the scenic Uppsala streets. You can get your most liked photo on Instagram while walking on the banks of the Fyris river.

6. Upplands Museum

uppsala museum Also known as Upplandsmuseet, Upplands Museum is very significant for Sweden's cultural history and archaeology. The building of the museum features traditional Scandinavian architecture. Upplands museum is located on the banks of the Fyris river. A half an hour drive from Uppsala temple will take you to the museum. Also, you can get to the museum by boat. You can capture great Instagram photos while approaching the museum by boat. The photos of exhibits showing Nordic archaeology and cultural history will amaze your social media followers who love history.

7. Uppsala Castle

uppsala castle This medieval royal castle plays a huge role in Swedish history. Built-in the 16th century, Uppsala Castle has witnessed many historical events. The Swedish government has preserved the castle, damaged by fires and battles, with renovations. Uppsala Castle holds a special place among Instagrammable spots in Sweden, thanks to its beautiful architecture and extraordinary rooftop.

8. Fyrishov

water park Fyrishov is a recreation spot that is home to huge swimming pools, entertainment centers, and sports events. With its restaurants, indoor waterparks, and children's pools, Fyrishov is a perfect place to have fun and relax. You will get your most-liked Instagram photos while enjoying the entertainment facilities of Fyrishov with your family members.

9. Trilho da Uppland

trilho da uppland Hiking through Swedish wildlife would be an exciting activity during your travel to Uppsala. Trilho da Uppland is a fascinating place where you can explore the natural treasures of Uppsala. You will stumble upon dozens of Instagrammable places while wandering around Trilho da Uppland.

10. Kungshamn Morga

lake Kungshamn Morga is a perfect spot where you can admire the scenic views of Uppsala nature. Visiting this wildlife refuge is a great chance to explore Uppsala's local flora and fauna and take amazing photos.

11. Uppsala Art Museum

uppsala art museum In this museum, you will find great paintings from modern Swedish artists. If you are an art lover, the museum is one of the best places to visit in Uppsala for you.

12. Gamla Uppsala

uppsala landscape Gamla Uppsala is an ancient village with a history dating back to Viking Era. The village is famous for its fascinating nature and archaeological remains. Running and hiking are the best activities that you can enjoy during your time in Gamla Uppsala. Half an hour bike ride from the Uppsala Cathedral will take you to the village.

A quick recap of this article

uppsala In this blog, we have listed picturesque places in Uppsala where you can photograph scenic views and post them on Instagram. We have also answered the question of where is Uppsala. After finding out where is Uppsala and how to travel to Sweden, you can arrange a perfect Scandinavian vacation that you will never forget. Uppsala is a fascinating city where you will capture your most liked photo on Instagram.

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