12 Instagrammable places in Valparaiso

Amina Balakishiyeva01 March 20211974 views8 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Valparaiso
Valparaiso? What to do in Valparaiso? Valparaiso is one of Chile's main cities where seaport, military base, and several educational facilities are located. It is the 2nd biggest metropolitan area in the country. Where is Valparaiso? The city is 120 kilometers far from Santiago and encounters in the South Pacific. Valparaiso, the most important seaport in the region, had a significant geopolitical role in the 19th century when ships traveled between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The city was the primary stop for passing ships. Of course, its rapid growth made the city famous, especially among Europeans. The city is known as "Little San Fransisco," it is also called "The jewel of the Pacific." Despite all the growth and prosperous time in Valparaiso, the 20th century, especially the second half, was not very pleasant for its people. Wealthy and powerful families abandoned the city and caused serious damage to its economy. With the coming of the 21st century, the port city began to flourish, and after 15 years, it can provide its glory again. Nowadays, thousands of tourists visit Valparaiso and enjoy the colorful views and alleys of the city. valparaiso The port city, which is very colorful and vibrant, is one of the world's most Instagrammable places. You can capture amazing Instagram photos and enjoy having a great time in Valparaiso by exploring this city's beautiful spots. If you are interested in the town and looking for answers to the questions like "What are the best instagrammable places to visit in Valparaiso?", "What are the best places to eat in Valparaiso?" or want to learn more about the lakes of Valparaiso, Valparaiso restaurants, etc. keep reading!

1. Rickety Funiculars

rickety funicular Rickety is perhaps the most over-used but amazingly accurate way to characterize Valparaiso's funiculars or ascension. Funiculars are the cheap and easy way to reach hills and entertaining activity and the most Instagrammable places of Valparaiso. Approximately 8 of the original 26 funicular railroads, designed to climb the many hills inside the area, are still operating. Funiculars reach high in a short time and provide you with fantastic views; traveling up a funicular is an accurate answer to the question "what to do in Valparaiso?". Be sure that you have include funiculars in your list of the places to visit in Valparaiso. You can enjoy the city's view from the cable car and take some most liked Instagram photos from this amazing aspect.

2. El Arco Britanico

valparaiso sculpture The British Arch is an eye-catching monument located on Avenida Brasil, in the El Almendral section of Valparaiso. British Colony, which settled in Valparaiso on the Centenary of Independence of Chile, contributed to the process in 1910. It is the work of the French architect Alfredo Azancot. The statue, covered in marble that Italy had betrayed, is on top of a Victorian British lion and is covered by the British men's badges who fought in the War of Independence. It also displays the shields of the United Kingdom and Chile. This symbolic and magnificent monument makes great Instagram photos too! So, do not miss the opportunity to shoot this significant monument and create your most liked photo on Instagram.

3. Color Cafe

cafe The cafe itself is very colorful and quirky with its extraordinary internal decoration. You can take some instagrammable shots of the interior and yourself here. It is the best place to relax with your beloved ones and read. You can choose this cozy place also for drinking a cup of coffee and grab a quick bite. According to the reviews, it is not one of the best places to eat in Valparaiso, but you can capture your most liked pInstagramnstagram here. Besides quirkiness, the cafe also serves vegetarian-friendly options.

4. Pablo Neruda's Home

colorful houses What to do in Valparaiso? There are some exciting and essential places to visit in Valparaiso, and one of them is Pablo Neruda's home. His home "La Sebastiana" is currently open to tourists and other visitors. The type of entrance is first-come, first-served. So if you are a Pablo Neruda lover, be ready to waking up early and visit in the first hours of the day. This piece of history is quite instagrammable and artsy. This building has a 360-degree view of the whole city, and you need to climb some steps to reach this beauty. You can also see the collection of Neruda's things, and you will learn more about him and his life in this beautiful city by exploring his home. 

5. Naval and Maritime Museum

white building The Museo Maritimo Nacional honors Chile's naval and maritime history and is perfect for naval aficionados. It is a great place to read about Chile's naval victory in the Pacific War of the 19th century. The museum has various exciting exhibitions, including cannons, which protect the entry, 19th-century navigation devices, uniforms, equipment, paintings, and archived documents. There is no doubt that this historical object will be the main interest in your Instagram photos! Where is Valparaiso, Naval and Maritime Museum? If you are heading down the Playa Ancha route, make sure you stop at this museum, which is located in the same place, on the Paseo on May 21st. By visiting this museum, you will experience the ancient time in Valparaiso!

6. Cerro Alegre - Street art

street art Street art, especially murals, is one of the things that make the city a popular spot and vivid destination. Of course, this colorful city has plenty of street art. You can find murals everywhere; look closely; there are hidden gems even in your neighborhood! Cerro Alegre is the best destination to take the most liked Instagram photos; it owns the most Instagrammable places in Valparaiso. While walking around the streets, you will come across some bohemian Valparaiso restaurants, cafes, amazing shops. You can find various types of Valparaiso restaurants and quirky places to eat in Valparaiso streets. You can take a rest in one of the amazing restaurants and drink and relax while watching the magnificent view of the lakes of Valparaiso.

7. Rogers-Lakewood Park

rogers-lakewood park Valparaiso is also a lovely town full of magnificent plants, wonderful local heritage, panoramic views, and welcoming residents. There is probably no exception to Rogers-Lakewood Park. Located in what appears to be a series of small lakes of Valparaiso, the park has plenty for everyone. Suppose you are enthusiastic about cycling, mountain biking, hiking, boating, picnicking, or just enjoying some of the rays of sunlight. In that case, Rogers Lakewood is a spot for any member of the family. Also, you can find beautiful places to eat in Valparaiso Park. There is a lot to do, it is easy to find, and I can promise that you will not get bored!

8. Renaca beach

renaca beach Renaca is one of the most popular and worth visiting areas of beaches in Valparaiso, Chile. In this area, you can find the best restaurants and pubs, shops and beauty salons. This beach's nightlife is amazing; pubs and bars are open for 24 hours, especially in the tourist season. Renaca has grown slowly, but it is one of the most liked places in the city.

9. Parque Quinta Vergara

valparaiso The stunningly gorgeous complex, Vina, is predominantly gardens, lusciously green, and operated perfectly. A rich Portuguese businessman first built the estate that lies on the hill between Valparaiso and Vina in the 1840s. Over time, his garden-passionate wife made this place the city's most spectacular park, with her sailor son's assistance, who brought exotic plants from foreign lands. It now houses the grand palace, home to the Fine Arts Museum and the outdoor amphitheater, which is now home to the prestigious Vina del Mar International Song Festivals.

10. Museo a Cielo Abierto

street art Museo a Cielo Abierto consists of 20 walls created by successful Chilean artists in Cerro Bellavista. You should use the Espiritu Santo lift behind Plaza Victoria to get there. If you like to check out their style, their shops, their cafes, their pubs, and their art when moving to a new neighborhood, you will like it. If you are expecting perfect art, which looks like it was done yesterday, you will think that "I've seen better pieces of art while walking around." However, I would suggest that you go there with the basic idea of bumming and seeing what this hill in Valparaiso offers.

11. Punta Angeles Lighthouse

lighthouse Many well-known lighthouses, including this one, have been built by Scottish engineer George Slight. It is the first lighthouse of the network of lighthouses in Chile. It is also the most powerful one in the whole region. If we consider that the most dangerous and longest coastlines are here, it will change the whole situation. There is a separate museum room inside the lighthouse, which is called "George Slight." It is open for limited hours, so do not miss the chance to visit this amazing building and take several most liked Instagram photos of yours.

12. Catedral Anglicana Saint Paul

cathedral The Saint Paul Cathedral in Concepcion has behind it its distinct presence a fascinating story. The Catholic Church allows the creation of Saint Paul only if it has an exterior architecture that does not mark it as a church, such as lack of a tower. The St. Paul Cathedral, proclaimed a historical landmark in 1992, is a rare example of neo-gothic English architecture in the historic center of Valpariso. Despite the simple exterior design, the inside of the building is very stunning and worth visiting. These beautiful interior decorations of the cathedral will make your most liked photo on Instagram.

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