17 reasons why you should travel to Chile right now

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17 reasons why you should travel to Chile right now
Chile. It is a fact that South America is one of the lovely destinations for tourists. Every year roughly 6,6 million people travel to Chile. Do you want to be one of them? Then you are in the right place. In this blog, we will give 17 reasons why you should travel to Chile right now. You will learn where is Chile, the capital of Chile, the best time to travel to Chile, and even more. Basic information about Chile (Chile flag, where is Chile, Chile currency, what is the capital of Chile, and more)

Where is Chile?

road sign Chile is located in South America and neighbored by Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. How many people live in Chile? Chile's population is almost 19 million. What is the capital of Chile? Santiago is the capital and most populous city of Chile by roughly 5.6 million. What is the official Chile currency? The official monetary unit of Chile is Peso, and today one USD equals 789 Peso. Chile currency is the most used one, and it can be changing to use USD and other foreign currencies, but you might face some problems during the exchange. What are the colors of the Chile flag? There are three colors (white, blue, and red) in the flag and one star on the left upside. You may confuse it with the Texas flag. What is the meaning of colors in the Chile flag? Blue means the sky, white represents snow on the Andes mountains, and red symbolizes the spilled blood for freedom.

1. Carretera Austral

carretera austral Before getting to magical caves, you can hike in charming nature. Green valleys, flowers, spectacular views of mountains, and more will help you forget all pains and problems. After relaxing in nature, you may have a boat trip to marvelous caves. It is nearly impossible to describe the caves' gorgeousness, that is why you should experience it.

2. Delicious cuisine

cuisine We can say that the country has a diverse but simple cuisine. There is a harmonious mix of Spanish and Chilean cuisines. Also, we can see some effects of Italian, German, and French cuisines. Seafood, beef, fruit, and vegetables are the main ingredients in meals. We can mention some of them: Completo (means total in Chile language), Pebre, Porotos Granados, Pastel de Choclo y Humitas, Sopaipillas, and more. 

3. Chance to improve your Spanish

books What is the official Chile language? The country's official language is Spanish, such as in most South American countries (Spanish is the most used language in the whole of South America). It will give you a chance to make your Spanish much better. You can communicate with Chile people and learn new facts about their beliefs, lifestyle, etc. If you plan to stay here for a long time, you can attend some language courses. It will be much more effective. If you don't know Spanish, don't worry. In most tourist places, people know English.

4. Different ethnic groups

santiago It is always fun to communicate with locals. In Chile, you will have to get cultural and historical facts about various ethnic groups. 64% percent of the Chile population identifies as a European and 30% Mestizo. Besides, there are some minorities such as Mapuche, Aymara, Diaguita, Likanantai, Quechua. The major one among all of them is Mapuche. It is interesting to note that almost 85% of people prefer to live in urban areas, and 40% live in the capital city. 

5. Music and dances

music As the country was a Spanish colony in the past, we can see the influence on culture. The traditional folk music of the country is Tonada. Furthermore, there is a traditional dance that is called Zamacueca(shortly cueca). Zamacueca first appeared in 1824. During some period, people began not to be interested in folk music, but between 1930-1970 there was a dramatic increase in folk music interest. Groups such as Los Cuatro Huasos have an essential role in this. In the 20th century, political changes in Chile affected music, too. After the coming of democracy, the hard and alternative rock began to gain much fame. As you see, several issues that happened in the country, but all of them are in the past. Today you can travel to Chile and enjoy beautiful folk music.

6. There is the biggest swimming pool in the world

swimming pool The Guinness Book of Records shows that Chile has the world's largest swimming pool in the world. Construction of this artificial heaven cost more than 2 billion dollars. It covers 8 hectares, and the total length is nearly 920 meters. The maximum depth is 115 meters. You will have an excellent time in Chile swimming pool in San Alfonso del Mar. However, we should mention that it is accessible only for hotel guests. What do you think is it worth staying in a hotel just for a swimming pool?

7. Driest Place on Earth

atacama desert Probably, at least one time in your life, you heard about the Atacama Desert. For more than 173 months, a single raindrop is not observed here, but in 2015 more than 100 Chile people died because of flooding after rain. The Atacama is the world's driest area, but, interestingly, more than one million people live there. They grow olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. Also, this spot is famous as a mining(copper) area. People compare Atacama's landscape with Mars, which is why many science fiction movies are shot here. What is the best time to travel to Chile, Atacama Desert? September to November (or March to May) is the best time to travel to Chile.

8. World class wine destination

grapes Nowadays, Chile is the 5th largest wine exporter and 9th biggest wine producer in the world. First, wine grapes were planted in the Spanish Empire area, and from that day, wine production in Chile grew day by day.  Every year Chile produces more than ten hectoliters of wine. Some of the extraordinary wines are Vina Almaviva, Sena, Clos Apalta, Montes Alpha M.

9. Easter Island

easter island Easter Island is one of the most mysterious places in Chile and the whole world. In 1995 UNESCO named this place World Heritage Site. The fame of the island came from 1000 statues. Rapa Nui people (indigenous Chile people) made those statues. Today we can see many theories about those carvings. Such opinions increase the popularity of Easter Island. We saw this area in many movies, films, videos, and more. One of the most exciting activities to have a wonderful time in Chile is participating in tours to Easter Island.

10. Penguins

penguins Penguins live not only in Antarctica. It sounds unbelievable, but it is true. Penguins live in several places in southern Chile, for example, in the Seno Otway Penguin Colony. Five kinds of penguins live here, and they are King, Rockhopper, Macaroni, Magellanic, and Humboldt Penguins. Furthermore, you can see penguins in the Northern parts of Chile. 

11. Chile has one of the largest and active volcanoes

volcano There are more than 1300 volcanoes in Chile, and some of them are still active. Cerro Azul, Cerro Hudson, and Villarrica are the most well-known volcanoes. These three are composite volcanoes, also called stratovolcanoes. Every year many professional climbers travel here to test their skills. 

12. One of the longest coastlines in the world

chile coast Chile has one of the longest coastlines in the world by roughly 4300 km long. On the other hand, it is one of the narrowest in the world (200 km). This long coastline creates excellent tourism opportunities. Most hotels, resorts, and camping areas are located in such kinds of destinations. Chile people are lucky to be citizens of such a type of heaven.

13. Torres del Paine National Park

torres del paine national park Chile population and foreigners love to visit Torres del Paine National Park. Breathtaking views, charming nature, and lots of activities are waiting for you in this park. One of the most attractive spots in the park is Grey lake. This beauty will hypnotize you from the first moment. Torres del Paine looks fascinating in photos, but it is much mesmerizing in real life.

14. Santiago

santiago The capital of the country has everything to have an unforgettable time in Chile. Plenty of parks, cinemas, restaurants, cafes, ancient and modern buildings are waiting for you. It is not surprising that most of the residents prefer to live in Santiago. After visiting this city will charm you and maybe, you will decide to settle in Santiago.

15. Chiloe Island

chiloe island Chiloe Island (Spanish, Chile language: Isla de Chiloe) is the largest island of the Chiloe Archipelago. Colorful houses and nature travel tours are the main characteristics of Chiloe Island. Furthermore, the island is well-known because of its churches. There are 16 UNESCO World Heritage Site churches in Chiloe. Another favorite area of travelers is Chiloe National Park.

16. Pucon

pucon Pucon is another pearl of Chile. In many places in Chile, you may have a boat or canoe trip and hike in the forest. After that, you can discover the main treasure of Pucon, the steamy thermal baths. These thermal baths will make you feel as you are in the other world. 

17. Portillo

chile winter Finally, we reached the last reason for visiting Chile. It is the oldest ski resort in whole America. You will effortlessly notice the iconic yellow building. If you want to stand away from a crowded and noisy city, Portillo is a dream area for you because there are not many towns, shopping areas, etc. Just enjoy the stunning view and go skiing and snowboarding.

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