12 Instagrammable places in Varna

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12 Instagrammable places in Varna
where is Varna? Varna is the largest Bulgaria resort, which attracts more and more tourists every year. Bulgaria has a pleasant climate and many picturesque and Instagrammable places, and this city is no exception. This pearl of the Black Sea offers you to find not only the kind of holiday that you really want but also a unique opportunity to capture its most fabulous moments with delightful pictures. In this article, you will learn about the Instagrammable places to take beautiful images in Varna.

1. Seaside Park

seaside park Our top opens the Seaside Park, or "Sea Castle" - a charming park that stretches along the Black Sea coast. It is often ranked among the best Bulgarian monuments of landscape architecture. Both tourists and natives of Varna often come here to relax with their families: to ride on carousels, admire the beauty of dolphins, play with various animals in the zoo, and, of course, take beautiful Instagram pictures in the social network.   However, that's not the end of the park. On its territory, a significant place is occupied by other cultural objects, such as the planetarium and theatre, which operates in the summer during tourists' mainstream. Here you will always find activities to your liking and many locations for amazing most liked Instagram photos - a luxurious promenade, a shady alley, the sea coast, an abundance of palm trees and other exotic trees that you can not admire.

2. Stone forest

stone forest Varna's best Instagram sites undoubtedly include the fairytale natural object "Stone Forest", or "Cut Stones". This phenomenon is strange, elongated rock formations that extend upwards in desert areas. At first glance, stone columns are arranged chaotically, but after a few minutes, you realize that there is some magical completeness. That is why it is tough to believe that these formations were created by nature, not man. Since they have no solid base and are hollowed out inside, it is not difficult to assume that the stones were formed during the methane oxidation process provoked by small bacteria. All stones vary in area and size, the largest of them reaching 7 meters in height. Of course, the "Stone Forest" is worth taking a picture of it with your camera or phone. We are sure that this unusual natural phenomenon will amaze everyone who follows you in social networks. However do not forget that it is in a charming and unique in its kind European desert, where you will get no fewer quality Instagram pictures.

3. Roman baths

roman bath Bulgaria is an Instagrammable country, and Roman baths once again confirm this idea! A trip to the ego east of Varna will take you to a stunning sauna complex. This place has belonged to the ancient Roman town of Odeos for a long time, so everything here is imbued with its fabulous spirit. The Romans completed the construction of this complex around 100 B.C. and are still actively attracting relaxation lovers. It is also surprising that these are some of the largest European thermae that has survived to this day.  The inhabitants of Rome have always distinguished themselves for their skill in construction, and Roman baths are a direct proof of this. Here everyone has a unique opportunity to make a short journey to another era. A time machine will take you to the original ancient Roman building, the wall of which has been preserved to this day and reaches a height of 25 meters. You will also see some surviving details inside the bathhouse and a unique heating system consisting of underground pipes. If you are still puzzled about where to take beautiful pictures in Varna, do not hesitate to visit this picturesque place. You will get most liked Instagram photos just like in authentic baths, as well as on narrow footpaths, which offer stunning views. It is particularly enjoyable to stroll here in the evening, when the lights are on, giving the surrounding nature a special magical feeling and illuminating the various performances in the summer.

4. Retro Museum

yellow car Retro Museum is one of the beautiful places to go in Varna. We've already mentioned that you can't help but like Varna, Bulgarian city because everyone will find something to taste here. This place will be exciting for both true conservatives and representatives of the young generation, which is not very good with a socialist society's features.  The Retro Museum opens the way to the world of socialism, in which Bulgaria once existed and developed. Every Bulgaria people regularly used a vast collection of household items from 1944-1989. Among the exhibits, you can find various household appliances, cigarettes, cosmetics, dishes, and much more. Representatives of modern youth usually find it hard to believe that just recently, all these items were actively used and tried to buy at the first opportunity.  The most exciting stop on a tour of this Instagrammable museum is an incredible collection of cars of that time, with each of which is photographed by absolutely everyone. Soviet Muscovites, Zhiguli and Seagull, will not leave anyone indifferent as well as the original frame, captured next to them.   The car collection consists of several dozens of exhibits that have been carefully restored. Just imagine how many stylish Instagram photos you can bring from the Retro Museum! 

5. University Botanical Garden

flowers For all family lovers, the Botanical Garden is the perfect place for a stroll all day long. It is a unique place that combines human-made and natural ecological systems and is often referred to as Ecopark. The garden began to work in the second half of the 20th century and now has around 300 different plant species. Also, 100 Instagrammable flowers can be found here. Among all the flora represented, there are many trees and shrubs, which are listed in the Red Book, and garden workers bravely fight against their extinction. A great time to visit this place is the beginning of summer when you will have a unique opportunity to see blooming irises and roses. Especially the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity will like the excursion - after all, they are true fans of taking memorable Instagram pictures with delicate and refined flowers, like themselves.

6. Wonderful rocks

rocks And this is another creation of nature, located on the shore of the picturesque Lake Tsonevo an hour's drive from Varna, the Bulgarian city. During the hard and interconnected work of the water and air elements, the natural phenomenon that resembles the rooftops of the medieval towers rushing upwards was created. The Bulgarians often refer to it as "Chudnite Rocks", and once here, it becomes clear why. The place resembles the "Stone Forest" by its specificity - to believe and realize that it exists, you have to see it with your own eyes. The majestic pointed rocks, stubbornly striving for the heavenly surface, are reflected in the purest clear lake. These stone needles are soaked in the magical spirit that regularly attracts hundreds of travelers. This place is one of Varna's Instagram sites and will be perfect both for ordinary tourists and for those who like active rest. Apart from daily excursions, climbers often come here in search of a location for breathtaking most liked Instagram photos.

7. Festa Dolphinarium

dolphinarium Let's continue our top with an Instagrammable place that adults and children alike will love. Every tourist must visit Festa Dolphinarium, so it is here that you have an extraordinary opportunity not only to enjoy the magic tricks and tricks of the smartest Balkan dolphins but also to give yourself or your loved one an unforgettable photo session with them. Dolphinarium provides this service to everyone: you will be given a particular suit. You will have an official meeting with the show participants, with each of whom you will undoubtedly become friends. Then your new friends will ride you on your back, of course, for a tasty reward! However, and at the end of the meeting, you will see many cute Instagram pictures taken by a professional dolphin photographer. 

8. Barite Open Air Museum

bulgaria Barite Open Air Museum is one of the best places to go in Varna. At this stop of our journey, Varna will support tourists and indigenous people's idea to touch the Bulgarian customs and traditions that have been passed down through the generations. The Barite Museum provides such a unique opportunity. Moreover, for those who genuinely want to feel the spirit of this country and be alone with their thoughts, the museum offers to stop and live for a while. Among the services of this complex, there are traditional Bulgarian houses and a restaurant with local cuisine. Once here, it is as if you are in another era: absolutely all buildings are made of wood or stone, everywhere you are surrounded by long-forgotten tools of everyday life. Their main feature is that they are all "alive". And after a busy working day, folk songs are sung continuously here, while national dances around the fire are actively used. Seeing all this flavour in action, it is impossible to pass by and not support the fun participants. Moreover, Barite is located in the countryside, hidden from the world. Here you will be surrounded by many picturesque species. You can take many beautiful Instagram pictures: green hills dotted with goats and calves, and river banks, which are often fishing in anticipation of an abundant catch.

9. Residence Evksinograd

balcony Bulgaria obliges you to obligatory visit this former summer residence of the wealthiest monarchs in Bulgaria. Its history dates back to the distant 19th century when Prince Ferdinand decided to build his unique palace surrounded by gardens decorated in medieval France's spirit. He gave his architects the extraordinary task of introducing large fragments of the Orleans Palace, which the Prussian army destroyed during a fierce battle, into the walls of the newly built castle. This is why the residence symbolizes the military might and grandeur of Bulgarian ancestors. Ferdinand transported the seeds of the rarest plants, including Atlantic cedar and palm trees, to his Instagrammable gardens. Some subspecies were grown in the hothouse and delighted the monarch all year round; others grew only in the open field. All these natural "zests" have been preserved to this day and continue to delight everyone with their extraordinary beauty. This place attracts hundreds of photographers who want to capture the different moments in these plants' lives all year round. It means you also have an excellent opportunity to perpetuate the train's memory in the gardens of the residence. There is also a private winery in the old basement of the Ferdinand monastery. Lovers of unusual tart wines are invited to a tasting, where everyone will find a drink to their liking.

10. Golden Sands Beach

golden sands beach It's no secret that almost every girl spends a lot of energy getting her body in shape. Golden Sands is a great place to boast of the desired result! During the summer months, Varna's temperature rises to 35 degrees, and it's a great excuse both to swim in the warm waters of the Black Sea and reward yourself with a chocolate tan. The Varna beach, Golden Sands is located 30km away from Varna, so it is not crowded, and for many people, comfort and spaciousness are crucial. Even though a lot of night clubs are concentrated here, the main excitement is late, which means that the place is ideal for family holidays. Clean water, white sand, spacious Varna beach - this is not only a dream of any tourist but also an excellent location for a stunning Instagram photo, which is enough to renew all the social networks! The Bulgaria resort is also popular because of the large number of curative mud, mineral springs, and spa salons. And enjoying the relaxation, you can dilute the rest of the stormy emotions in the amusement park. 

11. Independence square

independence square The best installation sites in Varna are Independence Square. It is the city's historical heart, where the main attractions are concentrated - the Drama Theatre and the singing fountain. Let's not talk long about how important this place is for locals and tourists - everyone should have a memorable picture with the city's business card.

12. Asparuhov Park

asparuhov park Our selection of Instagrammable places to take most liked Instagram photos in Varna is completed by Asparuhov Park, named after the founder of Bulgaria - Han Asparuh.  Today, this park is an excellent place for family holidays and evening walks with soul talks. Many people find something unique and Instagrammable, even though the park is inferior in the number of ways to spend enjoyable leisure time Primorsky brother. Small shady paths that are beautifully illuminated in the evening, open-worked gazebos, playgrounds for children, and sports are the best way to relax from routine daily life without leaving Varna. Many people arrange fabulous photoshoots to immortalize the unforgettable moments of the Bulgarian vacation.

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