10 reasons why you should travel to Varna instead of Sofia

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10 reasons why you should travel to Varna instead of Sofia

Are you planning to visit Bulgaria, but have not yet chosen which city to visit, Varna or Sofia? In this blog, you will find the answer to your question. Are you wondering where is Bulgaria? Well, Bulgaria is the Balkan state on the Black Sea coast. This country combines many cultures and traditions, so the rest in Bulgaria is guaranteed to be rich and exciting. All cities in Bulgaria are attractive for tourists, but Varna and Sofia are wildly popular for walks and excursions.

What to see in Varna or Sofia? Why should you travel to Varna Bulgaria? The review combines 10 main reasons why you should travel to Varna Bulgaria and not Sofia. From my personal experience, I can say that there is a lot to see in Varna. The distance between the cities is 508 km by road, but to come to Varna from the capital of Bulgaria is necessary for everyone who travels in Bulgaria and wants to get acquainted with all its sights.

But first of all, you should know a little about the culture, life, and history of the country you are going to. What should we know about the Bulgaria visa? If you want more information, you can check the Bulgaria visa requirements. So, let's start!

1. Varna - sea resort known for its beaches

varna summer time

City-resort Varna attracts tourists with its cosy, clean beaches on the Black Sea coast. There are no beaches in Sofia because the capital of Bulgaria is not located on the sea coast. So if you plan a quiet holiday by the sea, you should travel to Varna Bulgaria.

The most famous beaches in Varna are Bunite, Officer's Beach, Cabacum and Ficosa. There is a wide beach area with clean sand. On the shores of Varna, you will find everything you need for a comfortable stay and a fun pastime.

Beaches in some places of Varna are 90 meters wide (for example, Kabakum beach), with many places for entertainment and most importantly, the warm, clean water of the Black Sea. In the capital city of Sofia, unfortunately, this is not the case. Therefore, many tourists who travel to Bulgaria often come to Varna just for sea holidays. They rent sunbeds and umbrellas, water rides, shower cabins, bars and restaurants - all this can be found on the cosy beaches of Varna.

2. In Varna there is an observatory of Nicholas Copernicus

astronomical observatory

Varna is not only a sea holiday; there are also a lot of fascinating excursions. For example, you can go to the observatory. This place will be interesting not only for astronomers. Copernicus Observatory is a whole research complex; it is located in the famous Varna Seaside Boulevard. The Earth's satellites are observed from this laboratory.

The Astronomical Center was opened in 1968 and completely renovated in 2002. Today by appointment you can arrange a fascinating excursion for both children and adults. An informative walk to the observatory will bring a lot of positive things to your holiday in Varna.

Since 1998, more than 800 thousand tourists have visited this Bulgarian landmark, especially the planetarium. In the planetarium, you can see the solar system from a distance of 5 billion km, as well as watch the movement of stars. By the way, there is no such institution in Sofia Bulgaria, so for all lovers of science, space and celestial themes, you should travel to Varna Bulgaria.

If you wonder what to see in Varna, then a trip to the Seaside Boulevard with a visit to the astronomical complex must be added to the plan of excursions in this city.

3. Aladzha monastery, cut down in a rock

You should include Aladzha Monastery in the list of Varna sights. In the 4th century, this area was inhabited by hermits, adherents of Ishihism. Icons were kept in the monastery, and the walls were painted with frescoes. Today all this is not preserved, except for the chapel and the rooms where the monks lived. Aladzha Monastery is located 15 km from the city of Varna. You can buy small icons and souvenirs on the territory of the monument. The monastery is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

If you decide to go on an excursion to this amazing place, be sure to wear comfortable shoes. The road and climbing to the rocks are not easy, but everyone should visit Aladzha. You will learn a lot about Bulgaria's cultural traditions, see museum exhibits, and if you stay for an evening walk, you will get on a light and music show.

Aladzha today is a unique monastery with a complex of caves, which you will not see anywhere else in Bulgaria. Unusual architecture, the ancient history of the place and many mysterious stories attract tourists to Aladzha. If you are looking for something to see in Varna, then this fantastic place is worth visiting. Also, you can make wishes here. To do this, write your dream on a piece of paper, twist it and leave it in a special box under the stairs. Your wish will come true because the monastery is a sacred place for all Bulgaria.

4. Stone Forest, located not far from Varna

stone forest

All cities in Bulgaria deserve attention, but Varna is a particular area, with many amazing locations, such as Stone Forest. This natural reserve is located 18 km from the city. The valley occupies 70 sq. km., all over its territory stone columns from 30 cm to 3 m "grow". It is still unknown how this Stone Forest appeared. Many Bulgaria people believe that once these were the trees, but according to the second version, there were stalagmites. There are a total of 15 versions of the origin of the Stone Forest, but so far none is confirmed. This place has powerful positive energy and biofield, so many tourists prefer to walk barefoot on the stones to feel their power.

Bulgarians believe that if you walk between the stones for a long time, and go to their centre, then luck will be on your side. A stone forest is a desert of fantastic rocks, but here you can spend some time and take a lot of Instagram photos to remember.

Varna attractions at this point do not end, just for the Stone Forest is worth a separate excursion.

5. Varna has daily shows with dolphins


For all who admire these bright and beautiful animals, as well as those who came to rest with children, the dolphinarium in Varna is the enjoyment guarantee.

Do you still think what to choose, Varna or Sofia? If you want to visit the dolphinarium, Varna is the place for you.

The dolphinarium is under glass, built in 1984 and is still popular among tourists. There the dolphins from the Caribbean Sea, stars of entertainment show and just brilliant animals live. The duration of the show is 40 minutes, in addition to dolphins, there are also other marine animals in the front.

The dolphinarium is the symbol of all Bulgaria, as it is the only one in the Balkan region. To get to the show, go to Seaside Park, which is where the dolphinarium building is located. At the show, you will see dolphins dancing, singing, playing volleyball and enjoying communication with the audience, and they also love the applauses. A lot of vivid emotions after the show with the dolphins are provided to everyone.

6. Visit Varna Aquarium, opened in 1932

aquarium entrance

The aquarium is the oldest tourist attraction of Varna, for which you can come on a tour. The aquarium attracts everyone, from bas-reliefs of underwater animals, depicted on the facade of the building, to the most exciting expositions of flora and fauna.

Jellyfishes, clams, mussels, algae, shells, and a variety of microorganisms can be seen at exhibitions in the aquarium. The building also has a specialized library with scientific works on marine biology, fisheries and oceanography. A visit to the Varna Aquarium is an exciting excursion to diversify your trip around Bulgaria. In Varna, attractions do not end, and their diversity will surprise you.

7. Assumption Cathedral - spiritual and cultural monument of Varna

assumption cathedral

On St. Cyril and Methodius Square right in the centre of Varna, there is Assumption Cathedral. The building was built with donations from volunteers in 1885. Today this temple is a cultural monument of Bulgaria.

Before going to Bulgaria, many tourists are interested in where to go on excursions - Varna or Sofia. Varna is mainly chosen by those who want to combine a cosy beach holiday and visit cultural and spiritual monuments. In the Assumption Cathedral, you can feel the spirituality and strength of the Bulgaria people. It is not for nothing that the cathedral is considered the symbol of Varna. From its high bell tower offers an unrivalled view of the city. The temple is open to Orthodox Christians, and today it is visited by all who rest in sunny Varna.

It is the largest cathedral in the city, and often people come there for a photoshoot - at the domes of the temple at sunset sparkle with dark gold. It is an exciting place with vital energy.

8. Evksinograd Palace - the centre of elegance and charm

euxinograd palace

Cities in Bulgaria are known throughout the world, especially Varna or Sofia Bulgaria. Architectural and cultural monuments are there at every step. The next one, Euxinograd Palace, is also located in Varna. The palace building itself is small, but its architecture is different from other buildings in the city. You can visit it for excursions, photoshoots, and just for a walk in the park, which is located around Yevksinograd.

The park was planted in 1890. Still, there are more than 50 thousand trees, centuries-old cedars and palms decorating the river bank and the surrounding area of this beautiful place. In Evksinograd you will see antique furniture, old interior decorations and a wine cellar, where wine has been produced and stored since 1891.

Bulgaria is a hospitable country, where you will find many attractions. In the city of Varna, the concentration of these attractions is the highest, so when choosing a sightseeing city, pay special attention to this resort on the Black Sea coast - Varna, and be sure to come on a tour of Evksinograd.

9. Reserve Kamchia, in 25 km from Varna

river kamchia

This natural reserve was established in 1951 and significantly expanded in 1984. Today there are over 245 species of plants, about 40 species of fish, many species of turtles and 260 species of birds. This part of Bulgaria is wild, untouched nature and one of the planet's ecosystems.

Reserve Kamchia is for those who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy the sounds of nature and have an informative time. It is most convenient to get to the reserve from Varna, Kamchia and Shkorpilovtsi resorts.

10. A quiet natural corner of Cape Galata

varna bay

Another great place for a quiet pastime and rest in Varna. The cape is often called the main attraction of Varna, all because in the projection there is a lighthouse - known on the Bulgarian coast. It is primarily a very romantic place. Near the lighthouse, there is a restaurant "Galatea" with a beautiful panoramic view of the sea. Green deciduous forest, fields and stony beach - all this you will see in the beautiful cape Galata. They often come here for romantic walks and just for privacy with nature.

There are many such quiet corners in Varna, where you can spend a pleasant time and relax from the noise of the city.

Bulgaria is first and foremost a country of rest, excursions and bright impressions. Varna or Sofia? For a sea vacation, choose Varna. In this fantastic city, you will see a large number of attractions, enjoy a relaxing holiday by the sea and join in exciting excursions. And if you need peace and privacy, Varna also has options for you - Cape Galata or a trip to the Kamchia Nature Reserve. In any case, vacation in Varna will open for you many advantages of Bulgaria and the Black Sea coast.

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