Jarbo Cafe - a perfect place for delicious breakfast in Rio de Janeiro

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Jarbo Cafe - a perfect place for delicious breakfast in Rio de Janeiro

Located in Rio de Janeiro, Jarbo Cafe is set in spectacular scenery. Rio de Janeiro is among the most visited cities in the world. Every year billions of people get their Brazil visas and travel to this country. The city is famous for breathtaking views, samba spirit, and a mixture of differences. The landscape of the city is extremely beautiful, even forcing some people to think that the city is blessed. With its extraordinarily beautiful beaches and year-round sunlight, the city attracts so many tourists. The city is densely populated, and so many buildings were built in the process of settling. However, you can still feel the strong connection directly between nature and the city. With its colorful nature sprawling into the city, it leaves a mixed impression on visitors. The rugged surface extends to its coast, containing many hills and mountainous areas. It is almost like being besieged by Tijuca Forest. This forest is the largest urban forest in the world. Here live many endangered and rarest bird species, animals, and plants. There dwell many nature parks such as Tijuca Forest National Park, which is the largest urban rainforest in the world with hiking, waterfalls, and birdwatching. Its affectionate culture is another factor that makes it so special for tourists. The best time to witness cultural examples is carnival season. It starts every February and continues for two weeks. During these carnivals, the city turns into an open-air party round day. In these carnivals, the most prestigious samba schools, dressed in the most extraordinary and colorful dresses, display their dancing abilities. Rio de Janeiro has the most stunning coastlines. These coastlines host the cleanest, pristine beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. Each of them has distinct features. For example, Copacabana is mostly visited by families, where they can have a good time and bond with their family members. Ipanema is, on the other hand, is for mostly the young where they socialize.

Another great way to explore a city is through walking routes and neighborhoods. Wander down narrow streets. You will find many interesting places. You will marvel at the architecture of most of the buildings. After wandering around, you might want to rest a bit and have a drink or food to get your energy back. Luckily it has some of the most authentic, elegant cafes and restaurants. For today’s article, we will talk about one of the most beautiful cafes, which is Jarbo Cafe. Without further ado, let's get into that.

Where is Jarbo Cafe located?

christ the redeemer at sunset

Launched in 2017, Jarbo Cafe is a mixture of café, bistro, and restaurant, which is very easy to reach. It is a few kilometers away from Ipanema beach. To be more precise, Jarbo Café is near to Environment Museum. This famous cafe in Rio de Janeiro is on the way to (Botanical Garden) Jardim Botanico, which is one of the tourists' favorites. I would like to draw your attention to this Botanical garden a bit. This is not an ordinary garden. It is one of the most beautiful botanical gardens you will ever see. In the garden, more than thousands of species of plants are preserved. The cafe is a hidden oasis within the crowded city of Rio de Janeiro, and it is next to Jardim Botanico. Jarbo Cafe is also near Christ the Redeemer. What is that? I am sure most of you already have seen its photos as it is so famous. It is a giant statue of Jesus Christ that represents Brazil throughout the world. It is an iconic state not only for Rio and the world and the biggest Art Deco statue in the world and provides astonishing panoramic views across Rio. It is 38 meters long and stands at the top of a mountain that has a height of 700 meters. Now you can imagine how stunning the view can be from this height. You can see every single detail of the city from this statue. It is picturesque as well. You might get your best photos from here.

The cafe has a striking exterior, naturally decorated with green. It can feel like a part of the jungle. When you enter the cafe first thing that you notice is the cute, decorated interior. It perfectly showcases the environment that the city is in. It is simple but not boring at all. It has a nice balcony which overlooks the surrounding areas. It perfectly matches up with other buildings in the area. It is a perfect place to avoid the hustle and bustle of Rio de Janeiro. Depending on your preference, you can sit inside or outside of the cafe as the cafe has facilities outside as well.

What to order at Jarbo Cafe?

people at cafe having fun

Other reasons why a cafe is considered to be a famous cafe in Rio de Janeiro are service, food, and drinks. If you do not know what to order at Jarbo Cafe, you will find a wide range of foods. What is best here? The café is well-known for its concept called brunch, which is a combination of breakfast and lunch. You have three types of brunch at your ease. They have differences in ingredients and meals they are comprised of. They are called Early Bird, Brunch du Jardin, and Jarbo Brunch.

If you order Early Bird, you will get artisan bread, butter, jam, ricotta, seasonal fruit salad, juice, and a hot coffee. Brunch du Jardin, on the other hand, is comprised of scrambled eggs along with confit tomatoes and mushrooms. You can alternate mushrooms with crispy bacon or with cured salmon if you do not like it. Homemade bread, butter, jam, ricotta Boursin, Minas cheese, breast of turkey, yogurt with granola, a cake, salad made from seasonal fruits, a juice, and a hot beverage are other ingredients and food that Brunch du Jardin offers. Last but not least important is Jarbô Brunch. With Jarbô Brunch, you can enjoy an egg (it can be scrambled or omelette depending on your choice), homemade bread along with viennoiseries, and other things like jam, butter, ricotta, Minas cheese, turkey ham, cake, yogurt alongside homemade granola, a salad made with seasonal fruit, a juice, and a hot beverage.

Typical breakfast in Rio de Janeiro

healthy breakfast eggs

Although the menu is in Portuguese, you will find small English descriptions below Portuguese descriptions. The café is most famous for its homemade bread, eggs, sandwiches, and drinks. Eggs are special here. You can have your eggs cooked in different methods. You can have Manhattan eggs which are served with Canadian loin, Florentine, Norwegian, Italian, etc. Although egg is the essence of a typical breakfast in Rio de Janeiro, it is not restricted to an egg. You can get seasonal salads, burgers, sandwiches, turkey ham, Minas cheese, etc. It is just a matter of taste. Regarding beverages, you will find a great variety of them. You can order hot drinks, like coffee, late, or alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages with lots of fruits in the mix. A milkshake is another great option if you think you can handle the calories that come with it. You can combine spinach pie, eggs florentine, and breaded pork with grilled pineapple, apple tarts, and fruit tarts for a beautiful breakfast in Rio de Janeiro. However, be aware, it can be a bit costly. However, it is not above average for such a touristic city. I am sure you have witnessed much worse than that. Besides, the price will be totally worth it. I can not imagine otherwise because it is much harder to find a cafe with such beautiful scenery where you can both enjoy your meal and surrounding. Sure enough, the cafe deserves attention. Waiters are friendly and professional. Meals are made with great care and are phenomenal. If you are with kids, you do not need to worry at all as the cafe has space for kids. There are many reasons that will allure you to stay there more than you planned. For example, there is free access to the internet.

To sum up, Jarbo Cafe will make your day with its beautiful view of the city, delicious foods, and great service. In general, there is so much to explore about Rio de Janeiro. However, there is one concerning issue, which is the crime level. It is Brazil’s one of the most violent states. Therefore, it is not advised to go deep into the outer parts of the city. Lucky, Jarbo Cafe is a relevantly safe place as it is a central part of the city were guarded by police forces. This cute cafe, set in magnificent scenery, deserves all praise. And it is well known to everyone. That is why sometimes it gets so difficult to find a place. Therefore, it is wise to make a reservation prior to your visit.

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