Mauritius tourist visa requirements

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Mauritius tourist visa requirements
Mauritius tourist visa requirements! It is great because this article will be all about that. Spending days on the precious beaches and enjoying the unique beauty of this land is one of the reasons why many are eager to travel there as soon as they can afford it. No one can be blamed because the experiences you can encounter there are truly amazing. Nonetheless, to get there, one should put in some work into planning the travel, shouldn’t they? After all, there is no fun in being sent back home after you’ve come this far and landed in your destination already. Let me tell you - one of the first things that might ensure you are allowed to this paradise is getting a Mauritius tourist visa! I will tell you more about it and give you some useful information that will be super useful even before planning to travel to Mauritius. We will start by understanding do you need a tourist visa for Mauritius and move on to figuring out how to get Mauritius tourist visa. To top it off, you will get to hear all about the details - what are Mauritius tourist visa charges and is it easy to get a Mauritius tourist visa extension. Anyway, there is so much to find out so let’s cut to the chase and learn more about all there is to know!

Do you need a tourist visa for Mauritius?

Yes, let’s start with the basic information. So people who travel to Mauritius can be divided into three groups according to the type of visa they need to obtain. First, a group that needs to go through a full visa application procedure. The list of these countries is not too long - Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo, Laos, Libya, Mali, North Korea (DPRK), Pakistan, Palestine, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Yemen. The second group consists of way more countries, 67 to be exact. These will need to arrange a visa-on-arrival. The last group consists of the rest of the countries exempt from applying for a Mauritius tourist visa. Mentioning all the countries in the last two groups will take up way too much space, and I will save it for some more interesting information. Just make sure to consult with the official website of the Immigration Service of Mauritius before departing to see if you will be required to present any of the documents/information upon arriving or not.

What else should you know about the Mauritius tourist visa?

the decision to grant a visa If you will get your visa after landing, or you don’t require it at all - in both cases, you will be granted 60 days to spend on this island of beauty. Unsurprisingly, just as most other immigration services in the world, the Mauritian visa policy is required to state the following fact. Even if you get a visa, it does not mean that you will enter the country. The decision of whether to let you past the transit zone will be in the hands of the officer in the airport. Generally, that shouldn’t create problems, but keep in mind to behave face-to-face during the meeting.

How to get Mauritius tourist visa?

application form on screen In a quite standard way, you would gather all the necessary papers and then submit your application in one of the following ways. The most usual way would be through diplomatic/consulate representatives. If there is no such place, then you can submit it at the Air Mauritius office. If both of these options are absent in your surroundings, you might send the required documents through an email to the embassy.

How to get a Mauritius tourist visa extension?

young beautiful couple on vacation Oh, who wouldn’t want to stay longer and enjoy this beautiful country a little more, right? To stay on the right side of the law, opt for a smart solution - the Mauritius tourist visa extension! Anyone who can present the same information (see below) and a legitimate reason for staying longer can obtain an extension by making a personal call to the Passport and Immigration Office of Mauritius. If you would like to explore this option more, just contact them and find out the most successful path for making this happen.

What are Mauritius tourist visa requirements?

stack of documents The papers and information required for a standard Mauritius visa procedure are no surprise to a traveler who has been around the block a few times. Even though you might be asked for additional information, here is a list of the basic requirements. First, you will have to fill and sign a visa application form. It will have to be accompanied by two recent passport-size photos and a photocopy of the data pages of your passport. To evaluate your eligibility, you will need to present a return ticket to your home country and a bank statement of the last three months. Additionally, a booking of accommodation or proof of a local host will need to be presented to display your tourism motives. Generally, the requirements should not get too complicated. Keep in mind - the more complete the application is initially, the smoother the process will go. I suggest asking for a detailed list from your office in the embassy or other place you will apply to. That way, you will diminish any miscommunication issues and also get your very desired visa approval sooner.

How high are Mauritius tourist visa fees?

foc business acronym of free of charge I have been writing for different visas for a while now and have been an active traveler myself, too. Let me tell you that when I stumbled upon this information, I was pleasantly surprised. Just as many other people I was, like, is this for real? Is Mauritius visa free of charge? The answer is YES! Both the visa and the extension will not cost you a dime. If you don’t believe me, then google this yourself - the internet is full of articles with people asking is Mauritius visa free of charge! The best thing is that Mauritius tourist visa fees are non-existent for all other visa types, too!

What is the processing time of the Mauritius tourist visa?

circle marked on a calendar The official websites say that the visa will be issued no sooner than five days after submitting all the required documents. Other media say that it can be up to 30 days. So let’s stick to the answer that the Mauritius tourist visa will take anywhere from 5-30 days to get done, but always remember not to leave it for the last moment! The Immigration Office of Mauritius suggests doing it no later than one month before your intended arrival in the country. Oh, dear. Just imagining the beauty one might experience on those shores of this island in the Indian Ocean makes me envious of you looking into the information about a potential travel to Mauritius. The rays of sunshine and the carefree holiday vibes just promise a great time. This is why I hope wholeheartedly that the information here will be useful for getting your plan off the ground and closer to your dreamy vacation. I know, knowing that Mauritius tourist visa charges are equal to zero makes the planning even more pleasant. With that said, I wish you a soon fruition of the plan and the most refreshing cocktails on the beach. Because we all deserve a little delight in our lives, don’t we? * A short remark. The information and the technicalities described in this article apply to the standard situations, but nowadays there might be some alterations due to the Covid restrictions. Make sure to check the latest information with the embassy or other official sources. The processing times might be longer, or the embassies might have a different procedure to follow due to risks posed by coming for an in-person visit. There is one more thing I would like to remind you of. Even though some parts of the world are doing somewhat better lately, the Covid-19 situation is not over yet. If you do end up planning a trip just about anywhere, keep in mind that the restrictions in some countries might change even by days. It just means that canceled flights and quarantining are an actual part of the reality of traveling nowadays. Always opt for travel and accommodation options that will cancel and refund free of charge if a change in plans. Better safe than sorry, am I right?

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