Mozambique visa on arrival

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Mozambique visa on arrival
Mozambique is located on the east coast of Southern Africa. Mozambique is dubbed as one of the luxurious and premier beach destinations of Africa. It should be on the top of your bucket list, but of course, there are topics to cover. Let's go to them first!

What is the Mozambique visa policy?

flag of mozambique Mozambique visa policy states the list of rules and regulations for foreign citizens who want to travel to the country. Based on the nationality of the traveler, the types of visas that one can obtain differ. Also included are the duration and purpose of the stay in Mozambique. Based on their reasons to travel to the country, foreign citizens may need a business visa, tourism visa, or a visit visa. Note that both options: single-entry and multiple-entry visas are available. However, foreign citizens who want to move to Mozambique will need a residence visa, according to the Mozambique immigration policy. They also need a Mozambican work visa to be employed in the nation. To transit through Mozambique en route to a different location, the foreign citizens will need a Mozambique transit visa. There is no Mozambique eVisa, but the Mozambican government plans to introduce the eVisa very soon in the coming months. It will allow foreign citizens to get a Mozambique eVisa online by filling a form online. However, foreign citizens can still apply for a Mozambique visa on arrival to travel to the nation. Note that this visa is eligible only for short-term stays for leisure and tourism purposes. For other purposes, the travelers can apply for a Mozambique Embassy visa if the duration of stay is long-term. Foreign citizens of certain nations can travel to Mozambique and stay there for a short duration without a Mozambique visa.

How to get a Mozambique visa?

embassy of mozambique Since, there is no Mozambique eVisa system, so, there are two ways through which one can get a Mozambique visa. - Mozambique visa on arrival, at the Mozambique border control - Mozambique Embassy visa, at Mozambique Embassy or Consulate Why there is no Mozambique eVisa? The situation of not having a Mozambique eVisa is only for now, as the Mozambican government plans to introduce Mozambique eVisa in the coming months. The Mozambique eVisa is an electronic visa system that will allow foreign citizens to get a Mozambique visa online. The travelers who plan to travel to the nation will have to fill up a Mozambique e visa application form online. It eliminates the need for foreign citizens to apply for a Mozambique visa at the Embassy or Consulate in person. It also means that the travelers who want to visit Mozambique, after filling up the Mozambique e visa application form, they won't need to apply for a Mozambique visa on arrival at Mozambique border control. Note that the Mozambique eVisa will be valid for tourism purposes; it can also be eligible for business purposes or transit reasons. It is currently unknown how introducing Mozambique eVisa will change the Mozambique visa policy, though the Mozambican government soon plans to submit changes.

What is Mozambique visa on arrival?

open passport Mozambique visa on arrival is a visa service that allows foreign citizens to travel to Mozambique by getting a visa at Mozambique border control when entering the nation. As of now, there are foreign citizens from over 180 countries who can apply for a Mozambique visa on arrival. It grants foreign citizens the to visit the nation for leisure and tourism purposes. One of the most important Mozambique visa requirements is that you must have all the necessary documents that state your visit's intent. Documents such as invitation letter, return ticket, hotel reservation ticket, and other such tourist accommodations. The Mozambique visa on arrival allows the foreign citizen to stay in the nation for about 30 days. Note that the Mozambique visa on arrival grants a single entry to the nation. If the duration of stay is longer than 30 days, then, according to the Mozambique visa policy, the foreign citizen has to leave the nation and apply for a new visa to re-enter Mozambique. Mozambique visa on arrival is available at all Mozambique border control points, such as land border crossings and airports. To get a Mozambique visa on arrival, the traveler must join a queue at the nation's border control points and wait in line. The travelers have to fill up a Mozambique visa application form and provide the necessary documents. Also, sufficient cash must be on hand to pay the Mozambique visa fees. To get a Mozambique visa on arrival, travelers' passports must be valid for at least 6 months before they arrive in the nation. The passports must also have 3 or more blank pages. The travelers whose passports are due to expire soon may be denied a Mozambique visa on arrival.

What is Mozambique Embassy visa?

visitor visa application form A Mozambique Embassy visa is any type of visa issued by the diplomatic missions of Mozambique abroad. The Mozambique visa policy states that citizens from over 40 nations have to apply for a Mozambique Embassy visa at the Consulate or Embassy. The Mozambique Embassy or Consulate are the only places where travelers of any nation can apply for any Mozambique visas. Visas can be any one of the following: - Business visa - Diplomatic and Official visa - Residence visa - Transit visa - Work visa Most of Mozambique's Embassies are located in the capital cities of the foreign nations. Many other major cities are home to Mozambique's Consulates as well. The travelers can choose either a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa to travel to Mozambique. Of course, one of the most important Mozambique visa requirements for this visa is to have a passport (with at least 3 or more blank pages), which is valid for at least 6 months from the arrival date at the nation. Visas such as residence visas and business visas will require an invitation letter. To apply for a Mozambique visa, one needs to take a printout of the Mozambique visa application form and bring it to the Embassy after completing it. Also included are the necessary supporting documents that one must bring alongside him to the Embassy. Pay the Mozambique visa fees and wait for 3-7 days to get the visa. Note that a copy of the flight itinerary and proof of accommodation reservation is a must for business and tourism visas of Mozambique.

Who doesn't need a Mozambique visa?

travel concept There are certain nations where the citizens are not required to have a Mozambique visa to travel to the nation. There are ten Mozambique free visa countries - note that all of these nations are members of SADC (Southern Africa Development Community). Mozambique free visa countries can only visit Mozambique without a visa for tourism or leisure purposes; as such, they also don't need a Mozambique tourist visa. However, the citizens from these Mozambique free visa countries need a relevant visa, if they plan to travel to the nation for any other purposes or say, to move to the nation. Note that the citizens from the other members of SADC can stay in Mozambique for 3 months without a visa.

What are the Mozambique visa requirements?

mozambique passport As mentioned before, to get a Mozambique visa, we need a passport, yes, but there are certain other requirements to pay heed to. Let's go into detail, shall we? - Passport: You need a passport that must be valid for at least 6 months (180 days). - Means of support: You need to have proof to show that you have sufficient funds to support yourself in Mozambique. - Airline ticket: A copy of the airline ticket is a must. Note that the airline ticket must be of a round trip. - Photo: A recent passport-sized photo is a must. - Visa fees: You must have the cash to pay the Mozambique visa fees. - Proof of accommodation: As an applicant, you must provide proof of accommodation. - Travel consent: If a minor is traveling alone, or with a single parent, then, a travel consent document is a must. It should be signed by the minor's parent(s) or legal guardian, followed by authentication of the relevant authorities of the country of origin or residence for the last 2 years. - Application for entry: Whether you apply for a Mozambique visa on arrival or Mozambique Embassy visa, you need to fill up the Mozambique visa application form. Note that the application form can be filled only in English, French, or Portuguese, in capital letters, and black or blue ink. Also, acronyms and abbreviations are not allowed. There will be certain names mentioned on the form - they are the names of the entry and exit borders of Mozambique. These entry and exit borders are the ones through which the traveler can enter and exit the nation.

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