15 must-see places in Gotland

Kanan Isazade13 November 20202564 views8 min. read
15 must-see places in Gotland
Sweden is a dream country for thousands of people. It is not surprising that citizens of other countries have such desire because Sweden is one of the happiest countries in the world. Considering this high demand, today we decided to talk about 15 must-see places in Gotland. In this blog, you will learn where is Gotland, how to get to Gotland, how to travel from Stockholm to Gotland, and more. Before mentioning the best destinations on the island, we should give some basics. Where is Gotland? The largest island of Sweden, Gotland is in the Baltic sea, 90 km away from the east coast. Which language to use? Although the official language of the country is Swedish, 80% of the population knows English. As Gotland is a tourist destination, we don’t think that you will face communication problems. How to get to Gotland? There is the Visby Airport in Gotland, so you can effortlessly travel to Gotland from various countries. Even if you couldn’t find a ticket, you can use Stockholm and other Swedish cities to reach Gotland. How to travel from Stockholm to Gotland? There are several ways to travel from Stockholm to Gotland. Of course, the first one is by airplane and the second one is by ferry. Some ferries travel gradually, and the trip lasts for 3-4 hours. What about Gotland Sweden hotels? There are many comfortable Gotland Sweden hotels: Kvarnvillan Lummelundsbruk, Clarion Hotel Wisby, Hotel Helgeand Wisby, etc.

1. Visby’s Town Walls

old town of visby I would like to begin with the ancient Visby’s Town Walls. 3,5 km length town walls are more than 700 years old. They were constructed in the 13th century from limestone. Visby’s Town Walls consist of 44 towers, and each of them is 15-20 meters high. One of the most famous spots in Gotland island is located next to the north end of the wall. The name of that place is Maiden’s Tower (Jungfrutornet), and it has an impressive history. Legend says that the daughter of a goldsmith was buried alive here because of betraying citizens. If this story seems exciting to you, you can learn more by enjoying the tours to walls.

2. Gotland Museum

medieval building housing museum The second destination Gotland that I want to mention is the Gotland Museum (established in 1875). If you fancy getting detailed information about the Stone age, the Gotland Vikings period, and modern times, you should visit this destination Gotland. Here you will find artefacts that date back 8000 years, various architectural and cultural items, photographs, photographic plates, negatives, films, historical documents, and more. Of course, the most exciting collection among all of them is Gotland Vikings. In recent years, this theme gained a lot of fame, and Gotland Vikings attract thousands of people to the museum every year.

3. Faro

faro Maybe, Faro is the most unique area on Gotland island. Differ from other parts of the country; it has a much more barren landscape. Beautiful beach and traditional style houses that you will find in Langhammars Sea Stacks and Helgumannen fishing village are the most unusual characteristics of the Faro. How to get to Gotland, Faro? You can rent a car, or you can use ferries that travel gradually in summer. In other seasons you may wait a little bit longer. Furthermore, it takes less than 20 minutes to reach Faro.

4. Botanic Garden

botanical garden of visby Botanic Garden is a 150 years old garden that is located on the north-west side of the Visby. The Botanic Garde is one of the best touristic spots in the whole of Gotland island. The most well-known characteristic of the field is roses, and you can see them everywhere. Besides roses, there are plenty of trees, other flowers, etc. Another future that attracts tourists is the ruins of Romanesque St.Olaf Church. It is interesting to note that Visby’s nickname is the city of ruins and roses. Finally, it is free to enter the Garden, and many activities take place in summer in the Garden, for example, farmers market, jazz concerts, various activities for children, and more.

5. St. Mary’s Cathedral

saint maria cathedral Another place that attracts our attention to the Gotland map is St. Mary’s Cathedral. The cathedral is the only still used ancient church of the Visby. Germans built it in 1225, and after that year, there were several renovation works. St. Mary’s Cathedral has three towers: the massive one is on the west, and the other two are on the east. This ancient wonder is well-known among tourists. 2008 data shows that 200,000 visitors came to the church in that year. Where is Gotland, St. Mary’s Cathedral? The address is Västra Kyrkogatan, 621 56 Visby. Purchase a Gotland map or use google maps to find it effortlessly.

6. Hogklint Nature Reserve

old rock formations Hogklint is the highest cliff on the Gotland map, so if you want to find a place that offers magnificent views, this Gotland place is for you. Hogklint Nature Reserve is just 10 km away from the Visby, but it is worth travelling 10 km to observe the breathtaking view of the Baltic sea. Also, Hogklint Nature Reserve is an outstanding spot for hiking. You can go to explore the caves, seashore, biodiversity, and on your way, you will see a small fishing village, Ygne. After exploring the area, you may have a picnic.

7. Blue Lagoon

blue lagoon The Blue Lagoon (Bla Lagunen) is an artificial lake and beach on the north coast of the island. The beach is 100 meters long and 50 meters wide. Having crystal pure water makes this spot perfect for scuba diving. Also, the beach is surrounded by a forest area, and it creates a mesmerizing view for photographers. Where is Blue Lagoon? It is on the eastern part of the island next to village Ekeby.

8. Lummelunda Cave

lummelunda cave We can say that it is a wonder that was discovered by chance. Although people knew the entrance of the cave, the most crucial part was found by three teenagers in 1948. But still, it is not explored entirely. Only 4.5 km of the cave was explored, but even that is enough to make Lummelunda Cave the longest in Sweden. Lummelunda is very popular among travellers. The number of visitors is more than 100,000 per year.

9. St. Nicholas’ Church

medieval st nicolai church St. Nicholas Church is another example of a historical Gotland place. The church was built in 1230, but in 1525 the Lubeckers ruined the church. Despite Lubeckers destroyed some parts of the church still, it doesn’t lose its place in Gotland history and culture. Nowadays, the area hosts many music and theatre performances. So you can take part in two activities, just visiting one spot.

10. Kneippbyn Amusement Park

sheep Especially if you travel with children, we recommend visiting Kneippbyn Amusement Park. There are plenty of activities ( roller coasters, go-karts, trampolines, pools) for children. But don’t think that there is not anything for adults. You can play tennis, mini-golf, volleyball, etc. Furthermore, they have accommodation and other facilities, such as cafes, restaurants. You can stay in a tent, cottage or a hotel room and they are no worse than other Gotland Sweden hotels. In summer, Kneippbyn Amusement Park becomes much more enjoyable because of plenty of concerts, parties. How to travel to the park? There are regular buses from Visby to reach this exciting destination Gotland.

11. Farms

swedish gute sheep Farm lifestyle seems attractive for many people who live in urban areas. Maybe, the main reasons are books and movies, but still, it is a fact that many people have a desire to live forever or just for a couple of days on a farm. Gotland is one of the best places for this. There are many reasons, but the major one is Gotland sheep. Gotland sheep is a particular sheep type for Gotland, but you can see this type of sheep in many parts of the world. Gotland sheep are adaptable, short-tailed, friendly, and they have strong mothering instincts. Besides, you will experience the hardness of farm life, and you will see how some of your foods are produced.

12. Almedalsbiblioteket

almedalsbiblioteket If you want to learn many facts about Gotland history, culture, and customs, you should go to Almedalsbiblioteket. The library is in the university area, but it is not only for students. Almedalsbiblioteket has several rooms and an exceptional room for quiet reading on the third floor. What are the opening hours? It is 08:30 -19:00 on Monday and Thursday, 10:00 - 17:00 on Friday, and 12:00-16:00 on Saturday - Sunday. Furthermore, if you have a library account, you can learn about Gotland history and more at home.

13. Narsholmen

tree and lighthouse Probably, if we say that Narsholmen is the savanna of Gotland, we will not be wrong. The most attractive side of the Narsholmen is home to a variety of rare birds and plant types. Some of the bird kinds which you can see here are lapwing, shore catfish, red-legged gulls, greater shorebirds, great bustard, mallard, etc.

14. Stora Karlso

stora karlso island Stora Karlso is the second oldest conservation in the world, right after Yellowstone in the United States. Besides having rich biodiversity, Stora Karlso has a history that dates back to the stone age. We consult you to take part in tours to learn marvellous facts about Gotland history, flora, and fauna. Moreover, a museum tour is also part of the trip. So be ready for brain exploding knowledge rain.

15. Bilmuseum

red car Copyright: @przemas_eightysix The last Gotland place that I want to mention in this list is Bilmuseum. If you travel with your family and look for activities for everyone, you can visit Bilmuseum. Here you will have a chance to see veteran car collection (1907-1980), go-karting, racing with miniature(toy) cars and boats, and more. Does it sound fascinating? More than it waits for you.

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