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Tips for the perfect campervan trip

Aytaj Hasanova Aytaj Hasanova 02 August 2020
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There are moments when each of us gets frustrated and wants to escape from the hustle-bustle, surrounded by the skyscrapers, and the heavy traffic. So, it is always good to make changes in life. From my viewpoint, travelling the world in a campervan is the ideal solution for changing the environment and exploring new places. Perhaps ten years ago our idea to travel with campervan would be hilarious for the majority. After a while, travelling with a campervan attracted considerable interest since it is more affordable and convenient to go anywhere or anytime you wish. Although it is more cost-effective than other standard trips, it can vary from person to person as the spending and saving habits differ for the individuals. You can cut costs by cooking yourself, driving on the freeways, and just spending money on the essentials. However, it is noteworthy that as on any trip, the campervan life also has pros and cons. Spending a week, a month, maybe a year travelling with a campervan is not as easy as it seems. Are you wondering how to travel the world in a campervan or looking for campervan travel blogs? Well, on these grounds, I decided to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of campervan travel.

Be ready for this kind of life

To study, work, have family and settle. It is the standard way of life that most of us find frustrating. Therefore, travelling with a campervan is the exact opposite of all these standards. Without a doubt, not all can leave the standard way of life behind and jump into this craziness. Once you decide campervan travel, you understand that there will be times when you miss your family, friends, work, and previous life, but you must grasp this new campervan life and let yourself into it. Keep in mind that living in these campervans might be annoying sometimes. So, better to learn new skills to make your life in campervan exciting.

Be organized

Yes, for sure, it depends on when and where to travel, but you need to bear in mind that unplanned travelling will be a waste of time and money. Therefore, it will be better to plan where you are going and the expenses you will spend during the day.

Be ready for the challenges

No campervan life is not that easy as you may think. If you feel that leaving your work, daily activities behind will give you more spare time; you better get that fact out of your mind. On the contrary, your daily tasks will increase, as you have to do the cleaning, find the oil station for refuelling, a market, and buy the necessities. All these and more require time. Ah, do not be scared of travelling in a campervan. After some time, you will get used to this routine things and solve any challenge quickly.

More expenses

Above I have already mentioned that this kind of travelling is affordable. However, if you plan a long journey, you better consider that your costs will increase. If you have any source of income during the campervan trip, then there is nothing to worry about. But, if you do not, then you might stop your journey.

It is safe

Many of those wishing to travel with a campervan think that this kind of travel is not safe because of the growing number of acts of violence, kidnappings, and other crimes. Therefore, they do not dare to go on this journey, no matter how much they want. However, it would be very unfair to cancel travelling by campervan just because of these reasons. As in any other type of travelling, you need to be more alert and careful and have detailed information about the destination country. You may avoid any problems by planning where you are going to camp a few days in advance. In most campervan travel blogs, campervan travellers said that they had not been threatened in Mexico, one of the world's most crime-prone countries.

You can be inactive for most of the day

Typically, people who wish campervan travel think that they will be actively setting up camp and hiking during the trip. Indeed, it is hard as you will spend most of your time on the road. Still, if you have time, you will be so tired after driving all day that you will not even think of doing any exercise. Thus, if you want to work out for a particular time during the day, so as not be inactive, you need to be faster, more resilient, and strong-willed.

These are the pros and cons of travelling the world in a campervan. I suppose if you want to spend a unique and unforgettable holiday, no matter what, this type of trip is worth it.

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