Must-visit places in Madrid for Real Madrid fans

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Must-visit places in Madrid for Real Madrid fans
capital of Spain, is one of the most special cities in Europe with its wealth of art, fashion, architecture, culture, and sports. Madrid, the third-largest city of the European Union after London and Paris, is the political centre of Spain and the centre of the Spanish aristocracy. It is really worth getting your visa to Spain ready and packs your things to realize the most wanted trip. The city, located to the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, has a very beautiful city skyline with the view of the famous Manzanares River passing through it. Madrid is one of the most curious cities in Europe, with the streets where shopping is always alive, boulevards that reflect the traces of history with all its glory, cafes with a pleasant atmosphere, delicious tapas, and football enthusiasm of the Flamenco spirit. But what does Real Madrid mean for the city of Madrid and the football world?

Real Madrid CF

real madrid cup Real Madrid CF (or Real Madrid Football de Club) is one of Spain's two biggest teams competing in La Liga. Real Madrid is considered as one of the best teams in the world with its achievements both on a national and European basis. Real Madrid, which was established in Madrid in 1902 under the name of the Madrid Football Club, is one of the most glorious teams in the world. Real Madrid, which played its matches in Santiago Bernabeu with a capacity of 81,044 seats, succeeded to achieve very important victories. Real Madrid is considered the most valuable team in the world with its brand value, apart from the trophies it has obtained. According to the research by Forbes Magazine, Real Madrid CF, representing the city of Madrid in Spain, has a brand value of $3.4 billion. In addition, the club, with an annual net income of around 550 million Euros, is thus considered the most valuable club in Europe and the world. Real Madrid is considered the most successful team in Europe in terms of European cups and championships. In total, Real Madrid has achieved 13 Champions League Cup, 33 Spain National League (La Liga) Cup, 19 Spanish Cup, 4 FIFA Club World Cup, 2 UEFA Cup, and so on. All of these achievements make Real Madrid the “biggest” football club in this field.

How many Real Madrid fans in the world?

football player Real Madrid has more than 240 million Real Madrid fans all over the world. Club’s history, achievements, and huge fan amount make Real Madrid one of the greatest teams in football history.

What are the best places to visit in Madrid for Real Madrid fans?

real madrid stadium Now we will share with you must-visit places in Madrid for Real Madrid fans. These places must be attractive and valuable for not only Real Madrid fans but also all football fans.

1. Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is the home stadium of Real Madrid since its completion in 1947. Currently, its seating capacity is 81,044. The Santiago Bernabeu is one of the most famous and glorious football venues in the world. It has hosted UEFA Champions League final matches four times, and also FIFA World Cup final in 1982. The stadium is the “temple” of Real Madrid fans! You can buy a ticket for a tour of this stadium for exploring it from A to Z.

2. Real Madrid CF Museum

The museum of Real Madrid Santiago Bernabeu stadium tour includes visiting the museum of the club. If you are a true Real Madrid fan, this place will be legendary for you! You can explore here all the biggest football cups that have been achieved by Real Madrid. All the most famous, glorious, valuable cups in front of your eyes!

3. Ciudad Real Madrid

Ciudad Real Madrid Ciudad Real Madrid is the best place to visit in Madrid for Real Madrid fans. The Ciudad Real Madrid is Real Madrid’s training complex located outside Madrid, Valdebebas. It also hosts the youth academy of the club, which is known as La Fabrica. Real Madrid players train here every day, and you can also meet the future elite football players here. Many journalists and football players are gathered in this facility, so you can get a nice picture or an autograph by players here.

4. Sanchis Bar Marisquera

beer Manolo Sanches, who played for Real Madrid CF from 1983 to 2001, owns this bar. Real Madrid fans gather here in every match of the team. It is home to the real fans of Real Madrid. You can visit here in order to see and explore the real football atmosphere.

5. The Cibeles Fountain

The Cibeles Fountain The Cibeles Fountain is one of the best popular places in Madrid. The pictures of Madrid fans gathering at the Cibeles is a familiar one; the first stop is always the Cibeles, no matter which trophy is achieved. If the team wins a title, qualifies for a championship, or just gives them any reason to celebrate, the fans of Real Madrid will gather at the Cibeles Fountain. Team, football players, and all the Real Madrid fans always celebrate their achievements together at Cibeles Fountain.

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