My San-Marino adventures

Sabina Aslanova28 March 201914027 views2 min. read
My San-Marino adventures

Where is San Marino?

I would like to tell you about a little mountain state surrounded by Italy - San Marino. I first visited that San Marino country during my trip to the cities of Italy in 2016. San Marino is one of the smallest countries in the world and the oldest one in Europe. It is famous for its ancient architectural monuments, wonderful mountain air, and shopping, for sure! Every year, millions of tourists visit this place from all over the world.  

How to get to San Marino? 

mountain and cows

My mother and I decided to go to San Marino Italy, early in the morning in July. There are some convenient shuttles leaving for San Marino country from Rimini every day. The cost of round-trip per person is 20 EUR.

The whole way was unforgettable. We were riding up the winding road in the mountain, which was surrounded by greenery. We were in San Marino in about an hour and a half. The atmosphere there was magnificent – lots of tourists strolling around, some going shopping to famous outlets, some visiting museums and churches. We had visited several museums, including the Museum of Torture Instruments and old churches.

What to do in San Marino?

old church

I was very impressed by the Fortress of Guaita (Guaita, Prima Torre) constructed on Monte Titano Mountain. It was a jail before, and you can observe a great view of the picturesque nature of San Marino Italy, from there. We took a lot of photos, and after visiting some of the sightseeing, we went shopping. High-quality brands at ridiculous prices, huge choice of Italian shoes and bags – it was just a paradise for shopaholics! Being full of impressions and spending there for nearly 10 hours, we returned to Rimini.

fortress italy

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