Travel and Shopping

Arzu Chinarli 17 October 2019 3298 views 3 min. read

Are you one of those who say the following: "Shopping is a waste of time," "If I can buy one here, why do I need to buy it in another country?", "I am going on holiday, not for shopping". If so, then imagine that your holiday is finished and you are back to work, but you are wearing a shirt that has the fragrance of Paris. The pleasant and exciting moments of your journey revive in your mind.

One of the most popular tours in the field of tourism is shopping tourism. What is shopping tourism? The definition of shopping tourism is tourists travel to another country, not for historical monuments, museums, parks, but for shopping. But we spend a lot of time shopping, even in the place where we live. How can we save time and budget in a foreign country? How can we do it? Which country is good for shopping? To make it easier for you, we have prepared answers to your questions.


Even taking into account the euro and dollar turnover, clothing and footwear are much cheaper in Europe and the United States. You can also take advantage of special discounts and promotions in these best shopping destinations in the world.


man choosing clothes

Of course, there are more choices for travel and shopping in a big city. Such a wide range of brand stores differs sharply from one another. Exceptional goods are more commonly found abroad.

National brands


When travelling and doing shopping tourism, you can set new boundaries for yourself. In the cities, you will find boutiques of high quality and which are affordable as well. Indulge into the world of vintage stores, and the second hand is a different story.

Rules for travel and shopping


Before you begin your shopping tourism journey, find out what you need to buy and what you want. Then determine which brand stores you should visit. If this store is also available in your city, go there, look at the goods, like and select. If the store does not have a branch in your town, check out the varieties on its website. Then make a list. Download the map of one of the best shopping destinations that you are visiting on your phone. List not only the places to go but also the stores you like on the map. So you can do instant shopping while walking.  Buy the things and clothes you need. Do not overload yourself. If you like it, don't hurry. Ask yourself: "Do I need this? Am I going to wear this?" and then buy fearlessly and use them lovingly.

Best shopping destinations

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Now the main question is, "where?"  We've brought together some of the most popular shopping centres and the best shopping destinations in the world with the lowest prices for you. 


shopping mallLondon

has become the world's shopping capital in recent years. There are colourful boutiques in every street. It is possible to live in some shopping centres in the city. There are hotels and restaurants to stay in for ladies looking for clothes. When you are in London, you should go to Bond Street and Oxford Street, which are the fashion world. The streets are known for their various designer brands, reflecting hundreds of different styles. There are 548 stores only on Oxford Street. Also, don't forget the big shopping centres in London - Debenhams, John Lewis, Liberty, Selfridges.


boss boss

While talking about shopping, it is unfair not to mention Paris. Paris, which has presented its pearls to the fashion world, is home to the most famous brand stores. In the big shopping centres of Paris - Le Bon Marche, Centre Commercial Beaugrenelle, and Galeries Lafayette, you can find everything from men's and women's clothing to jewellery and perfume. Also, Rue Du Faubourg Saint, Place, Van Cleef & Arpels, Rue Etienne-Marcel might be attractive for the shopping lovers in Paris.  Cheer up! In Paris, you will save a lot while shopping tourism. There are 70% discounts twice a year — the first runs from early January to mid-February and the second from June to July. Also, there is a 50% discount for the outfit of the previous season at La Vallee Village annually. We highly recommend you go to the Paris market.


milan shopping mall

It is impossible to return from the fashion city of Italy without buying anything. It is where you will understand what shopping is all about. Recently, there was the Milan Fashion Week. A women's collection was featured on the fashion show held between September 17 and September 23. We advise you to go to the fashion heart of Milan - Quadrilatero Della Moda. It is one of the most beautiful streets of Milan and the world. All well-known designers are eager to open their stores in Quadrilatero Della Moda. At Corso Buenos Aires, you can find clothes and accessories to suit your taste at lower prices. Milan is also known for its big shopping centres. You will not leave the shopping centres like La Rinascente, 10 Corso Como, Antonioli, La Vetrina di Beryl, Retail, People, Iceberg Milan, Castellani with empty hands.  Tourists can take advantage of the "Saldi" days held in Italy in winter and summer. During this period, discounts are up to 80%, and there are plenty of choices. Barcelona, Tokyo, Singapore, Amsterdam, and other cities are also known for their shopping centres and shopping tourism. So travel, walk, have fun, and enjoy yourself with newly purchased items.