Myths about China tourist visa

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Myths about China tourist visa

Millions of people apply for China visas every year. Likewise, many believe that their intention to travel to China is not satisfied because such a request has been denied. To be precise, this refusal led to many myths about why the China government did not provide this document. These are the common myths about the China visa policy.

If You Have Travelled to A Country in Conflict with China, Hide It

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Your travelling history is less important for the authorities of China who decide whether you get a China tourist visa. The curious whether tourist has convenience enough reasons return home. If you are a very 'lazy' person and have travelled to different countries, don't worry.

Social Media Is Considering A Factor

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For several months, you will need to provide data to the authorities from a social network such as Facebook before applying for a visa. This part of the procedure was offensive to the users because it viewed it as aggressive behaviour. However, it is not considered a factor in deciding to obtain a visa.

If The Bank Does Not Have A Lot of Money, They Will Refuse Your Visa

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For a tourist visa to China, you indeed need to make sure that you can pay for transfers to China, accommodation, travel expenses, and return costs, but your visa will not be refused due to lack of a large sum of money with a bank account.

The catch is that you are constantly consuming money, as your payroll account, or have purchases and payments from your credit card. However, it is not final. Many have been denied visas despite files containing housework, bank statements, and other documents about assets in their home country.

You Have To Wait A Certain Period to Re-Apply for A China Tourist Visa

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Once your visa is refused, there is no set period for re-application. If they reject you, they have found a caution factor that you may not be returning home. Therefore, if there is no change in the situation that caused the rejection, they can reject it again.

So what to do: Be aware of the information and avoid incorrect information. One of the most proven recommendations is to be as private and honest as possible when filling out the China tourist visa application form and when you are assigned an interview. Although removing some information does not mean that your visa will be denied (unless it is a serious "fact" such as a criminal conviction), it can be challenging to obtain. The next myth shows how to get a tourist visa to China and how to extend it.

It Isn't Easy To Extend Tourist Visas In China


China typically issues three type of visa: single entry (valid for 3-6 months), double-entry (valid for six months), and multi-entry (valid for 6 or 12 months). Tourist visas with an entrance usually last up to 30 days, but you can request up to 90 days. The number of days you get depends in part on the passport you have. In general, you cannot extend your tourist visa to China from USA more than once in China.

Getting The Chinese Visa Embassy Is Costly


A tourist visa to China from USA for a single entry is usually valid for three months, so it is recommended that you apply for a Chinese tourist visa 30-60 days before your planned entry. If you apply in advance for too long, your visa may expire before you arrive in China. Unless you are travelling in a group, you will need to arrange a visa. Visa agents are available in some countries, which increases the China tourist visa cost significantly.

It will be cheaper if you go directly to the nearest embassy/China visa center. You can search online to find the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate. You can also apply for a Chinese visa abroad. Make sure you can meet all the China tourist visa application and China visa types requirements. 

Keep reading to know about how to get a tourist visa to China.

It Takes Time For A Chinese Tourist Visa To Process

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China tourist visa application is usually processed within 3-4 business days. Still, you may choose to pay an additional fee for express services. If you go directly to the visa office, you may be able to get a day visa for a fee.

How To Apply For A Tourist Visa?

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China visa requirements: let's start with the different requirements to apply for a China tourist visa.

  • Original signed passport- Fill out the China tourist visa application form with the image placed on the blank photo paper
  • Original and copy of a valid visa for the country in which you currently live (that is, if you are a student studying outside the United States or working abroad, you must present your visa from that country)
  • Warranty or invitation issued by the tour operator: This can be done via fax, copy, or computer printing. The letter must include the purpose of the visit, dates of arrival and departure, and where you plan to travel. If an organization or person invites you, provide information about your relationship with that group or person
  • China Visa Application Service Center: The four-page China tourist visa application form includes the usual information such as name, address, date of birth, occupation, itinerary, length of stay in the country, number of re-entry times, and who it consists of. Pay your China tourist visa cost in China
  • If you have visited China before and your current passport has a different name, you will need a legal document regarding a name change, such as a marriage license
  • Duration of stay: US citizens are eligible for a 10-year multiple-entry tourist visa to China from USA. Please note, however, that your passport must be valid for at least one year after entry into China
  • Cost: The China tourist visa cost is $ 140 for six months, no matter how often you enter China. For Express or Express, add an additional China tourist visa cost $ 20. If you use a visa, you will be charged separately
  • The China visa centre does not accept cash. A check or money order is required for the stated amount paid to the relevant office. We accept Visa or MasterCard credit cards
  • Caveat: The Visa Office attaches great importance to accuracy and details filled in the China tourist visa application form. Suppose the information in your China tourist visa application is incomplete or misleading. In that case, you may not be granted a China tourist visa, and you may be denied full entry into China

For more information about how to get a tourist visa to China, please visit the Consulate on the website of the China visa centre.

Visa-free Transit 24 Hours, 72 Hours, And 144 Hours

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China visa types include visa-free travel for 24 hours a day with 72 or 144 hours for travellers from certain countries travelling to third international destinations (including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan) via mainland China. 

Twenty-four hours Transit without a China tourist visa is relatively easy. It applies to travellers from most countries at most Chinese entry points except Shenzhen, Yangji, Mudanjiang, Fuzhou, and Huangshan airports. Downtime is calculated from the estimated time of arrival to the estimated departure date. Passengers using this visa-free transit have multiple stops as long as they depart from mainland China within 24 hours (from the US to Beijing, Guangzhou, and the United Kingdom). 

In Xi'an, Chongqing, Guilin, Harbin, and Changsha, transit travellers with passports from certain countries can enter without a visa for 72 hours. Seventy-two hours are counted after the entry permit. Passengers using this transit without a visa may only travel within the entry area. For example, if you are entering from Xianyang International Airport, you can only travel within the Xi'an area.

In the regions Beijing-Jiangsu-Zhejiang, Shanghai-Zhejiang-Zhejiang, Guangdong, Chengdu, Kunming, Xiamen, Qingdao, Wuhan, Liaoning region, transit travelers with passports from the same country as 72 hours - have 144 visa-free hours. You can enter the country—transit without a time visa. The 144-hour period starts at 00 the next day to arrive. It usually means spending a few extra hours in China. Passengers using this transit without a visa may not be allowed to travel outside the region or country of entry. For example, if you enter via Beijing, you cannot visit or travel from Shanghai, as you are only allowed to travel within the provinces of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei.

Let's See How To Get A Transit Visa To China

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To apply for one of the above three China visa types for free transit, you must present an airline, ship, or train ticket with a seat and a confirmed date in a third country (preparation tickets are not accepted), i.e., The country you travelled to. For example, if you travelled from the United States to Beijing to Hong Kong, you are eligible for transit without a visa, but if you travelled from the United States to Beijing or Hong Kong, you are not eligible. If possible, you may also need a third country or regional visa.

Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months from entry, and remember to fill in your arrival/departure card at the airport or by plane before applying for a visa-free entry permit.

Check your visa requirements carefully at the China visa center or Consulate in your country before travelling to China. In particular, visa waiver policy or China, visa policy is confusing and may change from time to time. Occasionally, the visa rules can be interpreted differently by different cruise ships or local officials upon entry. Therefore, you must check the China visa policy before traveling to China.

To avoid potential confusion and inconvenience, all travelers planning to take advantage of this China visa policy should visit relevant China or China point of entry in your country before travelling to China. It is advisable to contact the China visa embassy. You can also check with your airline if you can get a visa-free entry permit on arrival before boarding a flight to China. If you are unsure whether you are eligible for a visa-free entry permit, you can instead apply for a regular transit visa or a home tourist visa.

Conclusion: When applying for China visa types, Chinese tourist visa, procedures, requirements, issuance times, and fees may vary from country to country. Whichever country you fill a China tourist visa application form, make sure your passport is valid for at least six months after arriving in China.

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