Never do these things in other countries

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Never do these things in other countries

All countries make laws that include prohibitions and sanctions, so there are many prohibitions in the world. Many bans are equally important to all societies. Sometimes, the possibility for people to live together depends on these prohibitions. However, some of it applies only to a particular community. This type of strange bans in countries is based on traditions, faith, religious beliefs, historical events, etc.

The desire to travel can take you to different parts of the world. Thus, I have decided to write about the prohibitions in certain countries in this blog. In the meantime, keep in mind that bans from different countries can sometimes be legally, and sometimes just publicly regulated. Violating these prohibitions can create additional problems for you while travelling. Of course, this type of ban exists in every country in the world. Let's have a look at the most exciting, weird, and important bans in other countries and interesting facts about bans.

In sum, remember the following are prohibited from doing in these countries.

Prohibition in India


No hugs or kisses on the street. The Indians are conservative and do not like the social manifestation of the relationship between men and women. You may see people hand in hand only in parks, etc. in India. Speaking of holding hands, do not be surprised seeing two men walking hand in hand in India, which is very typical here.

Do not give anything to anyone with your left hand. One of the interesting bans in India - the left hand is used for cleaning and is considered unclean. Do not hand over items to the Indians with your left hand, including money and meals. Some may refuse to take something from you if you confuse the hands while handing over something. Moreover, Indians try not to touch shoes with their right hands: the traditionally right hand is to eat food.

Women, try not to smoke in India where others can see you. If you wonder what are women forbidden to do, smoking is taboo, especially for women in India. Try not to smoke outside. Otherwise, you are at risk of being accused of immorality. At the same time, no matter how hot it is, it is not allowed to wear revealing clothes.

Prohibition in Japan

Bar in Japan

To give a tip in Japan is strictly prohibited. Here, the "tips" are perceived as an insult and unethical action. Waiters' services are already included in the bill. If you leave tips for a waiter in a restaurant or to a taxi, in the best case, they will not understand why you do this, in the worst case they will be offended and ask you to take the money back immediately.

Do not try to use the power source in Japan wherever you see it. The vast majority of power sockets are not designed for customers. Utilizing these power sockets is understood as simply shameless and openly stealing electricity from the owner of the place. So, better ask first, and if you are allowed, then use.

Prohibition in France

Closed sign

Kissing at train stations in France is prohibited. Paris is traditionally considered the city of love, and France the most romantic country. Who would have thought that in this case, it is forbidden to kiss at the train station? At first glance, a bizarre law was adopted 110 years ago in 1910. The main reason for the passage of this law was the fact that the couples often delayed trains because of kissing, as before, operators were empathetic and waited for passengers to kiss. Although it is officially applied today, no one will ever tell you or punish you if you kiss in the middle of the platform. But remember, no trains will be waiting for you, as before.

Do not start a conversation with the French in English. If you are planning a travel to France, it is better to learn at least a few sentences in French. We won't be wrong saying that locals don't like English-speaking tourists.

Do not look for a 24/7 shop. Such a store in France is an extraordinary case. Many shops here even have a lunch break from 12:00 to 14:00. Most shops are closed on Sundays and holidays. In general, it is worth to forget shopping in France on Sunday, as all the shops are closed. Exceptions are souvenir shops only in major cities.

Prohibition in United Kingdom


Remember, if you cut in line, the Englishmen will not forgive you! Plus, they have a unique approach to the concept of "queue". For a British, breaking the queue rules is a real insult and forbidden thing to do. Therefore, never cut in line in the UK. Be careful not to do so even by accident. Also, if you are in a hurry, do not ask the Englishmen to cut in line. Try to be extremely fair in the queue! For example, if a new cash register is opened at a store, it is not good to cut in line and go there.

Do not ask a salary from anyone. In England, the question of wages is not so absurd, but it is simply not asked.

Think carefully before you want to drive a car in the UK. Unless you are from Australia, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, and India, you have no experience of left driving. Left driving is not difficult, but if you have not done it before, don't try to learn in the middle of the road. City drivers are very impatient. It can be very dangerous for you in almost all the major cities of the country.

Prohibition in USA


Don't forget to give "tips" in the US. Unlike Japan, giving a "tip" in the United States is not unethical action but is a culture. The amount of tip is always different but generally accounts for 18% of the cost of the service. However, this percentage is steadily increasing. Anyone who does not give a "tip" is considered rude, and rudeness is a sin for Americans.

Don't joke about terrorism. Terrorism is never a joke in America as it is a sensitive issue. If you try to joke about it, you could face serious charges and even be expelled from the United States. It is also advisable to avoid jokes about American religion and patriotism.

Prohibition in Germany

Nazi regime toy

Don't be late. Try never to be late anywhere, since the Germans attach great importance to punctuality, and being late can be considered an insult.

Don't talk to anyone while your hands in the pocket. It is one of the bans in Germany, as it is considered rude. Instead of putting your hands on your knees behind the table, it is customary to place them on the table.

Try not to talk about the Nazi regime. Germans are very sensitive to talks about Hitler and Nazism. Therefore, avoid commenting and discussing this issue, especially with strangers.

Do not congratulate the birthday in advance. Germans do not like to receive birthday congratulations in advance or late, it is one of the bans in Germany. Perhaps this is due to punctuality, which is already a national feature.

Prohibition in Singapore

archritecture singapore city

You can't chew gum in Singapore. Chewing gum in public places is prohibited in Singapore. And don't think it's a minor violation: you can get a huge fine. Only certain types of chewing gum can be used for medical reasons. Why chewing gum is prohibited in Singapore? The main reason for Singapore bans on chewing gum is the environmental pollution of excessive use of chewing gum by tourists and locals. At the same time, eating in public places is also not welcomed in Singapore.

Do not walk in the streets at night. The night starts at 22:00 in Singapore. If you decide to have a walk at night in Singapore with your friends, then make sure you are only two people and return to the hotel as soon as you can. Otherwise, you might face the risk of being taken to a police station to confirm your identity or to get fined. The gathering of more than two people after 22:00 is officially prohibited in Singapore.

Do not give a tip. In Singapore, all types of services work without a tip. Even if a meal at a cafe or restaurant is delicious, do not try to thank them with extra money. For taxi drivers and airport employees, the tip is generally banned (although some hotels and cafes sometimes include 10% of the service to the bill). According to one version, since the tip has begun to be perceived as a bribe in the service sector, this rule has been seen as an effective way to fight against corruption. Another reason is that the standard of living in Singapore is very high and there is no culture of giving a tip in the country due to the high wages.

Prohibition in China


If you do not want to offend the host, leave some food on the plate. One of the strange bans in countries, if you are a guest in any home in China, keep in mind that there is a tradition of keeping a small amount of food on the plate. However, you do not need to keep a lot of food in the dish, as the host may think that you do not appreciate the taste of the meal.

Do not talk about the local government. Any criticism or commentary on local authorities could lead to the deportation from China. The Chinese authorities, unlike most European powers, are not tolerant of any criticism, even if it is only a joke.

Do not bring expensive cigarette lighter from China. They will take it from you on your return. No matter where you fly from China, a cigarette lighter or any other means for open flame cannot be carried on board. It is prohibited to take the prohibited items in China - cigarette lighters either in hand luggage or luggage. In many cases, this is also true for transit flights.

Do not gift a watch or an umbrella in China. Chinese love to give and receive gifts. However, there are some gifts that you can't give them to a Chinese. One of the most disliked gifts is the umbrella, as the word "umbrella" in Chinese is synonymous with "separation." Another gift that is not loved is the watch. It applies to both wristwatches and wall clocks. In Chinese, the phrase "give a clock" sounds the same as "going to the funeral," so it is believed that such a gift brings a failure.

Prohibition in Thailand

buddhist monk

Do not point out to people and objects in Thailand. They don't like to point to anything with their feet, including pointing out to people or things with their fingers. They can even react very harshly.

Do not touch the head of a Thai. Touching the head of a Thai, even if it is a child, is strictly forbidden. Even if you accidentally touch it, you must apologize. Thai people consider that the head is an essential part of the body, and you can't touch it. Do not even try to hug Thai as a sign of gratitude or sympathy; verbal appreciation is enough. What are women forbidden to do? While speaking of touching, women are forbidden to touch Buddhist monks in Thailand. Generally, monks should be treated with respect. It is disrespectful to cross legs while sitting next to them, no matter on chair or floor.

Prohibition in Mexico

mexican guy

Do not protest when you are told, "my flower." Remember, you can't change Mexicans. Regardless of your age, beautiful or ugly, whether you are a woman or a man, you will often hear "my flower," my heart," my love," or various other appeals to your address. You will come across many people who will appeal to you in this way anytime and anywhere, including shop, restaurant, street, and even museums. Welcome it, and do not get angry.

Do not be annoyed that strangers will embrace you at the first meeting. Dating by accident and hugging right away? Yes, unlike Thailand, this is common in Mexico. It would be great if you forget the concept of a private space. In Mexico, everyone behaves as a close friend.

We have looked at different bans in other countries, as you are aware of them, never do these things in other countries.

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