Most interesting facts about British Virgin Islands

Most interesting facts about British Virgin Islands

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Most interesting facts about British Virgin Islands
British Virgin Islands and list some interesting facts about the British Virgin Islands. After reading this article, you will get to know what is something special about the British Virgin Islands. In the beginning, we will give you information about where the British Virgin Islands are located. You will have a clear vision about what to do in the British Virgin Islands, about flights to the British Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands flag, and so on.  So, where are the British Virgin Islands located? The British Virgin Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean in the Virgin Islands archipelago. The island of Tortola is considered to be the centre of yachting. Road Town in Tortola may not have much of the splendour that defines the capitals of other Caribbean countries, but it dazzles in other ways. Picturesque bays embraced by white sandy beaches. Apple Bay Beach, creates perfect waves for surfing and colourful houses dot the undulating landscape. The city and its island of Tortola, a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of other Caribbean islands, make exploring their true getaway. If you know the British Virgin Islands, we would like to give you information about the most interesting facts about British Virgin Islands. The first interesting fact is about us: After researching British Virgin Islands, we understood that to the question: "What is something special about the British Virgin Islands" we would answer: "Everything". Just read this blog till the end, and you will understand why. 

1. It is the best Offshore Zone

sailing Because the British Virgin Islands is an offshore zone with convenient taxation, more than 700 thousand companies are officially registered here. It is 25 times more than the British Virgin Islands population.

2. You will not be bored in the British Virgin Islands

bvi beach There are a lot of things to do in the British Virgin Islands!!! The British Virgin Islands (BVI) offers its guests a wide variety of vacation accommodations, from luxury resorts and private islands to villas. The Pearls of the BV is a range of unique, small, cosy retreats.  Both you and your customers will enjoy a calm and safe holiday, a warm welcome from the BVI residents, stunning views of wide bays, clear turquoise waters, the natural beauty of mountains, botanical gardens, and fifteen National Parks, as well as world-famous attractions such as the unique granite rock structure Baths ("Baths") on Virgin Gorda Island. The British Virgin Islands are rightfully considered the world capital of sailing. Calm, clear waters, gentle trade winds blowing all year round. Islands' proximity will give endless pleasure to yachting enthusiasts. Whether your clients are looking for a day sailing, bareboat charter, or a luxury yacht managed by an experienced crew, professional charter companies will fulfil their every desire. white yatch Scuba diving (diving) and snorkelling are very popular here. Lovers of these sports are drawn to deserted beaches, pristine coral reefs, and shipwrecks such as the famous British packet boat RMS. Rhone, which was shipwrecked in 1867. A wide range of speciality shops, many of which are located directly on the premises of hotels and villas, offer a wide range of diving services and equipment. In addition, the islands offer excellent opportunities for sport fishing, surfing, and parasailing. We think it is the most exciting fact about British Virgin Islands of all. Nearly all of these activities can be arranged for you by hotel and hotel staff. Just try all things to do in British Virgin Islands and create the most wonderful opportunities! Try the most inspiring and motivating things to do in British Virgin Islands! Download the British Virgin Islands map to see which places you can also find there to travel. We know how hard it can be to choose the best things to do in British Virgin Islands.

3. BVI is the best place to spend a honeymoon

honeymoon With their deserted beaches and secluded coves, the islands are the embodiment of romance and just the perfect place for a romantic date or a sentimental walk in the rays of the setting sun. Many hotels and villas offer special wedding tours. Newlyweds can also indulge in a yacht charter with an experienced crew and enjoy the unforgettable charm of the open sea. Weddings can also be arranged with ease in the British Virgin Islands. Most British Virgin Islands hotels and villas assist in their implementation and obtaining a marriage license. In addition, there are dedicated wedding planners on the islands. They will help you choose that special place that suits you and think over everything to the smallest detail and finishing touches that will make your wedding day unforgettable.

4. British Virgin Islands flag is very interesting

flag of british virgin islands British Virgin Islands flag is a blue flag with the British flag and the coat of arms of the British Virgin Islands with St. Ursula and 11 burning lamps. The civilian flag is the red flag bearing the coat of arms of the British Virgin Island, and it was mainly on the sides of the ships. The Governor of the British Virgin Islands has a separate flag. It is a British flag with the coat of arms of the British Virgin Islands. This design is similar to the flags of other British Overseas Territories governing bodies.

5. Travelling to the British Virgin Islands, you will most probably see the USA

airplane There are no direct flights to British Virgin Islands from Europe or Asia to the local international airport Terrance B. Lettsome. You can get to the British Virgin Islands with a transfer in the USA, the Dominican Republic, and several neighbouring Caribbean islands. You can consider it one of the unique things about British Virgin Islands and see countries where you will stop. We advise you to look closer to the direction of flights to British Virgin Islands. Maybe you will find a more comfortable one for you. 

6. The weather is mostly warm

golden sunset Climate is tropical marine, trade wind, warm, and very even. The average monthly temperature throughout the year varies slightly - from + 22-24 C in winter to + 28-29 C in summer. Daily temperature changes are also poorly traced. The most favourable time for a trip to the islands is from mid-December to the end of April. However, this period is the peak of the tourist season, so prices are much higher than average. For example, from May to August, when the weather conditions are also excellent for sea holidays.

7. About British Virgin Islands population

girls The population is about 23 thousand people. About 83% of the population are descendants of immigrants from the African continent, and the rest are mulattoes, Creoles, and representatives of other ethnic groups of the planet. About 80% of the population lives on the island of Tortola, 16 more islands in one form or another are permanently inhabited, the rest are uninhabited. The dominant religion is Christianity (Protestants - 36%, Methodists - 33%, Anglicans - 17%, Catholics - 10%, etc.), representatives of other world confessions also live on the islands.

8. Is it safe to travel to British Virgin Islands?

police car One of the interesting facts about British Virgin Islands is that it is very safe. The country is distinguished by economic stability, and the standard of living is one of the highest among the Caribbean countries. The offshore and banking sectors of the economy provide a fairly steady flow of funds to the island treasury, so unemployment and social inequality are very low here. Smoking is prohibited in many establishments and public places in large settlements, following the example of the metropolis. Although it is safe, we advise you to buy a British Virgin Islands map if you are not so good at finding locations. 

9. You will enjoy a Caribbean style

colorful house One of the unique things about British Virgin Islands is its style. Most of the buildings in the British Virgin Islands are built in the traditional Caribbean style. Villas are usually built from concrete. They are characterized by wide verandas, high ceilings, and bright colors. Pergolas, rich vegetation on the site, use of local stone, and various types of wood help soften the hard lines of concrete structures. In the most exclusive homes, the landscape features of the site are emphasized. "If the house has a panoramic pool overlooking the Caribbean Sea, then all possible disadvantages are immediately forgotten," assures Dietmar Lichota of Tortola Lichota, sales agent for BVI Sotheby's International Realty. Read more about the British Virgin Islands, and you will find more facts about British Virgin Islands. Soon you will also realize that you are not thinking too much to answer the question: "What is something special about the British Virgin Islands". They are a lot of unique things about British Virgin Islands. You can already get a British Virgin Islands map to know more about these charming Islands. Have a wonderful time and try the best things to do in British Virgin Islands!

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