Perfect travel outfit ideas for frequent travelers

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Perfect travel outfit ideas for frequent travelers

Fashion and travel are inextricably linked: nearly half of global travellers (48%) agree that it's important to look attractive while travelling. They pay a lot of attention to the choice of both casual and holiday clothing for travel because it has a significant impact on our experience. conducted a study among 21,500 respondents from 29 countries that showed how fashion affects travel and confidence, as well as our style during the trip and when we return home.

When we travel, we forget our everyday worries and immerse ourselves in a new atmosphere, especially if we have organized every single detail before the trip, in particular the most important visa issue.

It is not surprising that 38% of respondents worldwide feel more confident while travelling than at home, and make beautiful things with them so that at any moment to make bright pictures on the balcony of stylish apartments or in front of the panoramic pool in front of the rented villa.

The outfit ideas for travel we choose for the trip plays a significant role in this: four out of ten respondents admitted that the clothes they take with them on vacation help them be more confident (39%). If travellers take items they consider comfortable rather than fashionable, and they will feel uncomfortable on the trip (24%).


The start of a trip is usually preceded by preparation: we look for information, plan the trip, and pack our bags. Nearly half of global visitors agree that one of the main goals is to look attractive while on vacation (48%) and to have clothes with which to take colourful photos for social media (43%). Moreover, one in five travellers (19%) cares so much about how they look during their trip that they are willing to spend money on new outfit ideas for travel, saving money on excursions and other ways to spend their leisure time.

When choosing a vacation closet, travellers draw inspiration from friends (69%), family members (60%), television shows (44%) and trendsetters (37%).

Interestingly, nearly a third of respondents (30%) want to look better on vacation than the people they're travelling with, and that has a significant impact on their closet choices.

When it comes to style, travellers are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and try on clothing that reflects their latent personality traits. More than a third of global respondents (35%) say they look brighter while on vacation than they do at home, and 25% choose bolder outfits. Only 9% of respondents admitted to dressing more discreetly while on vacation.

Summer travel outfit ideas

packed suitcases

The beloved, long-awaited summer is the season of vacations and exciting travels where we want to experiment and look good. We have prepared four different summer travel outfit ideas to fit any taste!

Versatile and stylish women's travel outfit ideas

jeans stacked

So, imagine that you are already rushing towards a well-deserved vacation, what do you see yourself wearing? Your favourite jeans combined with a youth T-shirt - a great option for the road. Complementing the image with comfortable sneakers, loafers or even sandals, you'll feel comfortable on the trip and look stylish at the same time. The main thing is that the jeans should not constrain the movement and not squeeze the body because you must sit in a bus/train/plane seat for hours. The right effect gives either a loose cut, such as in "boyfriends" or very stretchy fabric if you prefer a "skinny".

Choosing a T-shirt to give preference to natural, breathable fabrics, and preferably in non-marking colours.

Comfort comes first

green purse and bag

If you somehow don't have comfortable jeans in your closet, you can find a great alternative - a ready-made tracksuit. Who says it's not stylish? Fortunately, these days, sportswear is increasingly incorporated into fashion trends and into our daily lives, so sports style to help you out! This may be a combination of pants with a shirt, tights with a T-shirt or even a three-piece suit with a jacket or wide top worn over a T-shirt. This option is also perfect for outfit ideas for plane travel.

Cute travel outfit ideas: The Real Lady

woman in midi dress

If you just can't imagine your life without dresses and even on the road you do not want to change your style, a knitted midi dress (below the knee) will help. This can be a comfortable straight dress with short sleeves and minimal decorations or a half-fitting strapped dress with a seductive side or front slit on the legs - trendy slip-on or low-cut sandals for maximum comfort.

Sport chic

blonde shows peace sign

You want something feminine, but you prefer to wear dresses on holidays, we have an idea for this case as well. One of the cute travel outfit ideas can be called the "golden mean" between the second and third items. A comfortable pencil skirt and a bright youth t-shirt will look no less spectacular than a fashionable dress, and at the same time, are not inferior to suits with pants. This combination of femininity and sports details is kept at the top of fashion trends for more than one season, so it is worth trying it on yourself.

Winter travel outfit ideas

packing bag with camera

You need to be more conscious of travelling in the winter than in the summer. What is necessary, and what will lie the useless load? In what things you are sure to freeze, and which will be warm, despite its subtlety? Let's talk about that.

The first thing to look at is the weather. The choice of clothing depends on it. European winters have moderate temperatures: from +15 to -10 at the most. Minus temperatures are more common in Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. The rest of the countries remain at zero or plus. In the mountains, of course, it will be colder than in the city.

The temperatures above zero imply snowfalls and even rains. So, we recommend getting a waterproof jacket with a hood. The endurance of outerwear chooses up to -5 degrees, and if you wear a warm sweater underneath, so you will not freeze even during a long walk. A good choice is membrane jackets. They look thin, but they keep you warm well.

Fleece sweaters and sweatshirts will work here, as well as things with a small percentage of wool. A full wool sweater will be hot in Europe. It will also be good to wear thermal underwear. Only buy a quality one. Your tracksuit can also be used as pyjamas. The fact that in European cities in late fall, winter and early spring, heating barely work, and in some hostels, it may not be at all. So, when buying thermal underwear, take both tops and bottoms at once.

Cashmere clothes will also be nice as part of winter travel outfit ideas. They are comfortable, soft, warm, and do not take up much space in your bag. However, pay attention to winter sales, as it's possible to buy cashmere things for a reasonable price.

If your vacation involves hiking or trips to nature/parks, be sure to look for warm rustling pants. There are many models now in calm colours that don't look sporty. Jeans with pantyhose are not the best option here, after all.

Be sure to dress in several layers: thermal underwear or a T-shirt, then a fleece or cashmere sweater, and a jacket on top. This will allow you to adjust to any temperature, for example, in the airport or on the plane, and not to feel the discomfort of heat or cold. If you plan to walk all day, prepare insulated shoes made of natural materials that will not get wet. It should not have high heels or unstable soles. Natural leather outside and natural wool inside will not let your feet get cold during long walks or nature outings.

Airplane travel outfit ideas

passenger seat and reading

After passing all the inspections, there is the next test - the plane. What you can take with you in hand luggage is strictly regulated by the rules. Therefore, you should take care in advance not to forget anything. Remember, the plane is characterized by low humidity and temperature, so take this into account while choosing your outfit ideas for plane travel.

So that the flight, especially the long flight, left only pleasant impressions, it is worth taking care that the clothes were loose, did not constrain the movement, not pressing anywhere. The change in pressure on the plane increases the load on the veins so that the tight, close-fitting jeans will not be very comfortable. Because the narrow clothes can bloat the stomach, so the top should also be loose, it is recommended to choose a set that does not provide for wearing a belt. You can pay attention to pants (joggers) and skirts with a loose elastic band, complementing them with a tunic or a loose shirt. Deep neckline, short length, thin shoulder straps falling from the shoulders - all these details will not let you relax in the chair. Of course, they must be abandoned from your airplane travel outfit ideas and dressed more practical. Exclude active decorations and prints.

Business travel outfit ideas

young elegant business woman

If your employment needs you to travel for meetings, your dress should reflect your company's professional image as if it were a regular workday, and especially if you are travelling to exotic countries, it may also be useful to discover the traditions of the country you are going to visit if this is your case we recommend to check out our blog before the trip. Cross-country flights, on the other hand, place certain demands on your outfit that you probably don't consider on your regular commute in a car. Furthermore, as appealing as it may be to dress comfortably and change once you arrive, the reality of flight delays, missing connections, lost luggage — and little time for shopping — puts you in danger of generating a sloppy impression.

Any textiles that are readily wrinkled should be avoided as a business travel outfit idea.

For example, that immaculate linen suit may seem perfect when you initially put it on, but after several hours of sitting, wearing a seatbelt, and bending your arms, you'll look as if you've slept in it. Travel knits, silk, wool, fleece, cotton blends, and microfiber preserve their shape while still being quite comfortable. Choose lightweight textiles that wick moisture away from your skin and dry fast if you're travelling in hot weather.

Conservative colours are always ideal for business travel clothes. Black, navy, grey, and beige are all gender-neutral colours that can be worn with white or soft pastel tops and shirts. Patterned skirts or dark slacks, paired with a fitted jacket, are great protection against tray-table spillage for women's travel outfit ideas.

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