Philippines business visa guidelines, requirements & fees

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Philippines business visa guidelines, requirements & fees

The Philippines has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. They have numerous business opportunities and allow foreigners to set up shop there. However, like every other country, there are rules to be followed.

Types of Philippines visas

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There are various types of visas that the foreign ministry provides. They range from student visas to religious visas. However, most are restrictive and have single visit purposes.

The most important of all the visas that any visitor can ask for is the Temporary Visitor's Visa 9 (a). This visa is applicable for all visitors who wish to visit the Philippines either for business, pleasure, or a visit. This is a temporary visa and shall not be transferred to any other visa. This is applicable to individuals from any nation. We will call this visa a Philippines business visa during our blog.

Let us look at the business visa Philippines requirements and how to get a visa in the Philippines?

The Philippines business visa processing time

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The Philippines business visa processing time is anywhere between 2 to 15 calendar days. It is therefore advisable to apply for the business visa much in advance to overcome any last-minute challenges. The Philippines business processing time also depends on your situation and the business visa Philippines requirements. Business visas, which have a different set of requirements, may take longer than the standard one.

The Philippines business visa fees


It may vary depending on your nationality, but in most cases, the Philippines business visa fees are:

Single entry valid for three (3) months: US$30.00

Multiple entry valid for (6) months US$60.00

Multiple entry valid for twelve (12) months $90.00

All you need to know about the Philippines business visa

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This is by far the most prolific of visas that are usually given out to visitors. This is a non-immigrant visa given to anyone who visits the country either for vacation, business, or medical reasons.

Those who are on the restricted list will have to obtain an entry visa before entering the Philippines, whilst those on the unrestricted list do not require one. The most preferred stay period for them is 30 days, but one can even stay for as little as seven days and as long as 59 days. However, this depends on the country of origin. The initial stay can be extended to up to 16 months.

Here is a list that shows the applicable extension and corresponding fees. The amount is in PHP.

29-day Tourist Extension - 3,030.00

30 days right after 59-day stay (A) - 8,400.00

60 days right after 59-day stay (A) - 9,700.00

1-Month Extension after 2-month Ext (A) - 5,930.00

2-Month Extension after 2-month Ext (A) - 7,230.00

1-Month Extension after 6 months of stay - 7,340.00

2-Month Extension after 6 months of stay - 8,640.00

6-month Extension - 17,400.00

Documents required for Philippines business visa

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The Philippines is a tourist-friendly country with its vast range of natural beauties and modern cities. However, to get a visitor visa, some requirements need to be fulfilled. Also, not just tourist visas but business visas too.

  • The visa application has to fill properly.
  • The original passport, having validity of at least the next 6 months after leaving the Philippines.
  • A passport size photograph is required.
  • The travel itinerary. Embassies are extremely particular about the travel plans of visitors. They would need to know the entire itinerary beforehand, after which the visa is accepted or rejected. Most of the Philippines is open for visiting. There might be last-minute changes that the ticket holder needs to be aware of.
  • Flight reservation. This is an important document since they would not want a stranded visitor struggling to go back home.
  • Proof of financial capacity. You have to give documents which show you are financially good enough to provide your needs during the whole trip.
  • Proof of accommodation. The hotel accommodation has to match the travel itinerary. The embassy is particular about the hotel accommodations, and the check is primarily to track foreigners.
  • Proof of professional status.

Other than these, the embassy would also be asking for the following extra documents.

Those who travel to the Philippines, particularly for business purposes, have to submit the following documents:

- Bank statement for the past six months reflecting all the transactions. The bank seal and sign of a bank officer on each page.

- For those who are self-employed, the individual has to submit the partnership deed or the company registration form.

- For the ones who are employed, then the original leave sanction form duly signed and stamped by competent authority has to be presented. This will also be considered as proof of employment.

Furthermore, there are a few more documentation and formalities which have to be completed before one is eligible for a Philippines business visa.

- Invitation letter from the relevant company based in the host country

- A sponsorship letter from the company which is based in the Philippines and duly attested by the Department of Trade and Industry or the Security Exchange Commission

- Proof of financial standing and the relevant expertise in the said domain

The relevant visa fee would be charged thereafter.

How to get a visa in Philippines?

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One of the pertinent questions that have always been asked is how to get a visa in Philippines. It is quite a simple process, though. One can acquire a visa from the embassy or consulate. The process is straightforward whereby, after the acceptance of the application, an interview will be held at the consulate or the embassy, whereby all the information provided would be matched. Once all the requirements are fulfilled to the satisfaction of the officer, approval will be stamped on the passport. It is important to remember that the Philippines business visa processing time is not much different from the standard visa processing time. However, to avoid a rush, it is advisable to apply for the visa in advance. 

What is the Philippines business visa application form?

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The Philippines business visa application form is the document that has to be filled in English correctly. All the relevant spaces have to be filled, and any misses may result in the rejection of the application. In that case, a visa will not be issued.

What about the Philippines business visa duration?

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The maximum authorized stay period granted by the Philippine Consulate to all temporary visitor visa applicants is fifty-nine days. If the applicant will stay in the Philippines for more than 59 days, he/she must submit an application for an extension of stay to the Manila Immigration Department or the immigration office closest to the applicant's temporary residence.

One of the main reasons why visa applications are rejected is the non-submission of relevant documents required for Philippines business visa. The embassy which you will go for provides a list of all the important documents required for Philippines business visa. These have to be arranged neatly and submitted along with filling up the Philippines business visa application form.


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Philippines Temporary Visa 9 (a) is an important document for vacationers, businessmen, and visitors alike. It provides them with the unique flexibility of participating in multiple activities with a single visa.

Good luck with your business purpose travel to the Philippines!

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