Post-Pandemic Travel: How? Where? When?

Baba Aghayev27 June 20202132 views6 min. read
Post-Pandemic Travel: How? Where? When?

It is hard to believe that in most countries, people, addicted travelers cannot travel anywhere during this period. Of course, some of them stuck in other countries, but I am sure they do not enjoy traveling in the current circumstances.

The good news, the situation changes. I cannot inform you that we – humanity win this battle, but we start to live with it in harmony. None of the economies in the world could resist in lockdown for 1-year or longer period. So, we should get used to it and travel. Travel? How? Where? When?

When to travel if airlines do not operate? There are some Global Giants back to the skies! 

1. Turkish Airlines

Based on the updated Flight Plan of Turkish Airlines, they return to the sky with hundreds of flights to more than 120 destinations!

2. Emirates Airlines

Based on Media Updates of Emirates, their flight network spans 48 cities in July covering the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas.

3. Etihad Airways

Based on the official information of airlines, they plan to operate flights to 29 worldwide destinations until 15 July. They work closely with the UAE Government and Global Aviation Authorities to increase the network later.

4. Singapore Airlines

The company plans to operate in 15 countries including the United States, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and China in July 2020 based on the official information.

5. KLM

The Dutch company included around 100 flights per day starting July 2020. The flight includes cities in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and other regions. For the list of flights every day, please click the official link here.

Where to travel in the post-pandemic period?

I am also traveling a lot. As soon as the borders are open, I will throw myself away from my hometown. We could define the safest countries to go in the post-pandemic period by checking the list of Reported Cases and Deaths by Country, Territory, or Conveyance. Which countries have the lowest number of cases? Most of them are beautiful islands in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. I have selected Top 10 countries with zero active cases based on the information for the date of 27 June 2020. Here is my Top List to visit if airlines, visa policies, and country borders will allow us:

10. Faroe Islands

Are there still any hidden gems in Europe? Of course! And the Faroe Islands is, for sure, one of them!

9. Fiji

Did you hear about the drink called “Kava”? What about Bounty Island? Robinson Crusoe? No? I am sure, you watched Tom Hanks’s Cast Away! Yes, this is my Fiji!

8. Falkland Islands

At the end of the world, close to Antarctica, you might find an island full of penguins. This is the image of peace!

7. Sint Maarten

You saw lots of photos with an airplane flying remarkably close to the beach and everyone takes photos of it. Yes, it is in Sint Maarten and worth visiting for cool Instagram photos!

6. Seychelles

If you search “Paradise” in Google Images, one of the Top 5 results will be from these beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean!

5. Gibraltar

Lots of English-speaking people in the Iberian Peninsula? Is it possible? Yeap! They call themselves Gibraltarians and their origins come mainly from England, Spain, Morocco, and Portugal. The area was a part of the United Kingdom since 1713, Treat of Utrecht. The country is resting on a huge rock called the Rock of Gibraltar. You need a UK Visa in your passport to visit the country.

4. Brunei

I would say, it is one of the extraordinary countries to be around the world. The nation is one of the richest ones in the world based on Forbes. It has been Great Britain’s dominion for long years. It was even occupied and managed by Japan during the World War II period and after. It has a Malay culture with an Islamic impact. The country is worth visiting!

3. Aruba

Would you like to swim with Flamingos on the same beach? Yes, you heard me right! There is a special beach in Aruba called Flamingo Beach and you, your kids could swim together with these beautiful creatures on the same beach!

2. Greenland

Do you like the cold? Even in summer? Lots of icebergs, icy beaches? You know where to go then! Greenland!

1. French Polynesia

Bora Bora, Tahiti, and full of Paradise. Several islands in the Pacific Ocean will ensure that you do not want to go back to your hometown after seeing them.

How to travel if we have an extremely high risk of catching this flu?

Let’s face it. Either you are sitting at home or traveling in any country, you have this risk. No one is insured that you will live in your hometown and never get it. Everything starts with responsible actions toward protecting yourself and the people around you. How? The main rules are shared almost every day in news based on the World Health Organization.

Rule No 1

Keeping Social Distance for at least 1-2 meters in public places.

Rule No 2

Carrying a facemask everywhere is the Number 2 principle. It does not mean that you should wear it all day. If you are in the open air and you do not have any contact with anyone, you can swipe down the mask. However, you should pull it back to your face when you are in any closed places, room, home, restaurant or anywhere else with lots of people and if you in contact with someone to talk, to ask, to communicate something.

Rule No 3

Carrying a small pack of disinfectant (sanitizer). Based on the information provided by the World Health Organization, alcohol-based disinfectants (ethanol, propane-2-ol, propane-1-ol) had the best effect on viruses like SARS-CoV-2. Chlorine-based disinfectants (sodium hypochlorite) are effective for the surface as well.

If you enjoyed the article you might share it with interested people about the status of traveling in July. 

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