Top 15 Pubs with best drinks in San Jose

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Top 15 Pubs with best drinks in San Jose
capital of Silicon Valley. A city of contrasts that combines the traditions of generations with modern technology. People live here with ideas, plans, and innovations. The city's high rhythm drags everyone who gets into it. It is not surprising that the favorite meeting place for locals and the USA is a pub. A soulful place where you can chat with like-minded people for a pint of the best beer, ale, or cider. San Jose has a lot of decent places to be because the atmosphere of the city itself is conducive to communication. We've put together a list of the top 15 tried and tested best pubs where you'll be offered the best drinks and quality service, where you want to come back again and again. The main criteria for our selection:    - ratings    - feedback form - beer and bar list diversity - service quality - prices   - interior    

1. Original Gravity

original gravity Address: 66 S 1st St, San Jose, California, USA  IG: @originalgravitypublichouse  Original Gravity is one of the best pubs in San Jose. Located in the heart of San Jose, near the Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph. Kraft beer lovers will particularly enjoy this place. There is an unusually calm atmosphere for complete relaxation after a hard day's work. Be sure to try an aged draught beer or a stout one. A pleasant bonus will be a delicious and varied meal from grilled sausages to a vegetarian hot dog. They serve large portions at an attractive price. The staff is knowledgeable, identifying preferences, making it easier to choose. Restrained interior, high service, and reasonable prices make this institution the best in town.

2. Hapa's Brewing Company

hapas brewing company Address: 460 Lincoln Ave Ste 90, San Jose, California, USA, 95126.  IG: @hapasbrewing Hapa's Brewing Company is the second place to visit in San Jose. A large variety of freshly brewed beer comes directly from their brewery. The atmosphere is surprisingly relaxing, even though there are always visitors. The brewery is famous for its variety of paella - fruity, berry, and others. Try IPA Brut (dry spring ale), Imperial Stout, Viennese beer or aged bourbon, a wide variety of barrel beers. You can choose from even the most particular ones. The assortment is regularly updated from snacks - fast food, tasty tacos, real pizza, noodles. There is a veranda in the room, you can watch sports broadcasts. Service at the institution at a high level, the staff knows their work, and prices are affordable. 

3. Uproar Brewing Company

uproar brewing company Address: 439 S 1st St, San Jose, California, USA  IG: @uproarbrewingcompany  A brewery with a tangible scale. Inside there is a brutal unusual interior, lots of places outdoors. Worth a visit to try their unique beers, freshly brewed, aged ale, delicious stout, strawberry ale. There are also light drinks for friends who "do not drink." Volumes of the facility allow feeling free both alone and in the company. Also, tasty food is served here, and live music and board games complete the evening.

4. Hermitage Brewery

hermitage brewery Address: 1627 S 7th St, San Jose, California, USA, 95112-5932.  IG: @hermitagebrewingsj  The brewery opened in 2009 and immediately earned the trust of its visitors. Today it is a trendy establishment. Despite its heavy workload, there is always enough room. You can comfortably sit both indoors and on the open veranda. Here they serve delicious fruit and berry beer, unusual lager, stout. From the food, try some tasty tacos. They're to everyone's liking. The service is top-notch, the staff is familiar with all the products. A large selection of board games will help you spend a pleasant evening with the company. Prices are reasonable, and the range is wide.

5. ISO Beers

iso beers Address: 75 E Santa Clara St #120, San Jose, California, USA  IG: @wesleytokio  Another of the locals' favorite breweries. Located next to the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. The brewery is famous for its unique and rare brews of light, homemade beers. Also available are Belgian beers, cider, pale and dark ale, wine. The choice is awe-inspiring. If you get confused, the staff will be happy to advise you. You can have a delicious dinner on the open veranda. Adequate prices, service at the level, friendly atmosphere.

6. Clandestine Brewing

clandestine brewing Address: 980 S 1st St Ste b, San Jose, California, USA  IG: @v1  It's the right place for sports fans and companies. Plasma TVs for sports broadcasts, dim lights, and a relaxed atmosphere hang everywhere. Accordingly, the choice of drinks is stricter. The stout, lager, is delicious here, but there is also fruit beer. On draught, you can choose a drink for every taste. The right place with quality acoustics there is a summer veranda. From time to time, there are theme nights. The food is varied and delicious, and the prices are moderate.

7. Strike Brewing

strike brewing Address: 2099 S 10th St Ste 30, San Jose, California, USA, 95112.  IG: @strikebrewingco  This place is different from all the others with its impressive interior. From drinks, be sure to try Irish red ale, dark Kraft Stout. There is also Czech beer, a large selection of paella, there is an exclusive "Girl Beer." The assortment is regularly updated so that you can get on "sale." However, the prices here do not bite. You can't eat like in a restaurant, but you can order snacks of your choice. Pets and children are welcome here, and there is a lot of entertainment for everyone.

8. Camino Brewing Co

camino brewing co Address: 718 S 1st St, San Jose, California, USA  IG: @caminobrewingcompany  It's a small brewery that deserves the recognition of the people of San Jose. Close by is the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art. Here, food choice is much broader - taco, quesadilla, meat steak, burrito, Asado - Mexican dishes, and more. They are served refreshing ale "Agua Fresca Gose," pale Rider, lager for the most demanding or exclusive milk-stuff coffee "Cafe Con Leche." Also, a large selection of draught beer with frequent refreshments. Friendly atmosphere, attractive prices, employees will always come to the rescue.

9. Ludwig's German Table

ludwigs german table Address: 261 N 2nd St, San Jose, California, USA  IG: @ludwigssj  The pub attracts visitors with a variety of real German dishes, traditional pastries, and drinks. Try schnitzel, grilled sausages, key chains, or apple strudel. Drinks include aged ale, barrel beer, Prosecco, and cider for every taste. High-quality food, friendly staff, cozy atmosphere for good money will make your evening special.

10. Excellent Karma Artisan Ales & Cafe

pub in san jose Address: 37 S 1st St, San Jose, California, USA  IG: @goodkarmasj  Another popular place to visit in San Jose, the capital of Silicon Valley. Its peculiarity is that there are a lot of vegetarian dishes that will not leave anyone indifferent. From drinks delicious Kraft beer, cherry ale, stout, cider, the choice is impressive. Creative serving, friendly atmosphere, and attractive prices make this institution attractive to visitors.

11. O'Flaherty's

oflahertys Address: 25 N San Pedro St, San Jose, California, USA  IG: @oflatspub  If you're near Luis Maria Peralta Adobe, check out a real Irish pub in San Jose. This place is one of the best Irish pubs in California. Craft beer, cider, refreshing fruit cocktails, and, of course, traditional Irish beer are available in a wide range: showerful atmosphere, service at the level, always friendly staff, and fast serving. Irish, European, and Hungry cuisine will not stay hungry.  

12. Market Beer Company

beer Address: 100 N Almaden Ave #72, San Jose, California, USA  IG: @marketbeerco  The convenient location of the pub in San Jose center attracts many visitors. The casual atmosphere of this place promotes relaxation. Choice of large foam, mainly bottled beer, several varieties of bottling. There are always new products; the announcement can be tracked on the site or on social networks. Employees are well oriented in the range, select the best drinks according to each's personal preferences, and quickly serve. Food is brought from neighboring establishments, and the choice is almost unlimited. The atmosphere is very friendly, disposed to rest.  

13. Teske's Germania

teskes germania Address: 255 N 1st St, San Jose, California, USA  Site:  Teske's Germania that you want to come to over and over again. Especially since it is located near Saint James Park. What could be better than a delicious dinner after a great walk? Just a dinner with traditional German food and beer for all tastes. Also, drinks include liqueur, wine, and freshly brewed coffee. The atmosphere of the institution is very cozy, even romantic. Service is at the highest level, and the staff is friendly, prices are affordable.

14. Blast & Brew

blast brew Address: 55 River Oaks Pl Ste 60, San Jose, California, USA  IG: @blastandbrewclovis  The next one of the best pubs in San Jose is Blast & Brew. This institution's concept offers visitors to try any kind of beer from their range without buying a whole glass. You can pour your beer. It is very convenient. You just need to get a beer card and go to the self-service area. That's why it's always full of people and quite noisy. If you are not interested in beer, you can order delicious cocktails. The menu offers dishes of Italian and American cuisine, pizza - one of the best in the city, and it is worth a try. Prices are pleasant, fast, and quality service, evenings with live music are held.

15. South Winchester BBQ

south winchester bbq Address: 1362 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose, California, USA  IG: @southwinchesterbq  As the name implies, this place serves grilled dishes. So barbecue lovers will love it. Steaks, ribs, hamburgers, sandwiches, and so on are all very delicious and fresh. A great addition to the barbecue will be new Kraft beer, barrel beer, various cocktails, wine. The staff always comes to the aid, appreciates each client, so the service is at its best. You can have a pleasant time on the terrace. The prices are not inflated; the atmosphere is very cozy and relaxed.   According to ratings and reviews of visitors, these places are considered the most popular in San Jose and are among the top 15 best pubs in the city. If you want to spend an exciting evening, try the best drinks while you are there. But firstly, apply for a US visa to get it all sorted out.

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