20 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

Kanan Isazade20 August 2021999 views9 min. read
20 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

Finding the right person to spend the whole life together is not a reachable dream for everyone. When we find true love, everything around us gains another meaning and beauty. Every minute, every second with this person makes us feel like the happiest person in the whole universe. The honeymoon has another meaning for couples. Being far away from everyone, just you and your beloved one, sound beautiful isn't it? There are plenty of charming locations for an unforgettable honeymoon, but today, we will talk about top 20 the best honeymoon destinations in Europe.

Florence, Italy


Our first stop in honeymoon destinations in Europe list is Florence, the city of art. Travelling the Florence will make you feel as you travelled back in time to Renaissance Italy. Walking down ancient streets, tasting delicious Italian foods, and enjoying Florence's famous sunset will create a mesmerizing ambience for you and your lover.

Mugla, Turkey


If you are looking for cheap honeymoon destinations in Europe, you should add Mugla to your list. It is a province in Turkey that is well-known for summer tourism. The best word to describe this province is the seaside heaven. The province has 13 districts, and 11 of them have a coast to the sea. Some of the best locations for couples are Bodrum, Marmaris, Akyaka, Datca, Koycegiz, and so on.

Paris, France

paris city

Probably, no one can imagine honeymoon destinations in Europe list without Paris, the city of lovers. It is one of the best destinations for honeymoon in December. Kissing your lover in front of the Eiffel Tower and taking a picture, your future children will love it. While walking on the coast of the Seine river, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Eiffel and sunset. Also, you can have a romantic dinner in one of the luxury restaurants in the city.

Mount Olympus, Cyprus

Olympus mount, cyprus

Now, let's travel to a small but attractive country, Cyprus. Honeymooners will fall in love with the charming beaches, historical sites, and impressive mountains of Cyprus. Discovering underwater life in Blue Lagoon, hiking to Mount Olympus, visiting ancient settlements and unique villages, all of these activities are waiting for you.

Corfu, Greece


If you want to run away from the hustle and bustle of crowded cities and spend unforgettable moments with your sweetheart, add Corfu to your list. Having a diner in front of the fascinating view of the sea while listening to the sound of the sea, isn't it beautiful? Also, plenty of top attractions are waiting for you Palaio Frourio (Old Fortress), the Corfu Museum of Asian Art, the Paleokastritsa Monastery, etc.

Bruges, Belgium

bruges canal

Regardless of your nationality and architectural taste, Bruges will mesmerize you at first sight. Especially, couples will admire the city. You can discover the town street by street or join boat trips to enjoy the view surrounding you. You will find many colorful, historical buildings. Do not forget to take a photo in front of Belfry.

Athens, Greece

acropolis parthenon

Another example of the best destinations for honeymoon in December is Athens, named after the goddess of wisdom and warfare. You will not be bored in Athens. You can go to discover ancient ruins, enjoy colorful and lively nightlife, taste delicious cuisine, visit Greece museums, and so on. Shortly, the oldest city in the world has many to offer for guests.

Ibiza, Spain


Ibiza is the island that is a worth-visiting year around. Also, it is one of the best destinations for honeymoon in September. Sandy beaches, crazy parties, luxury hotels, fascinating city views, and more are ready to make your honeymoon the best time of your life. Take the hand of your lover and discover all streets, enjoy endless waters of the sea and join boat tours.

Salzburg, Austria

view of salzburg

Salzburg is the city of love and music. Day and night have different meanings and beauty in Salzburg. Firstly, couples can discover all secrets and striking Mirabell Gardens or Hellbrunn Palace's gardens. When it becomes dark, beloveds can start their romantic walk by the Salzach River and have marvellous diner in one of the luxury restaurants.

Kalkan, Turkey

kalkan beach

It is the second place from Turkey in our list of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe. In the past, it was one of the areas that Lycian Civilization settled. Today, it is a desirable tourism destination for foreigners and local tourists. Kalkan attracts plenty of couples in September because it is well-known as one of the best destinations for honeymoon in September.

Prague, Czech Republic

view of prague

If you think that all honeymoon plans require a huge amount of money, then you have a mistake. Cheap honeymoon destinations in Europe aren't extinct. Sweethearts will easily find affordable hotels, restaurants, cafes in Prague. Plus, the historical background of the city will hypnotize you. The city witnessed floods, invasions, fires, but still, it keeps a gorgeous view.

Madeira, Portugal


The mountains landscape of Madeira makes it a favourite destination for adventure enthusiasts couples. Climbing Pico do Arieiro, hiking spectacular Levada paths, enjoying nature is the heart pumping adventure you desire. You can finish your breathtaking hiking journey at the lovely beaches of Madeira. Sitting here at night and watching marvellous waters together is something worth doing.

Tuscany, Italy


Not all couples prefer seaside honeymoon destinations in Europe. Some of them are looking for the countryside. If you think the same way, then you should visit Tuscany. Tuscany is well-known as a wine centre in Italy. So, tasting one of the best wines in the world where it originates is something you should do with your dear. You can visit the little town and taste various wines together.

Dubrovnik, Croatia


If you are looking for honeymoon destinations in Europe between September-October, then Dubrovnik (the Pearl of the Adriatic) is a dream destination for you. Especially, fans of the popular Tv series Game of Thrones will get a chance to visit some of the places that the series have been shoot. Travel to Dubrovnik to feel like a couple in the medieval era.

Barcelona, Spain

barcelona city

Each location in our luxury honeymoon destinations Europe list has its charms and uniqueness. Among all of them, Barcelona has a special beauty. Your honeymoon will be full of fun; tasting local Catalan and Spanish cuisine, getting caught up in the bustle of Las Ramblas, visiting various museums, art centres, doing shopping, walking in the streets, and so on. Also, couples who love live nightlife will not want to end their honeymoon and leave the city.

Baku, Azerbaijan


Home sweet home, my beautiful Baku is one of the less popular pearls of the world, not only Europe. Located at the seaside of the mighty Caspian Sea, Baku is where east meets west, old meets modern. While walking in the city, you will see the harmony of different ages. While tasting delicious Azerbaijani cuisine, you will notice that you have never tasted something beautiful like that before.

Venice, Italy

venice channel

It is impossible not to fall in love with Venice. Enchanting canals, romantic centuries-old architecture, and world-fame gondola rides make the city one of the luxury honeymoon destinations Europe. Some of the places that couples should see are Rialto Bridge, Teatro La Fenice, Campanile di San Marco, St. Mark's Square, Bridge of Sighs, etc. While touring the city, you will feel as in a romantic movie.

Vienna, Austria

vienna night

While some people love the sun and beaches, a group of people loves to visit historical and cultural locations during their honeymoon. If you are from the second group, then you will love Vienna. Vienna is rich with historical and cultural activities, and Schonbrunn Palace, the Museum of Fine Arts, and Tiergarten Schönbrunn are only some.

Sicily, Italy

rocky sea

I know that Italy dominated our list, but it is understandable because Italy equals love. As we said, not all couples are looking for the same type of honeymoon. But there is one location that all of them will desire to see, Sicily. Visiting Sicily doesn't only mean beaches. You can see the highest volcano globally, Mount Etna, Valley of the Temples (Unesco World Heritage Site), Selinunte (largest archaeological site of Europe), etc.

Cape Town, South Africa

cape town

Finally, I would like to mention one of my favourite honeymoon destinations. Yes, it is not from Europe, but accept it as a surprise. Cape Town is the city that will ruin all of your thoughts about Africa. Beaches, diving spots, and more that you do not expect to see in Africa. What are the best hotels in Cape Town for honeymoon? Some of the best hotels in Cape Town for honeymoon are POD Camps Bay, One&Only Cape Town, the Bay Hotel, etc.

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