16 reasons why you should travel to Argentina right now

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South America

always attracts me with its coastal life, warm weather, interesting traditions, music, and people. One of my wishes is to be there one day. Indeed, I would like to be in each of the countries on this continent. Undoubtedly, when I get the first chance, my primary travel destination will be Argentina. Why? I will try to define the reasons for my desire to travel to Argentina, and maybe, these reasons will motivate you to visit this southern American country. Before, let's observe this coastal place. For instance, "best time to travel to Argentina," "how to travel to Argentina," "is it safe to travel to Argentina," "time in Argentina," Argentina flag", "Argentina population", "Argentina language" might be interesting for you, if you are going to visit this country.

Argentina on the map

argentina on the map

Argentina, the world's eighth-largest country, is located in the southern part of South America. The territory of this country maintains enormous plains, deserts, tundra, and forests. At the same time, there are tall mountains, rivers, and, of course, thousands of miles of ocean shoreline. The largest city in the country, Buenos Aires, is the capital of Argentina. This city is multicultural; in other words, it is a home for distinctive ethnic and religious groups. And this fact is an indicator of the diversity of the Argentina population. People in this country are almost of European ancestry because of enormous immigration, especially from Spain and Italy. Also, Arabs, Amerindians, Mestizos are among Argentina's populations. As a result of various people in this area, it is spoken in several accents, and the native Argentina language is Spanish. Lunfardo is developed in Buenos Aires and contains words from many languages, such as Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German. This underworld Argentina language is often heard in the lyrics of tango music.

Argentina flag

flag of the argentinaThe Argentina flag

consists of three colours. They are two light blue and white colours. There are two versions of the flag: The Official Ceremonial Flag, which has the sun, the Ornamental Flag, without the sun. Both of them are considered the national Argentina flag. When you plan "how to travel to Argentina" you should consider that this country is huge, so an air trip is the most practical way to get around. 

What is the best time to travel to Argentina?


In general, we can say that it depends on where you go. For example, suppose you think of visiting Patagonia, Argentina. In that case, you should choose between December and March if your destination is Buenos Aires, the best time to travel to Argentina is July and August. Once I read in Latin America specialist's thought, it is said that October is an excellent time to visit this South American country because of Patagonia - Argentina's spring flowers, whales, and penguins. I think this information can help visitors who think, "when is the best time to travel to Argentina?". Another critical question for visitors who wants to travel to Argentina is "is it safe to travel to Argentina?". Generally, it can be said that this country is among the safest areas in South America. Of course, you can meet some trouble or dangerous situations such as burglary, especially in large cities like the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. However, you can avoid these conditions by being careful. For example, as in any other country, you can meet scams in Argentina. In this case, you should double-check your change, or keeping your money or other valuable possession in a hidden place can be a solution to burglary. Therefore, "is it safe to travel to Argentina?" can be answered that safety in this country demands your precaution. After a general discussion about this country, let's start to speak about the inspiring reasons for travel to Argentina.

1. Buenos Aires

buenos aires

Firstly, I would like to start with the capital of Argentina. Because only seeing Buenos Aires can be the main motivation to visit this country. Beautiful monuments, parks, world-class shopping will admire you. You would not be bored there. You can visit The Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires, which has one of the best collections of modern Latin American art in the world. You also can spend a day boating in Tigre. Visiting this city gives you to get a great chance to buy beautiful and inexpensive leather goods. Briefly, the list of advantages of the visit to Buenos Aires cannot end. I can say that if you are interested in the beauty of this city, you should live it yourself. 

2. Wonderful landscape


This coastal South American country's wonderful landscape can be the primary reason that pushes you to learn "how to travel to Argentina?' and travel. In the northern part of the country, you will see more barren, otherworldly settings. On the other hand, in the south, you will find glaciers and Patagonia's miraculous mountains. During a visit to this country, you can get the opportunity to climb the highest pick in South America. Aconcagua is the second-highest of the Seven Summits. Also, you can see El Chalten, which is known as a hiker's paradise. This is made up of the world-renowned Cerro Torre and Monte Fitz Roy mountains and glaciers and deep blue lakes. Valle de la Luna, in other words, the Valley of the Moon, is one of the most exciting fossil hunting locations on the planet. So, with the diversity of this landscape, you will not have to think about the best time to travel to Argentina.

3. Winter sports


If you are a winter sports lover, Ushuaia Winter Sports would be for you great motivation. Ushuaia is situated on the southern coast of Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego. This place maintains enormous chances to enjoy the rich history, culture, and natural beauty. Visitors interested in sports can play in Glacier El Martial and Cerro Castor areas' winter wonderlands and skiing, sledding. Also, you can observe local birds, penguins, seals, and orcas. 

4. Argentina cuisine


The kitchen of Argentina is an appropriate reason for your travel to Argentina. It is known as excellent because of its prime cut, quality beef. I can advise you to try the Asado in Buenos Aires during your visit to taste delicious Argentina cuisine.

5. National parks


National parks are also among the inspirations in Argentina. Do you know that out of its 23 provinces, only four do not maintain the national park? Four of them have also been named as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They are Iguazu National Park, Los Glaciares National Park, Ischigualasto Talampaya Natural Parks, and Los Alerces Natural Park. There are two lakes, Argentino and Viedma, in Los Glaciares National Park, where you can see magnificent glaciers. The park is situated in Austral Andes, on the Chilean border, where you can take horse rides. 

6. Argentina bookshop


Argentina would be one of the favourite destinations for book lovers. The El Ateneo Grand Splendid in Barrio Norte, Buenos Aires, is a bookshop set in a former theatre, the Teatro Gran Splendid, which opened in 1919. You can be sure that thousands of interesting books wait for you. Besides, the interior of this building will admire you too. 

7. Adventures in Argentina

rock climbing

Adventure opportunities can attract visitors, especially young people. Rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing, rafting, biking, hiking, and others can be a great trip experience because of the dynamic Instagrammable landscape.

8. Argentina horses

horse riding

Have you ever heard about horses and gauchos? Ponies have been a part of Argentina's culture since gauchos wandered the large fields across the country. Gauchos are Argentine cowboys. During your visit there, you can enjoy activities by enrolling in polo lessons and going to the Hippodrome to watch races.

9. Flamingos in Argentina


Moreover, flamingos in Argentina can be an excellent motivation for people who love wildlife. There are three species of flamingo in South America. They are the Andean, Chilean, and James's. And, incredibly, we can see all of them in Argentina. One of the greatest places to view the live flamingo is the Salinas Grandes in the Jujuy and Salta provinces. The only view of these flamingos can be a great base for your peaceful rest. 

10. Summer sports in Argentina

summer sport

You can get a chance to take part in summer sports in Argentina. You can enjoy Tigre Delta Summer Sports there. The Tigre city is located on the Parana Delta and comprises hundreds of islands with family homes and weekend houses. Several larger islands, such as Martin Garcia Islands, have towns with small airports, museums, camping sports, and other tourist attractions. Also, you can enjoy water sports, like fishing, kayaking, and boating.

11. Iguazu Fall

iguazu fall

Have you ever heard of or seen Iguazu Falls? Its incredible beauty is unforgettable for anyone who visits there. The ex-first lady of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt, said "Poor Niagara", referring to Niagara Falls in New York, when she first sees Iguazu Falls. The falls were formed 120 million years ago and situated in the Iguazu National Park, near the Province of Misiones. Its name means "big water". The falls were selected in 1984 as a Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You will find the greatest annual flow of any waterfall in the world so that you will enjoy inspiring views of the falls along with tours and treks.

12. Tierra del Fuego

tierra del fuego

Travel south to Tierra del Fuego creates a great opportunity to spend an unforgettable time in Argentina. It is the most extreme point in the country. Visitors can begin their journey to Antarctica from there. This tail of South America is worth visiting for its snow-capped mountains, misty forests.

13. Argentina art and culture


The art and culture would be very interesting in Argentina. In my opinion, no one knows about tango, which is one of the most popular types of dance. Buenos Aires is the birthplace of tango. You can also be in vibrant neighbourhoods like San Telmo, Palermo, and the central areas of the San Nicolas and Montserrat, where theatres occur. In other words, you can not only rest but also enlarge your worldview in Argentina.

14. Salta city

salta city

If you love nature, you must visit the city Salta. This city suggests natural miracles, delicious local food, interesting culture, and rich history. Visitors can use tours through the Calchaqui Valley or journey to see the colourful rock formations and admirable villages. This region is famous for its traditional fares such as humitas, locro, and empanadas.

15. Football in Argentina


If you are a football fan, you will not be bored here. Generally, sport is essential in Argentina and, especially football. You can get a chance to watch local team Boca Juniors play football at the La Bombenera stadium in Buenos Aires. In my opinion, it would be exciting and unforgettable.

16. Quebrada de Humahuaca


A thrilling drive through the colourful valley of the Quebrada de Humahuaca is one of the most admirable things in the world. This place promises to you views of rainbow-striped and wind-shaped rock formation, a cave cathedral with impressive acoustics where local musicians play. In conclusion, I would like to advise you on one thing. Do not think about "when is the best time to travel to Argentina?"; prepare yourself, obtain an Argentina visa and travel.

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