12 reasons why you should travel to Bolivia right now

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Incredible peace, gorgeous nature, a mixture of multi-ethnic cultural experiences, extreme adventures - everyone wants to get these from the trip, at least one time in life. The number of places combining all of these is not as high as we think, unfortunately. But there is one area which is underestimated, overlooked by the people though it has more features than mentioned above. This is Bolivia. OK, if you check on the internet, "Is it safe to travel to Bolivia?”, you will not get such a positive answer. However, if you learn how to behave, your travel will be more confident. For instance, La Paz can be quite confusing at night, so you shouldn't go out during the evening hours. Consequently, after solving these issues and clarifying the issue, "Is it safe to travel to Bolivia?”, visit there can be very enjoyable for anyone. Why? I will try to provide you with the elucidative reasons. But, before, I want to show you Bolivia from my point of view. First, I would like to start with the answer to the question: Where is Bolivia?. Bolivia, a country of adventure, the state that was once part of the ancient Inca Empire, is located in the west-center of South America. As a result of the war of the Pacific (1879 – 84), which was between Chile and a Bolivian-Peruvian alliance, Bolivia lost areas on the Pacific coast and was deprived of access to the ocean. So, now it is one of the two landlocked countries in South America. But, according to contracts with neighboring countries, the state of Bolivia obtained indirect sail to the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. After a little discussion about where is Bolivia, the capital of this country should be discussed. The information about the capital of Bolivia is a little confusing. So, let's identify it slightly by having a look at the history. According to historical sources, Bolivians gained independence in 1825 after Spanish bondage and proclaimed Sucre as the capital because of its silver mines. However, later, the industry changed its attention to the tin mines situated near the city of La Paz, which began to grow up and excelled Sucre and consequently, in 1899, the Liberal Party, and Conservative Party collided in the battle. The liberal party was supported by the tin mine owners of La Paz, while Sucre's silver mine owners seconded Conservative Party. As a result, the victory of the Liberals, La Paz became a place of government seat. Today, Sucre is considered as the only capital of Bolivia, which is mentioned in the constitution, and La Paz is the administrative capital. La Paz glorified excitement, and Sucre obtained peace in itself. So, regardless of the fact which of them is the capital of Bolivia, it is worth traveling to both of the cities. Now, let's analyze the motives that shove us to visit Bolivia.

1. Kind People of Bolivia

People of Bolivia

I would like to begin with the nation of Bolivia. As a person who wants to travel to Bolivia, people who live there attract me. Indigenous people named Quechuas and Aymaras contain a big part of the Bolivian population. According to my observations, I can say that some travelers do not estimate Bolivians very well. But, the warm and welcoming nature, a sincere smile will persuade them in the opposite. For instance, women in the market will address you with the merry "mamita." In addition, the people of Bolivia say "hola" to anyone they meet. The interesting proof of their hospitality is that a lot of Spanish schools and volunteer agencies organize homes for travelers to give them a chance to play a close part in the local community. Thus, a visitor will be encouraged to ask something when he/she will be in trouble, and it simplifies the travel to Bolivia.

2. Rich Bolivian culture


People who are interested in culture should look among the places to visit in Bolivia. It does not matter where you are coming from; you will feel the enormous cultural change as soon as you land in Bolivia. Women's clothing is the main example of it. They wear a time-honored dress such as the typical pollera skirt and bowler hat. Another example is the distinctive techniques of treating illnesses. It is also so interesting that Bolivians bury a mummified llama embryo under the foundation of every new building because they believe good luck which can obtain in such way. One of the most attractive things about the country is the Oruro Festival. You can enjoy yourself a lot there. Because of the colorful indigenous, the amount of cultural samples is enormous. So, no one can learn this mix of distinguishing culture by reading. It should be seen.

3. Interesting History of Bolivia


To attract tourists, historical properties are one of the most essentials tools for countries. Obviously, Bolivia reflects history. Bolivia played a significant role in Latin America's history; there were a lot of wars, conquests, revaluations in these areas. Each of these processes left traces. You can find some slums in the country and other historically essential landmarks in colonial cities such as Sucre. The Maragua Crater near Sucre, where you will see incredible colorful rocks, Parque Torotoro, which has dinosaur footprints, Incamachay and Pumamachay, which maintains 2000-year-old cave paintings, Potosi, Sucre, the pre-Columbian archaeological site of Tiwanaku are only small parts of the places to visit in Bolivia for history lovers.

4. Diversity of Landscape in Bolivia

landscape in Bolivia

Bolivia is a highland country; you can find a fabulous diversity of landscape in Bolivia. One of them is Salar De Uyuni, the largest and highest salt flats in the world. El Alto, the highest international airport, can be measured as the first example for it. On the other side, you can be acquainted with the highest capital of the world, La Paz, and the highest navigable body of water, Lake Titicaca. They are magnificent places in Bolivia where you should travel. In the north, you can recognize peaks of the Cordillera Real, which are covered with snow, and the moon valley Valle de la Luna. In the south surrealist Salvador Dali's Desert with enormous stones wait for you. All of these breathtaking landscapes are recommended places to visit in Bolivia. Because of these facts, we can say undoubtedly, the best time to travel to Bolivia is any season of the year. Although Bolivia doesn't have access to the oceans, there are sufficiently a lot of rivers that belong to the three basic systems. They are the Amazon tributaries in the northwest, north, and northeast, the Pilcomayo-Paraguay system in the south and southeast, and an inland-draining system entering on lakes Titicaca and Poopo on the Altiplano in the west.

5. Wildlife in Bolivia

Wildlife in Bolivia

Undoubtedly, places in Bolivia are on the list of the most preserved areas in the world. If you have an opportunity, you should leave your crowded city and visit the almost untouched places. You will enjoy rugged mountains, snow-capped peaks, vast deserts, dense jungles, high-altitude lakes. Furthermore, you can observe exotic Amazonian animals, such as snakes, spiders, crocodiles, monkeys, and dolphins in the places in Bolivia. A variety of wildlife will admire visitors during the travel to Bolivia.

6. Bolivian Music

Festival in BoliviaMusic

is one of the most important things during your trip, which will help you to move away from life's problems. You can find a similar atmosphere in Bolivia. There are distinct types of music, and it has a great choice for visitors. Diverse folkloric music and dances will be very interesting for you. A lot of entradas (parade) takes place in the country every year. So, if you are one of those who live with music, do not wait and travel to Bolivia.

7. Food

Bolivian food

When people especially, families with children, choose the travel direction, they usually pay attention to the local cuisine of the destination country. Bolivian food consists of not only rice and bean or fried chicken. Traditional dishes in west Bolivia are basically suited to the high, cold climate in the Altiplano, and there are a lot of spices. Quinoa is the most commonly used ingredient in Bolivia. In the western world, people used the highly nutritious grain for making salads, stews, soups, and burgers. In lower (tropical) regions, the essential ingredients are yucca, fried bananas, river fish, turtles, and crocodile tails.

8. Prices in Bolivia

Bolivian currency

It is no secret that Bolivia is not a rich country in South America. Therefore, traveling, staying in any accommodation, eating is very cheap there. If you are not looking for comfort in travel, a Bolivian trip is a compatible choice, and it does not matter where to travel in Bolivia.

Nature in Bolivia

Indeed, the main purpose of travel anywhere is to see new and popular areas. The number of famous places in Bolivia cannot be underestimated. First, I would choose La Paz. Its Death Road, the Moon Valley, economic and political central view always attracts me. The other one of the famous places in Bolivia is Madidi National Park which extends from the Andes to the Amazon. Lake Titicaca is a marvelous geographical point that can be an answer to the question, "Where to travel in Bolivia?". Villa Tunari is another interesting place which you should visit. Everybody should see the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve, Potosi, Tiwanaku, Santa Cruz De La Sierra, and other famous places in Bolivia.

10. Variety of climates in Bolivia

Lake in Bolivia

A big plus of travel to Bolivia is that you can do it anytime throughout the whole year. Bolivia's climate is various because of altitude and season. Therefore, the best time to travel to Bolivia depends on which of the places in Bolivia you plan to visit. In other words, you should only get information about where your favorite weather is. For instance, if you like the cooler winter period, you should visit the highland areas between April and October. On the other hand, if you like flamingos, you should travel to Altiplano in September. Visiting Salar de Uyuni between March and April will enhance your chances of seeing natural phenomena. Consequently, you can see almost any view, such as pleasant valleys, snowy mountain picks, hot Amazon jungles, and a kind of "beach" on the shore of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. So, it is so great that you can spend an unforgettable time during the travel to Bolivia year around and you just have to choose what the best time to travel to Bolivia for you is.

11. It is amusing in Bolivia

Zebras in Bolivia

In Bolivia, you will never be bored. You can meet dynamite-wielding protesters, local women in traditional dresses (cholitos) wrestling each other for fun, zebras direction drivers every day. So, you will witness real entertainment during travel in Bolivia.

12. Adventures

Adventures in Bolivia

Bolivia offers great adventure activities. It suggests trips such as going downhill the Death Road, uncover the rainforest in Coroico, chasing the Anaconda in the pampas, trips to Isla Del Sol on Titicaca Lake, treks in the Cordillera Real, and so on. They can simplify adrenaline lovers' issue where to travel in Bolivia. So, for those who like adventures, travel to Bolivia could be the best option. In conclusion, I would like to emphasize the most important problem of 2020 - COVID19. Everyone can get such a question as is it safe to travel to Bolivia during this period? You can be sure that, like many other countries, Bolivia has also done appropriate work for the safety of people. So, if you are tired of the noise, a routine of life and you want to run away and to experience the new things, then Bolivia is an address which you are looking for, go ahead!

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