10 reasons why you should travel to Byblos instead of Beirut

Anurag Dwivedi12 September 20202189 views8 min. read
10 reasons why you should travel to Byblos instead of Beirut
Lebanon is a country on the banks of the sea, with a Muslim and Christian population of about 90%, or even as a cultural country incorporating the country of antiquity, the capital of Lebanon is Beirut. It will be a special thing for us to share Lebanese culture because it is a densely populated country, where Muslims and Christians are living together. There are many religious groups and tribes. However, it is different than it has to deal with some social organizations, there are some problems with it, mostly in the form of religious division. The mixture of dates and rice along with fruits and vegetables is a more flavorful meal in Lebanese food. Here, big festivals like Eid al-Fitr and Christmas are organized with great pomp. Then you will essential to consider some facts such as places to visit in Byblos Lebanon and during the journey, what to do in Lebanon? One particular thing as you know that Lebanon is a special cultural and supernatural country, then we also have to choose which of the special places to choose for a visit. Both Beirut and the Byblos have their own distinct significance, and we will tell you further where is Byblos? One is the capital of Lebanon, and the other is a large city in Lebanon. So today's topic is why you should travel to Byblos instead of Beirut.

1. Delicious food

lebanon cuisine Byblos: When you visit restaurants and cafes, it attracts your attention due to its delicious food. There are some Byblos restaurants and Byblos cafes, which are very old and they serve their traditional food. El Molino is an old restaurant where the prices of food are low so, everyone can enjoy the atmosphere and food here. The old streets of Byblos have lots of beautiful restaurants and cafes which are mainly ancient recipes. So I would say that you should for sure travel to Byblos. Beirut: If during the journey to Beirut, you want to keep your diet and stay fit, consider once again. Though you have all the food arrangements here, you will be unable to find your traditional dishes here. Paneer is popular among the food here.

2. Special shopping

souvenir shops Byblos: Byblos is known for its popular markets. Because it is the state of Lebanon, the development here is more than that of Beirut. There will also be architecture-related items and some archaeological things. Beirut: Beirut also has all the shopping arrangements. Due to the civil war, there was a lot of loss of buildings, malls, etc. after which it has been renovated, with new malls being constructed, everything arranged to fulfil the needs of people.

3. Travel-friendly weather

aerial view of famous historic mediterranean coast Byblos: During a trip to the Byblos, it is also necessary that you know where is Byblos? How is the weather like there? It is very important to choose the right time to visit when there is favorable weather for a pleasant stay. The temperature in Byblos varies a lot. The months of July, August, and February are heavily crowded with tourists, due to which you may have to face a battle here. March, August, and July are the perfect time to visit, so it would be better if you travel to Byblos during these months. Beirut: In Beirut, it rains for most of the months, but in April, July and November, you can do most of the 5-6 days tour.

4. What to do in Lebanon?

historical houses Byblos: If you want to secure a trip to Byblos or any other part of Lebanon then you need to know what to do in Lebanon? You should contact any taxi/bus driver, but I would not advise you to trust them. Inform your loved ones of the hotel address, as this will make you feel safe. If you are traveling outside of a Byblos, then resort to the airport. This is not just about Byblos. If you are thinking about traveling to another part of the country, then these rules of security will apply there too. Beirut: In August 2020, a major and deadly explosion occurred in the port of Beirut, which destroyed the infrastructure of the city and surrounding areas and buildings, causing considerable loss of life and property. It has been declared a disaster area. It has been reported by the Lebanese authorities in Beirut that, the exceptionally current situation is bad due to which the citizens traveling should stop for a while.

5. Proper lifestyle

sunset in byblos Byblos: The residents of Byblos are predominantly Christian. There is also a class of Shia Muslims. It is said that the town of Bint Jabil (means "Daughter of Byblos") in Southern Lebanon was also founded by those prominent Muslims. The Byblos dates back to the Stone Age, today it extends to the day. The trip to Byblos is a chance to go through Lebanese history and understand various technologies.  Beirut: It is present here with ancient structures like old temples, but you will find a contrast to medieval architecture. According to its culture, it claims to be influenced by Roman, Greek, Arab, Ottoman, and European civilizations - hence you can expect a rich amalgamation of food, architecture, and culture.

6. History

buildings in byblos Byblos: In the Byblos, you will see the exhibition of objects occupied by the old buildings and archaeology departments. It will be a fascinating journey for archaeologists because layers of debris have been carved into human settlements for centuries. The Byblos has been bestowed with the reputation of being the oldest city in the world. One can see the first signs of a third-century city with well-to-do shapes. Here you can also find the church of the Crusades era. Beirut: Its history is also in someone else's hands. The Mamluk regime conquered Beirut in ancient times. After this, silk was traded from here by the ruler. Due to the Russo-Turkish wars, the situation of this city greatly worsened. There was more dominance due to which they continued to argue with Christians. Now the emphasis is on the development plan.

7. Entertainment

byblos harbor Byblos: After a day's journey in the Byblos, when you want to relax, then you want to stay at a hotel or restaurant that can fulfill your needs. I would advise you to book a hotel or restaurant that is famous in that area. Beirut: Beirut is known as one of the oldest cities in the world. It is dotted with ancient structures like old temples. There are big hotels to spend the night in or to enjoy your favorite gastronomy, like in all big cities.

8. Special daily trip

areal photo of byblos Byblos: If you want to cut the journey on a day tour of Byblos, then you have to travel through this direction. Start your day trip by traveling to Jeita Grotto, and enjoy a beautiful cable car ride to the upper cave. The road to Byblos actually passes close to Beirut; it is only 38 km from Beirut to Byblos. Beirut: To see all the attractions of Beirut, 1 day will not be enough. You will need more time than this, but if you wish to travel at the same time or you have a day to dedicate, then to travel in Beirut, pick a good guide and follow the suggested routes. A professional guide will help you to see a lot of popular areas and attractions in the whole of Beirut in just one day; so you will be able to travel according to the time restrictions.

9. Travel spots

lebanon airport Byblos: Do you know where is Byblos's best travel spots? Places in the Byblos list will surprise you and we are starting with Baalat Gebal Temple. It is a wonderful place to visit especially if you are fond of historical sites. Byblos Archaeological Site is also a great place for that purpose. There are also sandy beaches in the Byblos.  Beirut: Beirut is one of the best places to visit in Lebanon due to its location. Beirut is situated on the banks of the Meditteranean Sea, and thanks to its stunning range of rocks here, a natural milestone is a special sighting, which attracts thousands of tourists every year. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the spectacular view of the sunset, choose the right time and visit the place called Raouche Rocks.

10. Planning for travel

byblos landscape If you are thinking of traveling to Lebanon, then it is very important to consider all these things for security, what you have to take before you go and what you may need there. If you want to start the journey, then it is also important to know beforehand what the weather is like there and how the administrative atmosphere is there. Put the required things in a bag and along with the packing in the bag; you must carry one of your identification documents which certify you to be a resident. There are many diverse places to visit in Lebanon starting from the wavy mountain peaks and historical sites, that attract tourists. Given all this beauty and activities to do, you will definitely think of travel to Lebanon. Lebanon has gradually taken a good lead in the economic and social sphere and is also cautious about security, so get ready and have a safe trip!

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