10 reasons why you should travel to Cordoba instead of Buenos Aires

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10 reasons why you should travel to Cordoba instead of Buenos Aires
Argentina visa process and travel to Argentina because it has lovely cities, friendly people, and stunning nature. When you travel to Argentina, you might face difficulty choosing the best city to spend your time in, especially if you have limited time. Although the main city is Buenos Aires, there are many reasons why you should travel to Cordoba instead of the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. If you ask where is Cordoba, do not confuse it with the city of the same name in Spain. Cordoba is the second-largest city in Argentina by population, located in the centre of the country, just west of Buenos Aires. What to do in Cordoba? There are several must-do activities in the city. You can start by tasting the cuisine. Also, you will find a lot of beautiful places to stay in Cordoba. I can suggest the Cordoba Mosque as an example. It is as lovely as the Cordoba Mosque in Spain. Here you can find ten reasons why you should travel to Cordoba instead of Buenos Aires when you travel to Argentina. Also, you can find answers to questions like where is Cordoba, what to do in Cordoba, at which places to stay in Cordoba, what places to visit in Cordoba Argentina, etc.

Where is Cordoba?

panoramic view of cordoba It is one of the historical cities of excellence in Argentina and the most populated after Buenos Aires. There are not only monuments but also nature that is in the vicinity. Cordoba is full of mountains, lakes, and Argentina cities with the country's most historical events. You can easily travel to Cordoba from Buenos Aires. Three are airlines that fly between Buenos Aires and Cordoba if you want to use them, or you can go by bus or train, or you can rent a car.

What to do in Cordoba?

sarmiento park When we think about Argentina first thing that comes to our mind is Buenos Aries, the capital of Argentina. Indeed, the significant capital tends to outshine the rest, but beyond its greatness, there is a reality that should not hide what the rest of the Argentina cities have to offer, especially Cordoba, with the focus of culture, history, nature, and excellent gastronomy. A surprising and welcoming metropolis that is also directly connected to Europe with its rich culture. You will find exciting things to do in Cordoba, besides visiting, for example, Cordoban cuisine.

Cordoban cuisine

As for gastronomy, there are many alfajores and snacks with dulce de leche, German foods such as goulash, sausages, and strudel, and drinks such as fernet with cola and beer. The people of Cordoba recommend starting the gastronomy route at the Paseo del Buen Pastor, a commercial and recreational complex that is a landmark in the Nueva Cordoba neighbourhood. Converted from a prison for women, today it is a gastronomic hub from which to access the best-prepared menus or street stalls where you can find the classic choripanes, native cheeses, and all kinds of local products. Finally, do not forget to taste the Cordoba wine.

What are the best places to visit in Cordoba Argentina?

carloz paz Cordoba is the best destination for your vacation in Argentina. Due to its varied and picturesque natural landscapes and its pre-Hispanic and colonial historical wealth, it is a place that you will not want to forget. Both the city and the province proudly display the variety of attractions that its streets, mountains, and valleys have. As the history of the city, you will observe traces of the Society of Jesus, which had a massive role in the process of conquering and civilizing the American continent. On the other hand, do not forget to visit the Cordoba mosque, which is part of the city's Islamic heritage. 

1. Jesuit Block

national university of cordoba One of the most important places to visit in Cordoba is Manzana Jesuitica. Located in the downtown of the city, this colonial complex of buildings was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. There you will be able to appreciate the architectural wonders left by the baroque style of the Society of Jesus at the end of the 16th century. Be sure to visit and photograph the Church of the Company, the Domestic Chapel, the Residence, the historical building of the National University of Cordoba, and the construction of the National School of Monserrat. Places transformed into museums that will teach you part of the history of the founding of the city and the importance of the Jesuit order in the beautification of the town. To visit these emblematic sites, especially the Historical Museum of the University and the Domestic Chapel, you can use the services of guides for better understanding.

2. Juan de Tejeda Museum of Religious Art

tejeda museum of religious art The history of the city of Cordoba is closely related to the evangelization process by Spain. The Juan de Tejeda Museum of Religious Art is one of the best tourist sites in Argentina to verify the importance of some religious orders in the culture of the country. Located on the corner of San Jeronimo, it is a beautiful Andalusian-style Cal y Canto building built in the 17th century. In the old Monastery of the Discalced Carmelites, you will see the architectural wonders and ornaments of the ancient cloisters and, fundamentally, its collection of sacred art. Be sure to visit the carvings of El Tenebrario, El Senor de la Paciencia, and the collection of liturgical ornaments and devotional pieces. 

3. Old City

cordoba cathedral at night Cordoba is a city with a vibrant colonial past that you can discover if you visit the urban centre. There you will find the most representative historical buildings in the city. Founded in 1573 by the conqueror Jeronimo Luis de Cabrera, the Cordoba was designed in the style of the Spanish towns where the square is the centre of the other constructions. This is why it is essential to start your tour in Plaza San Martin and then visit the Cabido and the Iglesia Mayor. Be sure to walk the cobbled streets of Pasaje de Santa Catalina and the baroque-style Manzana Jesuítica. To visit one of the main travel destinations in Cordoba, Argentina, you can get on the city tour on a bus, which will allow you to explore the beautiful and historical enclave of the city.

4. Museums in Cordoba

You can visit the Cabildo Museum, where there is a small collection. This small museum has an ideal architecture that is perfect for discovering if you have a couple of days to get to know the city. It is entirely free. The Superior Museum of Fine Arts is, without a doubt, one of the most visited. From its impressive facade to its collection, it is an ideal place to visit. If what attracts you is art. In a more modern line, you can go to the Provincial Museum of Fine Arts by Emilio Caraffa. On the other hand, the Marques de Sobremonte Provincial Historical museum is a superior proposal for those who want to know the oldest house in the city of Cordoba, which currently houses a collection of original Cuzco paintings among other works and objects. In an architectural line, more similar to Evita Museum, you can find the Genaro Perez Museum in an extravagant palace.

5. Province of Cordoba

dike los molinos The province of Cordoba, of which the city is the administrative centre, also has many beautiful places to offer to its visitors. That is why you should see outside of the city when you travel to Argentina.

6. Mar Chiquita

mar chiquita It is the fifth-biggest saline lake in the world, in the northeast of the province. It has a beautiful landscape in a vast lagoon that reminds a bay. It is also a popular reservation for birds. Miramar is the only town and leading tourist destination in this area.

7. The Champaqui

champaqui With 2,790 meters of height, it is the highest peak in Cordoba. You can ascend in long walks from Calamuchita or Traslasierra or reach the top through the way to its neighbour Cerro Los Linderos, from Villa Yacanto. It will be an unforgettable trip.

8. Quebrada del Condorito

quebrada del condorito On the Altas Cumbres, it is the only National Park in Cordoba. The sighting of the enormous condors is a great attraction, added to a dreamlike landscape among plantations of tobacco and other native fauna and flora. Further south, similar, although less known and accessible, the Quebrada del Yatan will amaze you, too.

9. The Traslasierra Valley

traslasierra valley Between hills and natural springs, it is a valley that unites Mina Clavero, Villa Cura Brochero, and Nono and offers attractive travel destinations. It is also worth taking a journey to the southern part of the region and see other beautiful places such as La Paz, Las Rabonas, Los Hornillos, the La Vina dam, etc., to make your time more memorable.

10. Best places to stay in Cordoba

hotel in la cumbrecita town There are many options to stay in Cordoba. Of course, the selection depends on your preferences and budget. You can either stay in accommodation facilities in the historical part or rent an apartment in the new part of the city. Among the hotels of Cordoba, I recommend Azur, Windsor, and Virreinato.

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