12 Instagrammable places in Cordoba

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12 Instagrammable places in Cordoba
most liked Instagram posts. When you consider travelling abroad, you should choose a destination to capture a lot of Instagrammable views. In that sense, travel to Argentina is spectacular because there are many Instagrammable places in this Latin American country. Stunning architecture, marvellous parks, well-preserved historic places, and magnificent nature are characteristic of Argentina as a famous tourist destination. The rising number of foreign tourists visit this beautiful South American country, especially Cordoba, the second-largest city in Argentina. Where is Cordoba? Cordoba is about 430 miles northwest of Buenos Aires and is located near the Gran Chaco flatlands in Argentina's heart. Cordoba is well accessible by air, train, and road travel, and it takes just 6 hours to drive from Buenos Aires to Cordoba. If you enjoy photographing Instagrammable sceneries during your travels, there are plentiful picturesque places to visit in Cordoba Argentina. In this blog, I will list Instagrammable places in Cordoba where you can travel and capture photos that amaze your Instagram followers.

1. Paseo del Buen Pastor

paseo del buen pastor You would love to start your fascinating city tour by visiting the recreational and cultural centre of Cordoba. Paseo del Buen Pastor is a spacious district that delicately combines historical architecture with present-day urban design. This eccentric town has maintained ancient building elements, such as porticos and columns. Moreover, tourists can visit many theatres, concert halls, and museums to admire Cordoba's artistry. You can photograph both the interior and exterior of Cordoba's buildings to post elegant photos on Instagram. The followers who appreciate art and architecture will love your posts and stories. Paseo del Buen Pastor, the pearl of Cordoba, is a must-see tourist destination for everyone who visits Argentina.

2. Parque Sarmiento

parque sarmiento Just a few minutes of walk from Cordoba's downtown will take you to an astonishingly beautiful park. You can enjoy breathing the fresh scent of fragrant plants and flowers while walking in Parque Sarmiento. Cordoba's most dazzling garden has facilities for outdoor events such as an open-air theatre. Singing students, attractive dancers, and cheerful drummers create a positive atmosphere in Parque Sarmiento. You can photograph many charming views that will be your most liked Instagram posts. Parque Sarmiento is an excellent place where you can enjoy both solo trips and travel with family. In spring, you will not need an Instagram filter to post your photos taken in Parque Sarmiento because the garden's natural colours are really shiny and attractive.

3. Plaza San Martin

san martin square Plaza San Martin is a park where the statue of the liberator of Argentina is located. Since the 16th century, Plaza San Martin has been one of the central squares in Cordoba. Bronze monuments and tall trees are characteristic of this beautiful park. If you love posting photos of cathedrals, churches, and ancient religious monuments on Instagram, Plaza San Martin is a perfect Instagrammable place for you. The glamorous central plaza and the pigeons are perfect for photographing. You can also share stories on Instagram of yours while feeding the pigeons and other lovely birds.

4. Museo de la Memoria Cordoba

Posting historical photos on Instagram can be really cool and generate a lot of viewer attention. In the Cordoba Museum of Memory, you will get many insights into the Argentinian history of the 70s and 80s. A military dictatorship, torture, detentions, and kidnapping are only a few mysterious aspects of Argentina's Dirty War. Again, Museo de la Memoria Cordoba contains many historical pieces from Argentina's 70s and 80s, which you can photograph and share with your Instagram followers. The Museum of Memory is one of the mysterious places to visit in Cordoba Argentina.

5. Jesuit Block and Estancias of Cordoba

Jesuit Block and the six residences of Cordoba have been UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. These residences include churches and sets of buildings that have great historical and patriotic value. Eye-catching views of the buildings and the stunning beauty of the natural treasures will make your travel to Argentina worthwhile. The photos of Jesuit Block and Estancias will make your Instagram profile look much more attractive. Historically, the buildings that date back to the early 17th century will give elegance to your social media photo collection.

6. Paseo del Bicentenario

bicentenary square Paseo del Bicentenario is one of the most beautiful gardens and parks in Cordoba. The colourful huge rings of this stunning park will entertain children a lot. The colourful rings will remind you of the Olympic games and boost your mood. With the sun shining on the rings, you can capture great moments and add golden pieces to your Instagram photo collection. Thanks to various Instagram filters, you can adjust the colours of the rings according to your taste. Your Instagram followers will enjoy watching sporty and colourful photos of Paseo del Bicentenario. Having a family trip to Paseo del Bicentenario would be much more fun because children would play cheerful games with the rings. You are photographing and recording children's videos while playing with rings, and other park attractions would be an unforgettable experience for parents. If you are still not sure about getting an Argentina visa, travel to Buenos Aires, below, we have 6 more Instagrammable places to convince you!

7. Jardin Botanico de Cordoba

jardin botanico de cordoba This marvellous Botanical Garden is one of the must-see places to visit in Cordoba Argentina. A myriad of flowers, plants, and trees and the sound of waterfalls will give you an amazing calmness. While walking in the Botanical Garden during spring travel to Argentina, you will feel like in heaven. Local Argentinian exotic flora and fauna will astound you with their uniqueness. You will post your best Instagram photos and stories after a calm solo or family trip to Jardin Botanico de Cordoba.

8. Evita Fine Arts Museum

evita fine arts museum Evita Fine Arts Museum is an admirable art museum that is the next on our list of instagrammable places in Cordoba. The main building of the museum is called Ferreyra Palace. The exterior site of the museum includes Ferreyra Palace and its surrounding garden. The interior part consists mainly of the central exhibit hall and several monument sections. The exterior part of the museum will astonish you with the elegant retro design of the main building. When you take photos of the museum's interior and exterior parts, you will feel like walking in a medieval palace. The monuments and pieces in the Evita Fine Arts Museum have a great historical and national value that will astound your Instagram followers.

9. Reserva Natural Urbana San Martin

autumn landscape Social media posts themed on wildlife are among the most liked Instagram posts. Leaving the hustle and bustle of urban life behind and heading into the wild has been a trend in the last few years. Therefore, natural reserves, where the wildlife is preserved, have gained huge importance. You will experience camp life at its best in Reserva Natural Urbana San Martin. You will capture the best instagrammable camping photos in the Reserva Natural Urbana San Martin. Also, the wild flora and fauna of Cordoba will amuse you and your social media friends.

10. Paseo de las Artes

Shopping always makes you feel great, especially while travelling. Paseo de las Artes is an amazing street market where you can buy traditional handicrafts, accessories, souvenirs, and clothing. Tasting Cordoba's street food while watching street performers will be one of your lifetime's best travel experiences. Seeing your Instagram story, where street dancers perform extraordinary moves, will cheer up your followers. You will also have a chance to talk to local Argentinians from Cordoba. Local people are usually very friendly, helpful, and talkative. 

11. Iglesia de los Capuchinos

catholic church Iglesia de los Capuchinos is a splendid church built by an Italian architect in the 1930s. The exterior of the church has a Neo-Gothic style with an old-fashioned touch. Every day, thousands of travellers from various countries enjoy the view of Iglesia de los Capuchinos. Dark tones of the brown colour will look perfect with few Instagram filter adjustments. Religious artworks inside amaze tourists with their extraordinary style and intricate details.

12. Villa Carlos Paz

view of carlos paz On the shores of the San Roque Lake, a village tourist town is located. Villa Carlos Paz is not far from Cordoba, and it has pretty affordable accommodation, allowing visitors to stay a few days in the city. There is a wide range of activities, such as hiking, horse riding, biking, sailing, fishing, kayaking, and windsurfing, that you can enjoy during your stay. Photographing picturesque lakes, forests, flora, and fauna will make your time worthwhile in Villa Carlos Paz.

A quick recap

roman bridge All in all, Cordoba is a marvellous tourist destination offering amazing experiences for tourists in all seasons of the year, especially in spring. In this blog, we firstly answered the following question: where is Cordoba? After finding out where is Cordoba, visitors can learn the details of the travel to Argentina. Cordoba is a region that has a lot of picturesque places that tourists enjoy travelling and photographing. We listed the places to visit in Cordoba Argentina, where you can take photos of excellent instagrammable places.

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