15 reasons why you should travel to Cuba right now

Yegana Veliyeva 24 February 2021 1180 views 7 min. read

is a place that is just a paradise island in a huge ocean. There is everything to have a great holiday – warm tropical Cuba climate, azure sea, golden sandy beaches, clear open sky, tall, evergreen palm trees. Having been here once, you will remember your vacation in Cuba for the rest of your life. We have all heard about the famous local revolutionaries Jose Marti (after whom the international airport in Cuba is named), Che Guevara, Fidel Castro. Although their influence is not so strong today, it seems that the revolution took place just a couple of years ago. Once here, you will feel like you are in the Soviet Union, only everywhere everyone speaks Spanish. Colonial mansions are interspersed with slums. On the streets you can simultaneously see the iconic American cars of the 50s, and Soviet Zhiguli. havana Cuba is also a paradise for extreme athletes. On the island, you can easily go on a tour of the jungle, you can arrange rafting on racing rivers or ride jeeps on the road. The only downside is that prices in Cuba are very expensive. The Internet in Cuba is not what we are all used to: it is mostly paid and the speed is quite low. Although for some such Internet in Cuba can be a problem, on the other hand, it is such an Internet in Cuba that will make your vacation in Cuba simply unique: you will not be distracted by social networks and completely immerse yourself in an unforgettable journey. Holidays in Cuba are not very cheap and prices in Cuba are quite high. Due to the fact that the United States lifted the embargo that had been in effect against Cuba for several decades, and today American tourists and investments are already entering the country at an accelerated pace.

What is the capital of Cuba?

havana city

Are you wondering what is the capital of Cuba? The capital of Cuba is the city of Havana. They say that the capital of Cuba is a place where people come for happiness, but they find something more-its understanding. The capital of Cuba is considered to be one of the most beautiful capitals of the world. The international airport in Cuba is located 18 kilometers southwest of Havana. But the airport in Cuba is not one, there are 8 of them in the country. If you are planning a vacation in Cuba, then you have definitely watched the issue of "Heads and Tails of Cuba". But after watching "Heads and Tails of Cuba", you may still have some doubts, so we, in turn, will give 15 reasons why you should still travel to Cuba right now.

1. Extraordinary primitiveness

cuba beach

Cuba has been politically isolated for several decades, so it is not yet fully open. Cuba cities and beaches are not yet full of tourists here. Also, there are no network corporations on the island yet, for example, like McDonald's. All this adds to the attractiveness of Cuba and the local Cuba population is happy to receive tourists who come to the island. So, in search of a real travel experience, be sure to head to this colorful island.

2. Natural beauty

vinales valley

Natural tourist attractions in Cuba are not the last place. In the south-eastern part of the island you will see the Sierra Maestra mountain range, which is considered the home of waterfalls, hidden caves and various species of flora and fauna. And lovers of hiking should definitely go to the highest peak in Cuba-Turkino Peak. To the west is the Vinales Valley, which has been included in the UNESCO list. The green valley, which is surrounded by karst hills, fascinates with its magnificent scenery. You can explore the surrounding area by horse, bicycle or on foot. You can also go rock climbing and bird watching. In any case, you will get a lot of positive emotions. Another notable place is the Sierra Maestra National Park, where the highest point of the Island of Liberty is located-Mount Pico Turkino. In the park you can relax on the beach or climb the mountain and enjoy the magnificent scenery. Other tourist attractions in Cuba are the "Havana Forest" and the hill of Loma de la Cruz (Hill of the Cross), which are wonderful corners of nature.

3. Unique architecture


The local architecture will definitely not leave you indifferent. Here you will get the opportunity to see examples of French neoclassicism, Art Deco, Spanish-Moorish and colonial Baroque. The main attractions in Havana are the Capitol, which is completely similar to the Washington Capitol, and the Cathedral, which has been storing the ashes of Christopher Columbus for more than a hundred years, but there are also other pearls of urban architecture. The crumbling colonial buildings of Havana have a special beauty that adds to the island's charming appeal.

4. Beaches

cayo largo

The island has about three hundred beaches with magnificent scenery. Among the best of them are Los Flamencos on the island of Cayo Coco, Pilar in Cayo Guillermo and Ancon on the south coast of Cuba. Since the Communist Party of Cuba diligently builds socialism, most of the beaches (unless they belong to hotels) are public, which means that they are free, although prices in Cuba are quite high. Clear azure sea and gentle waves, bright sun and fresh sea breeze are guaranteed to tourists. Many beaches are protected by coral reefs, so large waves are not encountered. Jellyfish, octopuses, turtles, tiger sharks, huge coral gardens and the skeletons of Spanish galleons, even a fallen plane – all this and much more can be seen in the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. In addition, it is possible to swim with dolphins. This can be done in Varadero, Bacanao, Playa Luna and Guardalavaca. You will get unforgettable impressions. The immaculately clear waters of Key Largo and Key Coco are ideal for swimming, diving and snorkeling.

5. Music and dance


Music on the island, you can say that everywhere: in bars, in cars, on the streets with Cuba people who play the guitar. And with good music comes dancing and the wonderful. Everyone dances here, regardless of gender, age, state of mind and profession, from the very morning until late at night. The Cubans themselves are quite plastic and graceful. Dance for a local resident is not just a set of rhythmic movements, it is life. Salsa, rumba, cha-cha-cha, timba and the famous reggaeton-dances that will bring you to the dance floor. Be sure to go to a bar or club where you can hear salsa and dream. The dream is an exclusive Cuban invention that originated at the dawn of the 30s of the XIX century. This direction of music combines the rhythms of Spanish Campesinos (farmers) and African motifs.

6. Historical heritage

havana street

Cuba has a turbulent recent history with the Cuban revolution and the socialist regime of Fidel Castro. In many museums you will feel this history, including the Museum of the Revolution in Old Havana and the Mausoleum of Che Guevara in Santa Clara. The country is also rich in many other historical sites, such as the Bay of Pigs in the south and the two fortresses of Old Havana. Old Havana, which is included in the UNESCO list, is the historical center of the city of impressive size. Here are valuable objects of interest to tourists.

7. City-Museum of Trinidad


Trinidad is a city that has a colonial architecture and occupies not the last place in the list of "tourist attractions in Cuba". In the middle of the XX century, new construction was banned in the city, which is why time simply stopped here. On the streets you will see horse-drawn carriages, the street, paved with cobblestones. There are also a lot of colonial-style houses.

8. Retro cars

retro cars

For lovers of vintage cars, Cuba is a paradise. On the roads you can see bright rare "Buicks" and "Mercedes", familiar "Volga" and ZIL. There are almost no cars with an automatic transmission here. There is only one car shop in the entire country, located in Havana. Retro cabriolet here you will meet as a taxi.

9. Rum and cigars


Rum and cigars are simply the property and pride of the island. If you are not a fan of smoking, but travel to Cuba and not see how to grow, dry and make cigars from tobacco, which Fidel Castro himself loved so much, is simply wrong. There are quite a lot of smokers here, mostly elderly people, but the life expectancy of citizens is one of the highest in the world. Varieties of cigars abound and prices are quite different, depending on the quality of tobacco, as well as aging – the older, the "tastier". There are a lot of different varieties of rum in the country, some of which are much better and cheaper here, but you will not find dark rum "Santiago de Cuba" anywhere, since it is not exported. You can also go on an excursion to the factories of world-famous alcoholic brands. Indigenous Cuba people prepare various cocktails based on rum, the taste of which you will definitely remember for a lifetime. Among these are the local "Cuba Libre", "Mojito" and "Daiquiri", which Hemingway himself adored. At the monument to the writer in his favorite bar "Floridita" waiters every day put a fresh cocktail. Another signature Cuban cocktail is the "Lights of Havana". If you do not like alcohol, then be sure to try Cuban coffee, which is a special drink. Coffee beans are grown in the Sierra Maestra Mountains in the southeastern part of the country. The deep-fried beans are rich brown in color and exude a subtle aroma. They are prepared by Cafe Kubano-espresso with a lot of sugar, Cortadito-sweet espresso with milk foam.

10. The country of Ernesto Che Guevara

che guevara graffitiErnesto Che Guevara

is a man who is a legend and who is present absolutely everywhere. Given that Ernesto was not born in Cuba, but in Argentina, we can say that he had a strong charisma. You will find images of him everywhere on the island.

11. The whitest and finest sand in the world


If you want to lie down and walk on the most white and fine, like flour, sand in the whole world, then you should definitely come to the Caribbean coast, namely the island of Cayo Largo. On the beach of Santiago de Cuba, you will see gray sand, and on the beach of Isla Juventud-black.

12. Cuba climate and weather conditions

havana sunset

The island nation has a warm subtropical Cuba climate, which has made it an ideal place to visit almost any time of the year. The sunlight here is predominant and is about eight hours a day and about three hundred sunny days a year. There are only two seasons in Cuba. One, which is dry, lasts from November to April, and the other, which is wet, lasts from May to October. But even in the wet season, rain does not fall so often. In summer, the temperature here is kept at +28 degrees, in winter it is +22. Throughout the year, there is high humidity, so unadapted people have a hard time.

13. A sense of kinship

street of havana

If you know Russian and if you lived in the Soviet era, you will definitely like it here. On the one hand, the Cuba people are fluent in Russian thanks to their education in the USSR and will be very happy to help you with any question. And if you still make a gift to a citizen, then he will become your best friend. On the other hand, the atmosphere of the former USSR reigns here: products are distributed according to the card system and there are empty shelves in stores.

14. Visa-free entry


To enjoy a unique exotic Cuba vacation, you do not have to bother with a visa. Cuba is one of those countries where you can enter without a visa. You will only need a visa if you stay here for more than thirty days.

15. Ernest Hemingway's villa

villaErnest Hemingway

is the only foreigner allowed to own private property in the country. The Cuba people are very proud of him and talk about him for hours, and the places where he lived and worked are revered, and it is the doors of Ernest's villa that are open to tourists.