17 reasons why you should travel to Czech Republic right now

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17 reasons why you should travel to Czech Republic right now
Europe? So what are you waiting for? It is not for nothing that tours to this country are in great demand at any time of the year at any level of the economy. Do you want to know where to travel in Czech Republic? Read below. The Czech Republic is a country where Slavic identity and modern reality are surprisingly combined.

Where is Czech Republic?

prague The Czech Republic occupies a very good place on the map. Neighboring Poland, Germany, Austria, and Slovakia, it is the most popular tourist destination in Europe. And this is not surprising. After all, there are favorable conditions for any type of recreation. Spend a vacation by a picturesque lake, get healthy in the best European hospitals, or get acquainted with medieval buildings – everyone will find leisure to their liking. What is it worth to relax in a ski resort or visit the main Czech Republic tourist attractions! And how beautiful the Czech Republic is in winter! Consider the 17 most, in our opinion, the main reasons why you should definitely visit here.

1. No language barrier

book Many tourists from the post-Soviet countries choose a holiday destination not only for its budget and beautiful scenery. The absence of a language barrier is also an important factor because there are not so many people who can boast of knowledge of a foreign language. And since the Czech Republic remembers the Russian language (thanks to the great and mighty USSR), and Czech has some similarities with Polish, and Polish – with Belarusian, and so on along the chain, tourists from the CIS countries easily understand the local speech.

2. Affordable prices in Czech Republic

czech money The Czech Republic is a relatively inexpensive country compared to its neighbors Austria and Germany. Accommodation, food, and leisure for tourists are offered at quite reasonable prices. And in small provincial cities, you will pay 2-3 times less for a delicious and hearty lunch. It is most profitable to travel independently, having previously built a route and read more than one tourist forum. In this case, you can visit many attractive places and cities in Czech Republic that are not included in the list of excursion programs offered by the tours.

3. Fairy-tale castles

kristin castle The main Czech Republic tourist attractions are its fabulous castles. No wonder this country ranks first in the world in terms of its number. The locks here are no less than 2,500 pieces! Many films were shot in this wonderful corner – after all, almost all the cities in Czech Republic can boast of the presence of an old castle with its ancient history. Do you want a thrill? Take a look at the Detenice and Czech Krumlov castles. The mystical legends that envelop these places will bring an atmosphere of mystery and magic.

4. Charles Bridge

charles bridge This most popular bridge over the Vltava River connects two districts of Prague, the capital of Czech Republic - Prague Castle and the Old Town. It gained its fame not only thanks to the thirty statues of the 17th century installed on it. The bridge presents many surprises and mysteries to researchers to this day. For example, the strength of the Charles Bridge is due to the addition of eggs, milk, cottage cheese, cheese, and even wine to the construction mix.

5. Prague city

prague Do you know what is the capital of Czech Republic? Well, If you are wondering where to travel in Czech Republic, start with the main and capital city – Prague. The thousand-year history of this amazing place has managed to preserve the spirit of antiquity in an amazing way in everything-whether it is a lantern, cobblestones on the pavement, or red-tiled roofs of houses. Life here flows in its own special rhythm, combining ancient traditions and modern technologies. So, people still come to the market, as they did many centuries ago, with a wicker basket in their hand. And in numerous cafes over a cup of aromatic coffee, they have a leisurely conversation about the weather.

6. Ecotourism in Czech Republic

national park Ecotourism enthusiasts can spend time in the vicinity of Lake Lipno, which is located in the Shumava Nature Reserve. In addition to the picturesque scenery, you will have the opportunity to go hiking, cycling, windsurfing, and sailing. Tourists who prefer fishing will be able to appreciate the bite on the Flywheel Lake, which is an artificial reservoir. It was built in 1376 for fish farming by order of King Charles the Fourth.

7. Excursions to neighboring countries

czech republic map If you have arrived in the Czech Republic for quite a long time, you can make sightseeing trips to Dresden (Germany), Vienna (Austria), and even to Budapest (Hungary). After all, you want to have time to see as much as possible! And within the framework of one tour, it is much more convenient and economical to do this. Moreover, the Czech Republic occupies such a convenient position for tourists on the world map.

8. Czech beer

czech beer A trip to the Czech Republic without tasting this drink will be incomplete. The high quality of Czech beer is recognized all over the world. The secret of the special taste qualities of a low-alcohol drink is that the local water is considered the cleanest on our planet. A huge number of types of foam can be tried in any institution in the country, whether it is an elite restaurant or an ordinary bar. And they'll brew it for you right in the local Czech brewery.

9. Czech cuisine

czech cuisine The Czech Republic is famous not only for beer but also for the original hearty Czech cuisine. Czech people love to eat deliciously and a lot of food, so be prepared for huge portions in the cafe. Otherwise, along with souvenirs and impressions, you will take away a couple of extra pounds with you. The Czech Republic is also attractive in winter because you can taste the warming national dishes. Here are some of them. goulash soup Chesnechka-one of the popular soups that has an antimicrobial effect-is served in a loaf of rye bread with the crumb removed. Dumplings-made from potato flour and used as a side dish. Pork knee is the best snack for beer. The process of preparing the local knuckle is very intricate. First, it is marinated, then boiled, and smoked before serving. But the taste is simply divine!

10. Shopping

shopping If one of your main goals of visiting the Czech Republic is shopping, we recommend that you first collect the most complete and reliable information about seasonal discounts. So you will gain impressions and buy branded items at very "delicious" prices. Moreover, they are presented here in a fairly large assortment. In the center of Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, there are several large shopping centers, and on Paris Street, there are many boutiques for the most ardent fashionistas. If these reasons aren't enough for you to apply for a Schengen visa to Czech Republic, we will give you more of them now!

11. Architecture

czech architecture The sights of the Czech Republic are not limited only to castles. Majestic cathedrals built in the Gothic style, intricate, sometimes formidable palaces that remind of the heritage of the past, even ordinary houses in residential areas-everything is permeated with history and represents the distinctive feature of the country that so attracts travelers. Be sure to visit the city of Kutna Hora, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And the exquisite architecture of the buildings in Karlovy Vary creates the illusion of being in Monte Carlo in the 18th century.

12. Grape Harvest Festival

czech parade There are many grape varieties growing in the Czech Republic. And when it comes time to collect it, the Czech people arrange a real holiday. Fairs are organized on the squares, where you can buy natural grape wine from the past years. And also, try the freshly fermented grape juice-burchak. Interested? Then plan a trip in November – on St. Martin's Day on November 11. Exactly at 11: 11, the wine cellars open. And you will be able to take part in this fun Czech tradition.

13. Strudel

strudel Yes, yes, don't be surprised! Strudel can also be the reason to travel to Czech Republic. But only one is prepared in the Czech Republic. Apple or cottage cheese, plum or poppy seeds, with raisins and nuts and necessarily from the extract dough. Isn't that a reason to come here?

14. Czech Switzerland

czech landscape This is the name of the youngest National Park in the Czech Republic. It was opened in 2000 and occupies the territory of the border zone with Germany, where Saxon Switzerland begins. Located in the heart of Europe, this area is one of the few places of peace and quiet surrounded by luxurious nature. The main objects of attention here were the bizarre landscapes of volcanic and rock rocks of unusual shapes and sizes. It is known that this territory belonged to the Kingdom of Bohemia, which was founded in 1212. But because of the land that was not suitable for cultivation, the population density here was very low. Everyone who lived in this area was a hunter or a bandit. Any attempts by the royal power to bring civilization here ended in failure – people still left. By the way, this region is still considered the most sparsely populated. Thanks to the creation of the National Park, Czech Switzerland managed to preserve almost its original appearance, which brought undoubted benefits to the Czech ecosystem.

15. Health improvement

meditation Do you want to improve your health but do not know where it is better to travel to Czech Republic? Choose local health resorts and boarding houses. All of them offer treatment of a wide variety of diseases and differ in an affordable price category. You can relax from the hustle and bustle of the city and rejuvenate your body with the help of therapeutic mineral waters, the purest mountain air, and healing mud. And the latest equipment and highly qualified specialists will help you feel good and fill your body with energy and vigor.

16. Czech ski resorts

ski resort The Czech Republic is no less magical in winter than in the warmer months. And if you prefer active recreation, then Czech ski resorts are just what you need. They are located in the valleys of the Krkonoše Mountains. Of course, compared to the Alpine mountains, here you will not find long trails and strong differences in altitude. Czech ski resorts are more suitable for beginners and families with children than for professional skiers. This explains the relatively low prices.

17. Christmas holiday

christmas To fully immerse yourself in the fabulous atmosphere of the main holiday of Europeans, come to the country of the most delicious beer in mid-December. It is on these days that the whole area is transformed and permeated with a combination of magic, joy, happiness, gifts, goodies, and, of course, the expectation of a miracle. All the cities in Czech Republic sparkle with colorful lights and colorful decorations. Visit the square and taste the fragrant mulled wine and sweet pretzel. And be sure to visit the church-cute compositions on biblical themes, accompanied by Christmas carols, fill with a sense of humility, gratitude, and great love. Believe me-the expectation of the upcoming holiday and magic will not keep you waiting. We hope that the reasons for the trip were convincing. In conclusion, I would like to say that, having an idea of where is Czech Republic located on the map, you can easily plan a trip not only to the cities of this wonderful region but also not deny yourself the pleasure of seeing and experiencing life in neighboring countries. Or maybe not. To each his own. One thing remains irrefutable for sure – for those who have visited the Czech Republic, it leaves the most indelible impressions and positive emotions. And being one of the most popular and well-developed European destinations, arrivals are possible on any day and at any time by absolutely any type of transport (plane, train, bus or car). Travel and get charged with new emotions!

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