13 reasons why you should travel to El Salvador right now

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13 reasons why you should travel to El Salvador right now
El Salvador is the smallest and most populous of the seven Central American countries. Despite the fact that the territory where is El Salvador is very flat, it is traditionally an agricultural country, heavily dependent on coffee exports. However, by the end of the 20th century, the service sector had come to dominate the economy. Do you know what is the capital of El Salvador? The capital of El Salvador is the city of San Salvador. Not to be confused with San Salvador Island in the Bahamas. El Salvador currently has an El Salvador population of 6.5 million. The intermarriage of Spanish settlers with the indigenous population of the region led to the formation of a largely ethnically homogeneous people. Almost nine-tenths of the El Salvador population is made up of people of mixed indigenous and European descent. The rest consists of the "Isalco" and "Pancho" indigenous peoples, people of European descent, and other small groups. Tourism is one of the most important resources for the economic development of the country. According to 2018 data, El Salvador received about 1.68 million tourists compared to previous figures, this number is increasing every year. San Salvador attractions that directly affect this number are one of the main reasons for visiting the republic. So let's look at the other reasons why you should personally find out where is El Salvador and visit it.

1. Visit the Mayan Ruins

mayan ruins The ancient Mayan civilization must be one of the most interesting topics of Central America. They flourished for more than 3 millennia from 2000 BC until the arrival of the Spanish in the 16th century. A developed society with its own mathematical and astronomical systems, they also had an established writing system and unique architectural customs. There are several Mayan ruins in El Salvador that are worth seeing. But since El Salvador was not the heart of the Mayan Empire, its ruins are often overlooked, which is very much in vain. After all, there are several Mayan ruins in El Salvador, some of which are impressively large. Like the ones you'd expect to find in Guatemala and Mexico, except that the distances between them are short and can be easily covered in a day. Three of them, which we encourage you to visit this Joya de Ceren, Tazumal and San andres.

2. El Salvador coffee

coffee grains The turbulent history of El Salvador coffee has left a deep mark on the history, politics and development of El Salvador. No other country in the region has depended so heavily on coffee, and the country's fortunes have changed dramatically due to the boom-and-bust cycles caused by what Salvadorans call "el grano de oro" ("golden grain"). In the 1920s and 1930s, coffee exports alone accounted for 90% of the country's total exports. It is noteworthy that El Salvador is also home to varieties Paces and Pacamara, the last is a hybrid Pacas and Maragogype. Pacamara from El Salvador typically create a more mellow flavor, bright citrus fruit and finish with a characteristic yellow grapefruit. If you are a fan of the dark drink, you can visit El Salvador coffee plantation and even stay on it while traveling around the country. Learn how to collect and process your morning cup, and take home some of the country's best exports.

3. Charming San Salvador

el salvador San Salvador has a long history, dating back to the Spanish conquest of the "Pipil" tribes. Unlike the Bahamian "San Salvador Island", the city of San Salvador on the map is located in the "Valle de las Hamacas" ("Valley of Hammocks") at the foot of the San Salvador volcano. Explore the colonial city center, including the National Palace, the Cathedral, and the local craft market, while tasting delicious local delicacies on the go. At the National Palace, explore the old government rooms and courtyards for $ 3. If you want to buy souvenirs, go to the national crafts market to buy local works of art. You will not regret visiting the beautiful San Salvador attractions, which are always open to visitors and full of interesting moments. Much of the city's activity is centered around Salvador del Mundo Square, where you'll see the iconic statue of the Savior of the world (with Jesus standing on a globe).

4. Why did travellers name the first discovered island San Salvador?

aerial view of island San Salvador on the map (San Salvador island) It was recognized as the site of Christopher Columbus' landing in the New World in 1492. The question immediately arises: so why did travelers name the first discovered island San Salvador? Called "Guanahani" the indigenous people — Indians Lucaya this island Columbus quickly renamed Sao Salvador or "Holy Savior". Later, San Salvador was captured by the British pirate George Watling, who renamed the island Watlings Island in honor of himself. Only in 1926, the name of the island was returned to San Salvador, which it remains to this day. The island's modern identity remains a matter of historical debate, and many Bahamian islands have been proposed as candidates for "Guanahani" over the years, including Sanama Cay, Ram Cay, Grand Turk Island, and the Plan Islands. However, the most popular theory is that Guanajani is the island that is today known as San Salvador. And the reason why the travelers named the first discovered island San Salvador has a more religious connotation because the Holy Savior gave the travelers the land after long wanderings on the ocean. And it is this name that also bears the capital of El Salvador.

5. Hike to a volcano

volcano The area where is El Salvador is known for its active volcanoes, and climbing one or more volcanoes should be part of your vacation in this small republic. If you want to take a relatively easy hike with stunning views and a crystal clear lake waiting for you at the top, try climbing the Santa Ana volcano. And the other volcano, Cerro Verde, is located in the national park of the same name and is ideal for El Salvador nature and bird lovers who want to enjoy its lush vegetation and cloud forest. You can also enjoy beautiful views of many other volcanoes from the observation decks around the park. All these pleasant and disturbing moments that you will experience during a visit to the volcanoes of El Salvador will be positively reflected in your memory of the trip.

6. Puerta del Diablo

el salvador nature Puerta del Diablo is one of the best places to visit in El Salvador. Known as the "Devil's Door", a rock formation of two tall boulders forms a window overlooking the lush landscape of El Salvador. A winding trail leads to the observation deck, where you'll see the local town of Panchimalco right below it, Lake Ilopango on the left, and the two-terminal San Vicente volcano right in front of the Pacific Ocean. There are more than 60 climbing routes in the area, and other outdoor activities such as ziplining, canopic tours, caving, and rappelling are also available.

7. Sea Turtle Rescue

sea turtle If you love sea turtles and are not indifferent to the threats of their existence as much as El Salvador, you will be pleased to visit the Sea Turtle Rescue in El Salvador. El Icacal Beach is considered one of the best beaches in El Salvador and is home to an incredible sea turtle nursery dedicated to protecting four endangered species of turtles. Help release about 100 sea turtles a day and watch them make their way to their new wet world. You will be able to donate something to the local community by interacting with these precious creatures in their natural habitat. By visiting it, you support the work carried out by the sea turtle conservation program, as well as educational projects in rural schools. Thus spending your unforgettable vacation with the benefit of society and El Salvador nature.

8. The best seafood

el salvador food Thanks to the long coastline where is El Salvador located, fresh seafood is on the main menu throughout the country. The gifts of the ocean in these parts are delicious and very fresh products such as: fish, crabs, lobsters, clams, oysters, shrimps, snails, octopuses, squid and one of the types of black clams that the locals call shells. La Libertada has a wonderful seafood market that stretches all the way to the pier. Friendly fishermen sell the day's catch directly from their boats, so arrive early. There is nothing more typical of El Salvador than a plate of fresh and hot Pupusas. These are fried tortillas with beans, cheese or chicharron (pork skin), seasoned with a healthy spoonful of curtido (pickled cabbage) and a spicy tomato sauce. Perfect for any meal, but best as an early dinner.

9. Residents of El Salvador

el salvador people El Salvador people are among the most hospitable people on the planet. They are passionate about their country. And they want to share El Salvador with you and everything else. You will feel their eagerness to show you the sights of San Salvador and the rest of the country's treasures. They'll share their knowledge, their jokes, their company, their family, their waves (if you're respectful), their home, half their beer if it comes down to it. Here we are talking about the community and the interests of the collective. And it can be a great exercise for self-development, knowledge of world values and relationships. This will be useful especially at a time when we all want to stay in our little shells.

10. Surfing

surf El Salvador-this is one of the best places to surf in the world, there is everything that both beginners and professionals need. Head to the beaches of El Tunco and El Sunzal to enjoy surfing. For this, you will spend only about $ 25 per lesson, rent and daily meals. El Tunco is also a tourist centre, so there are many great restaurants and bars here. A weekend in these parts is when this place really comes to life with fantastic parties and live music. You can easily find many hotels that are located right on the beach, and just in front of them you will have the opportunity to curb your wave on the board. El Salvador is very careful about its beaches, as it is the most tourist area of the country and if for some reason you are really worried about safety, then this is one of the safest places to visit in El Salvador.

11. Relax at the Santa Teresa Hot Springs

bird When it comes to the sights of El Salvador, this place should definitely be on the list. It's actually a pretty hidden gem of El Salvador, and it's not on many tourist itineraries or the list of things to do in El Salvador. We are talking about a luxury resort area called Santa Teresa Park. This place offers you a unique opportunity to appreciate the largest spring in Central America, the magical romantic pool and the blue lagoon that together make the Santa Teresa Hot springs a major tourist destination in western El Salvador.

12. Take a walk in Ruta de las Flores

el salvador The Ruta de las Flores is a trail that takes travelers through some of El Salvador's beautiful villages. It is located much further from the capital of El Salvador, San Salvador on the map of the country. Named after the wildflowers that grow along the road (best viewed from November to February), the route runs from Sonsonate through Huayua, Ataco, Apaneca and Ahuachapan for about 40 km. Throughout the route, you'll see much of the area's culture and history from Spanish colonial buildings, as well as great local restaurants, weekend markets, and Instagrammable views. Travelers will also encounter waterfalls, tall churches, coffee plantation landscapes, colorful murals, and much more.

13. Take a dip in a volcanic crater

volcanic crater This volcanic caldera was formed tens of thousands of years ago, and now Lake Coatepeque is a large crater lake in the eastern part of the Coatepeque caldera. Lake Coatepeque is one of the largest lakes in El Salvador, it is much older than Lake Ilopango. The clear blue water reaches a depth of 120 meters and is surrounded by steep mountain slopes. The highway on the crest of the crater gives viewers incredible panoramic views, and visitors can get a closer look at the lake by going down on the water by kayak or boat. Beach houses, located on the shore of the lake are a popular destination for a weekend break in this quiet neighbourhood.

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