10 reasons why you should travel to Faroe Islands right now

10 reasons why you should travel to Faroe Islands right now

Alisa Ruda02 December 20201212 views10 min. read
10 reasons why you should travel to Faroe Islands right now
The Faroe Islands are a little-known area, where there are no luxurious hotels and beaches, and in summer the air temperature does not warm up above 15 degrees. But after reading this article, you will definitely want to visit the Faroe Islands, and that’s because there is something to see in the Faroe Islands for every tourist.  Where are the Faroe Islands? Approximately between Scotland and Iceland are the Faroe Islands - an archipelago of the North Atlantic. The name of the islands in translation from one of the dialects means “sheep islands”, and this is not surprising, because the islands are engaged in sheep breeding.  animal Who owns the Faroe Islands? Officially, the Faroe Islands belong to Denmark, but in fact, the islands have their laws and regulations. If you have watched the “Heads and the Tails” of the Faroe Islands, you have probably already learned a lot of interesting information about this fantastic area and were able to see interesting locations.  Let us now focus on the main 10 reasons why you should travel to the Faroe Islands right now. Trust me, you will be delighted with the Faroe Islands. Are you interested in the Faroe Islands and how to get there? To do this, go to Denmark, Norway or Iceland, and then in a convenient way to the islands. If you need complete information, how to get to the Faroe Islands from your region, please contact the tour operator. 

1. Visit the island of Mykines

faroe islands This island is trendy among tourists. It is not only beautiful and colourful but also not ordinary. Only ten people live on the island. As such, there is no civilization, only a few buildings and sheds. Therefore, it is safe to say that the island of Mykines is almost wild.  Many birds come to see Mykines, Faroe Islands. All the birds that fly across the Atlantic stop at this very island. There are so many of them that sometimes it becomes even scary. But against the background of birds and near them you can take many cool photos. But be careful not to approach the nests or chicks, most species of birds in a state of aggression are dangerous for humans. The island is difficult to get around, but the spectacular scenery is worth it. If you have a lot of strength, you can even reach the bridge that connects Mykines with the neighbouring island of Mykines - Hillmoor. The island also has an automated lighthouse and many beautiful views of the sea and the archipelago. You can get to Mykines, Faroe Islands only by helicopter or boat. Both options will complement your unforgettable tour of the Faroe Islands. Some Faroe Islands tours include a visit to the island of Mykines in their program. 

2. Amazing tour in the city of Torshavn

torshavn Where are the Faroe Islands, we have already figured out, now we will allocate a separate point for a beautiful and exciting capital - Tórshavn Faroe Islands.  Old houses with grass on the roof and picturesque streets - part of the old city you can walk around in half an hour. In the Faroe Islands capital, you can also visit Munkastovan Monastery, royal warehouses, Torshavn Cathedral, Museum of Art, and the Historical Museum. You should go to the House of Nordic Countries - part of the Faroese cultural heritage, which often hosts various exhibitions, a library and a gallery.  In Tórshavn Faroe Islands, you will find a rich excursion program, where you learn a lot of exciting things from the history and life of the Faroes—looking for the Faroe Islands what to see? First of all, come to the Faroe Islands capital, where many sights and ancient buildings are concentrated. 

3. Enjoy the beauty of Mulafossur Waterfall

mulafossur waterfall From the rock at an altitude of 30 meters narrow, but very powerful waterfall falls into the ocean. It is a very beautiful and spectacular sight, which you can look at for a long time.  You can get to the waterfall from a small village Gásadalur, Faroe Islands by car.  You will undoubtedly like the unforgettable landscape - green meadow, dark, steep rocks and raging blue ocean. When you are on the Faroe Islands, be sure to go to the waterfall Mulafossur, everyone should see it. Plus this excursion will provide you with many beautiful photos. 

4. Acquaintance with the unique culture of the Faroes

sea It is one of the main reasons to travel to the Faroe Islands. Come in late July to get to St. Olaf’s Festival. Here you will feel the centuries-old traditions of islanders, which have nothing to do with the well-known European ones. You can see rowing competitions, horse races, unique painting exhibitions and many other extremely interesting things while travelling around the Faroe Islands. Soccer occupies the central part of islanders’ traditions. The island soccer team was accepted to FIFA in 1988 and then enrolled to UEFA. The Faroese are very proud of it, so do not be surprised that there is so much soccer in the life of the island’s residents; it is already part of the culture. Another very specific tradition, which is perceived with difficulty for the residents of European countries, is the slaughter of whales. This is a terrible sighting, which animal protectors have been fighting for a long time, but at the moment it is the main occupation and way of earning the Faroese, and this is also a part of their life, a tradition that has been formed over the centuries. 

5. Tasting of local delicacies

delightful dish The food on the Faroe Islands can hardly be called dietetic, but it is very tasty and nutritious. And this is especially important in the local climate. Potatoes, fish, meat, sandwiches - all this and in large quantities, you can taste in the Faroe Islands. Be sure to taste the local sandwich - smurrebrod. It is a large sandwich with butter, meat and fish. It is not possible to eat it in the usual way, in order to eat it you should use a knife and a fork. But it is worth it if you do not worry about your waist.  Being on the Faroe Islands, you should also try the local delicacy - stretchyote. It is a dried lamb, which has been in the wind for about 9 months. Many Faroe Islands people will also like different kinds of dried fish, and you can also try whale meat here.  There are enough restaurants for tasting local delicacies in the Faroe Islands. Visit “Koks Restauran” where you can taste dishes exclusively from products grown on the islands. In Thorhhsvan, you can visit “Barbara” - a popular institution, where they treat you to delicious fish. You can choose from many interesting and very tasty pieces of cuisine, cooked exactly from Atlantic fish.  In the TV Show “Heads or Tails” Faroe Islands, the topic of local dishes was also touched upon. One thing is certain: you will not stay hungry here. Also, note that it is usual to tip in restaurants here.  Faroe Islands may surprise every tourist with its delicacies. For example, do not be surprised when you see a frozen sheep’s head in any supermarket. This is just a local delicacy

6. Visit the islands in the foggy haze - Fugla, Sanda, Kalsoy

foggy islands Faroe Islands tours often include excursions to the most popular islands of the archipelago - Fugloy, Sanda, Kalsoy. Many tourists come here to take a break from the bustle of the city. Huge green meadows, clear blue sky, flocks of sheep, and the noise of the ocean - here you will find everything for a quiet and useful rest.  Come to any island to admire the scenery and forget about all your problems. Kalsoy Island is famous for its mountains, underground passages and caves. For mountain walks, go to this amazingly beautiful island. There are a lot of birds of different species living on Fugloi, and Sandoy is an endless green meadow.  If you are tired of everything ordinary, pack your bags now for an unforgettable trip around the Faroe Islands

7. Fishing with Vikings

boat Well, to be more precise, it is with their heirs. In ancient times, some Vikings moved to the Faroe Islands. And today you have the opportunity not just to fish, but to get a master class from the Faroes, who know all the details of fishing of different sizes. Go for a fascinating fishing trip to Lake Leinar -  in this lake you can catch salmon or trout. The main point is that you will need to obtain a special license. On the island, you can easily find locals who will agree to take a boat ride and tell you about all the attractions of local fishing.  They will learn real fishing, catch Atlantic fish, including trying to catch halibut or eel and then cook a fresh, delicious dinner. What can be better when you spend an unforgettable weekend in the Faroe Islands? 

8. Watching the wild birds

birds If your request before the trip - Faroe Islands is something to see, you will find many answers to your question, even though the islands occupy a small territory. Travel to the Faroe Islands is worth at least to watch the wild birds, namely the Atlantic Puffin. These birds resemble cartoon characters, but here you observe them live, the main thing is to choose the right time of year to visit the island - from late spring to November. Atlantic Puffin is very bright birds, you will not be able to notice them, but they create a lot of noise around them. They live in rocky areas near the ocean. In addition to the dead ends, the Faroes are home to Kaira, which at first glance resemble penguins and many other ocean birds, including silly birds and razorbills. The island capital also has an oceanarium for visitors, where you can get acquainted with the bird inhabitants of the island in a more relaxed atmosphere.  

9. See the most unusual architecture

wooden house Roof houses with grass are located on all islands; it is a local feature of architectural traditions. But another interesting sight on the islands is an old 900-year-old house made of wood. It is hard to imagine that you have just seen this house since its construction. Today it is a place for unusual photos and interesting stories for travellers. Roykstovan House is located in a small village of Kirkjubour, in this building until today, people live, and at the same time, there is a museum. 

10. See the natural treasure of Vagar Island

vagar island The name of the lake Sorvagsvatn, which is difficult to pronounce, does not affect its beauty and charming aura. When you look at the lake, you get the impression that it seems to float above the Atlantic waters. This optical effect is achieved by the fact that the lake is located directly at the cliff above the ocean. The lake water flows down the cliffs and forms the Bösdalafossur waterfall. Tourists from all over the world often come to this area to simply enjoy the unforgettable scenery and take pictures against the backdrop of this natural attraction.  In fact, 10 reasons are not enough to fully describe the beauty of nature and all the sights of Faroes. Wondering how to get to the Faroe Islands? The fastest way is by air; you can also get by ferry, which departs from the coasts of Denmark, Iceland and Scotland. Note that a ferry trip can take 2 days, but this way is much cheaper than a flight by air.  Despite the country that belongs to the Faroe Islands, you can get to the archipelago from different parts of Europe.  To get to the islands you need to get a special permit, the Schengen visa is not enough. The Faroe Islands are considered an autonomous part, and since fishing is the main income of the islands, it is the fishing quotas of Europeans do not suit local residents of the archipelago. For this reason, a special permit is required to enter the islands.  How to get to Faroe Islands? Unfortunately, there are no direct flights, but you can get to the Faroe Islands from any Scandinavian country with the services of Atlantic Airlines.

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