15 reasons why you should travel to France right now

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15 reasons why you should travel to France right now
France is one of the most visited countries in the world. France on the map is located in Western Europe. For many, France is, first of all, a romance. Almost every inhabitant of the Earth has heard about the Eiffel Tower, about Bordeaux and the French Riviera wines. What to see in France besides the Eiffel Tower? In this article, we will tell you about 15 reasons, after which you will want to travel to France - the pearl of Europe:

1. Paris

paris The capital of France is one of the oldest cities in Europe. In different years, such geniuses as Alexandre Dumas, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Georges Bizet, Edith Piaf, Ernest Hemingway and others lived and worked here. The city of Paris is a city of lovers. And it is not strange that this city is a favourite for honeymoons and romantic vacations. The streets of Paris are filled with love, and at every step, you will meet couples of any age, nationality and race. It is the city of Paris! Without a doubt, the Eiffel Tower is the symbol of the city. This landmark is considered the most recognizable in the world and is rightfully the pride of Parisians and the French. You can take a wonderful picture both behind the Champ de Mars tower and opposite from the Chaillot Palace site. Apart from the Eiffel Tower, the sights of Paris don't end there. The Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre Museum, the Musee d'Orsay, Montmartre, the Sacre Coeur and countless of the oldest streets, bridges, and restaurants preserved for centuries not only the names, but the interior, and even the menu!

2. French Riviera

french riviera The coast of France is particularly appreciated by tourists because of its mild climate, even in the winter months. Cannes, Nice and Saint-Tropez are the second places to visit in France after Paris in terms of visitors' number. Monte Carlo can also be included in this list, but it belongs to Monaco's small principality. Cannes annually hosts one of the most elite and well-known film festivals in the world. If you come to this city during the festival, do not be surprised, walking along the boulevard, to meet a Hollywood star. He's probably just enjoying the beauty of a carefree, warm coastal town, too. Nice is the largest city on the French Riviera, so if you purposefully want to relax not in Paris, the capital of France, but on the Cote d'Azur, then you will start your vacation by arriving in Nice. What to see and do in nice? Oddly enough, this French city's main boulevard is called the "Promenade des Anglais", despite all the French around. Besides, Nice has incredibly beautiful squares: Massena and Garibaldi. Saint-Tropez is a small town with a population of only 5 thousand people, small streets and magnificent beaches, known worldwide for their beauty. Songs were written about this city, many famous artists painted it, but it is best to see it with your own eyes because the beauty can hardly be conveyed 100 per cent with the help of paintings or songs.

3. Corsica

coast of corsica The most famous fact about Corsica is that Napoleon was born here. However, few people realize that this island, located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, has a coastline of more than 1000 kilometres. Impressive volcanic rocks, white cliffs, paradisiacal beaches with crystal clear water and yellow sand, lagoons, as well as impressive subtropical forests rightly make Corsica a magical island. Corsica is also famous for Corsica cuisine, which is dominated by fresh seafood and the famous Corsican goat cheese.

4. Mont Blanc

mont blanc The Mont Blanc ski resort is a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. The ski slopes area here is the largest in the world – almost 490 kilometres in total. The French Alps are also ideal for mountaineers, rock climbers and hikers. Interestingly, until the 18th century, Mont Blanc was considered a cursed mountain. According to legend, on the top of the mountain lives the "white queen", who ruled the fate of the inhabitants of the valley. Therefore, until recently, it was forbidden to climb the mountain, but now Mont Blanc attracts all connoisseurs of winter tourism.

5. Alsace

alsace The smallest region in France was considered controversial for several hundred years. Germany and France took turns controlling this territory, which caused years of wars between the two countries. Today, Alsace is one of the most important tourist regions in France. The capital of this region is Strasbourg, which is known as the centre of the Council of Europe and for its Gothic cathedrals. Not far from Strasbourg is the city of Colmar, which is called "Little Venice". Alsace is also famous for its wines, which are considered one of the best in Europe.

6. The Gorges du Verdon

gorge of verdon One of the most beautiful canyons in Europe with a depth of almost 700 meters is located in France's southeast. It takes first place in the list of "places to visit in France". The Gorge du Verdon is known to tourists for the turquoise colour of Lake St. Croix's waters and is an ideal place for kayaking, rock climbing, and other sports. Also, every year, fans of paragliding flock here because it is from here that you can enjoy an incredible view of the surrounding area.

7. Carcassonne

castle The centuries-old history of Carcassonne, one of the best-preserved medieval castles in Europe, attracts thousands and thousands of tourists every year. Once in Carcassonne, a person feels like a time traveller. Vel fortress Carcassonne consists of 52 towers, surrounded by kilometres of powerful walls to protect against enemies. Now the castle is a museum and a popular tourist destination. Since 1908, every summer there is a theatre festival where famous actors and actresses come from all over France and Europe.

8. Etretat Cliffs

etretat cliffs This landscape will make you hold your breath and freeze with your mouth open. Located in Upper Normandy, the cliffs of Etretat inspired such a great artist as Clon Monet. The steep slopes of the rocks frighten even the most courageous extreme athletes, and the "eye of the needle" (this is the name of the natural arch formed due to erosion) attracts lovers of canoeing. Tourists here are advised not to take off their shoes due to the area's excessive rockiness and swim without protective shoes in the sea. Also, this region is preparing the most delicious mussels with different sauces and rice pudding of "teurgoule".

9. Lyon

lyon city If we describe Lyon in two words, it will be "food" and "cinema". The cities in France are known all over the world. The city with a 2000-year history has more than 2000 restaurants where you can try absolutely any cuisine in the world. Every tourist visiting Lyon asks the question, "How can something simple be so incredibly delicious"? But Lyon is also known for the fact that it is here that the museum of cinema is located. The Lumiere brothers shot the first film in history in Lyon, and now in this museum, you can find unique objects that tell about the first film in the history of mankind, and how this kind of art was created in general, without which it is impossible to imagine our life.

10. Normandy and Mont Saint-Michel

mont saint-michel The northern coast of France, unlike the Cote d'Azur, is surrounded by many cliffs and natural parks with views of the Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel. Of course, the climate here is cooler, but you can meet people bathing in the summer months. Normandy also has Mont Saint-Michel's island, home to one of France's oldest villages and a breathtaking abbey. Thanks to its beautiful architecture, Mont Saint-Michel has become one of the most visited attractions in Europe and has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

11. Reims - The City of Kings

reims Reims is the city where almost all the kings of France were crowned until the revolution in the 19th century, putting an end to the monarchy. You can hardly find a city in this country with a richer history than Reims. The Gothic architecture of Reims Cathedral can be said to be ideal and, for many architects of the later period, was considered the standard. The impressive stained glass windows give the cathedral's magical appearance that the famous artist Marc Chagall worked on in the 20th century. For lovers of modern history, Reims is famous for signing the German Surrender Act on May 7, 1945, marking the end of World War II. For lovers of alcohol, let's say that once in Reims, there lived a monk named Dom Perignon, who developed a new method of fermentation of grapes and gave the world the eponymous champagne, which has been one of the most popular alcoholic brands in the world for 99 years.

12. Bordeaux

bordeaux The cities in France do not end there. Bordeaux is always associated with wine, and that's ... true. It is home to the largest and oldest winery in the world. To date, 65 brands are officially produced in Bordeaux, and the area of vineyards occupies about 112 thousand hectares. The city itself does not mind that it is known in the world only because of the drink; on the contrary, walking around the centre, you will somehow meet with wine shops. Despite this, Bordeaux can be proud of its beautiful architecture, cosy streets and beautiful promenade.

13. Biarritz

biarritz If you travel to France, you don't know what to see in France. If you are tired of architectural monuments, masterpieces of world painting, delicious food and medieval castles, and want to have fun, then do not hesitate to come to the city of Biarritz, located on the border with Spain. A former fishing port and now a luxury beach resort will make you spend your time without thinking about problems. Biarritz is considered the starting point for exploring the French Basque country. Tourists can swim in the sea, ride a horse, go hiking in beautiful landscapes, explore beautiful hills, Basque villages, meet the local France population, for whom dancing and food are sacred words. There is also an indoor market in the city, where you can buy beautiful souvenirs and feel the flavour of a small but fun city. The France population here is very appreciative of tourists and always smile.

14. Montpellier

montpellier For the French, Montpellier is a city-the standard of good taste. Indeed, the city has at various times built about 70 luxurious palaces that can compete with each other in beauty, as well as its own Arc de Triomphe, which is inferior in popularity to its "sister" from Paris, the capital of France. Montpellier is also called the city of fountains. The most famous of them is the fountain "Three Graces", created in 1773 by Etienne d'By Antoine. The Three Graces are the daughters of Zeus: Aglaia, Euphrosyne, and Thalia, representing a good, joyful, and young beginning to live. It is noteworthy that in 2020, Montpellier celebrates the 800th anniversary of the city. On this occasion, the city authorities have prepared a list of events that will take place in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

15. French cuisine

french cuisine We conclude the article sights of France, the main attraction of France-the kitchen. It is known all over the world for its variety and quality, which is continuously being developed and improved. Normandy, Alsace, Corsica, Provence, Brittany, Burgundy or Corsica… The country is one, and the cuisine is so diverse that in 2010 it was included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Traditional French cuisine is a real ceremony. It starts with appetizers, ends with dessert and includes at least 4 dishes. The French are very careful about the quality of products, so visiting the store has also become an art. Depending on the time of year, the French change the dish's composition always to use only high-quality and fresh products. Scientists have found that France population enjoys the time spent eating more than in other European countries. It is almost impossible to list the dishes of French cuisine in one article. After all, you need to devote a separate article and an entire encyclopedia to this! But here is an easier way - you can obtain France visa and try them all.

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