10 reasons why you should travel to French Polynesia right now

Kanan Isazade 29 December 2020 1041 views 6 min. read

The white sandy beaches, crystal clear water attracts thousands of people every year to French Polynesia. French Polynesia consists of 118 islands and atolls. The most popular and populated among them is Tahiti. Almost 70% of the population of the country live in Tahiti. Although the official language is French, there are some regional languages, such as Tahitian, Austral, Raivavae, Rapa, Mangareva, etc. What is the French Polynesia currency? Such as in other overseas areas of France, the official French Polynesia currency is the CFP franc. Today USD equals 101.40 CFP franc. Besides French Polynesia currency, other widely used currencies(USD, EURO) are accepted in the French Polynesia islands. How to travel to French Polynesia from Europe? Of course, the best way is to use Air France flights to French Polynesia. Air France has three flights to French Polynesia per week. How to travel to French Polynesia(alternative airline company)? Another airline that has flights to French Polynesia is Air Tahiti Nui. They have five flights per week from Paris. How to travel to French Polynesia cheaper? There are many ways to make a budget journey, and the best choice among them is traveling in the off-season. After getting some general knowledge, it is time to learn ten reasons to travel to French Polynesia

1. Authentic meals

authentic meal

Many people travel around the world to taste delicious world cuisines. It is always exciting to try new savors. If you have such a desire, you will have a pleasant time in French Polynesia Islands. Such as in cuisines of other island states, the main ingredients are fish, vegetables, various kinds of seafood, and exotic fruits. Also, they like to use wine and coconut milk in their meals. One of the most popular ones is the Poisson Cru. It is a national meal made from coconut milk, raw tuna, lime juice, and various vegetables. Firstly, tuna is marinating with lime juice, and after that, coconut milk is added to decrease its acidity. In the last step, vegetables are added, and it is ready to serve. Poisson cru is sweet and exotic, and you can find it everywhere in French Polynesia. Other meals that you can like are Ma’a Tahiti, Fafaru, Tama’ara’a, Poʻe, etc

2. Make your honeymoon unforgettable


Of course, one of the best reasons to travel to French Polynesia is the honeymoon. There are plenty of destinations in the country to spend a romantic vacation. First, one that I want to mention is Tahiti. Tahiti has a wide range of selection for couples. Stay in a luxury hotel or a private cottage on the island. Breathtaking views of the ocean, green trees, white sandy beaches, and more will make you feel as if in a fairy tale. Also, you can get a pearl(one of the best in the world) as a gift to your wife from pearl farms. Also, you can learn how to make jewelry from that pearl. It would be the best present that you can give. Some of the best hotels in Tahiti are Royal Tahitien, Hotel Tahiti Nui, Pueu Village, Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort, and Vanira Lodge. When is the best time to travel to French Polynesia for a honeymoon? Most people agree that May to October is the best time to travel to French Polynesia for a honeymoon. Other recommended places for honeymoon are Le Taha'a, Bora Bora, and Mo’orea. 

3. Dream place for scuba diving

scuba diving

French Polynesia is rich with diving centers. Several islands of French Polynesia have suitable environments for diving, and the first one that I like to talk about is the Tuamotu Islands. On the whole, there are 20 diving centers in Tuamotu. The largest one among them is Rangiroa atoll, which has eight diving spots, and most tourists prefer to dive here. So, it can be so crowded. If you favor quiet places, you can favor Fakarava, which has seven diving areas. Another island for diving fans is Hiva Oa in the Marquesas Islands. The main disadvantage of Hiva Oa is less visibility, and the most significant advantage is hammerhead sharks. Other marine creatures that you will have the chance to observe in your travel to French Polynesia are Grey reef sharks, Tiger sharks, Black-tip sharks, Manta rays, etc. Diving in Tahiti and Bora Bora is not recommended by many tourists because of high prices. When is the best time to travel to French Polynesia for diving? March( also November)is the best time to travel to French Polynesia for diving. 

4. Learn cultural and art history of Polynesians


Besides nature and adventure lovers, art and history fans either can find plenty of exciting places in French Polynesia islands and one of them is the Robert Wan Pearl Museum. It is the unique museum where you will find well-known black pearls of French Polynesia. Also, you will learn cultivation techniques and how they get the colour. On the other hand, in the Museum of Tahiti, visitors can get priceless information about the heritage and history of Polynesians. Here they will see some early carvings, arts from the colonial period, and more. The third-place that is worth visiting is the James Normal Hall. James Normal was an American author and poet who lived in Tahiti. Nowadays, his house serves as a museum and visitors can find many rare artifacts, more than 3000 books, and more in The James Normal Hall. 

5. 118 islands wait for you


As you already knew, there are 118 islands and atolls in French Polynesia. It means that there are plenty of places to discover. If you plan a long vacation, we recommend you to make boat trips to these islands. Some of them are small, and you can visit several in one day. But Tahiti, Bora Bora, and other big ones need more time. Trips to those islands will make you feel like a traveler in 16 or 17 centuries. Maybe, you will discover some spots that have not been found before. It is evident that many caves, falls, and more were found by accident. 

6. Low crime rates


When we plan to visit a place for the first time in our life, one of the first things that we search for is crime levels in that city or country. Luckily French Polynesia has low crime rates. You can go for a walk day and night without any fear. Facing robbery, vandalism, drug sale, and more are so rare on the island. We can say that the main concern is COVID-19. There were 6431 cases and 26 deaths till today. So, take all precautions for your well.

7. White sandy beaches


French Polynesia hosts some of the best beaches in the Pacific. Some of them are Fare Beach, Motu Topu, Tikehau, Temae Beach, Matira Beach, and more. Relaxing on the beach, swimming, and diving in the pure water of the ocean, even dreaming about it is enough to have goosebumps. Besides, here you can capture many adorable photos to share on social media, play beach volleyball, participate in beach parties, etc. When you feel exhausted, take a chair and your favorite drink and enjoy the sunset. When is the best time to travel to French Polynesia beach? The best time to travel to French Polynesia is from November to April. 

8. Mix of colonial and Polynesian culture


The foremost part of the French Polynesia population is unmixed Polynesians. Besides, there are some Europeans, Asians, mixed Polynesians, and more. The most well-known way to study new cultures are museums, but talking with locals can give you knowledge that you can not learn in museums. Speaking with the French Polynesia population will give a chance to understand their daily life, beliefs, traditions, customs, and more. The history of Polynesia dates back to 3000 years. Dances, music, craftworks are unlike anything else that you’ve ever seen. Also, having a conversation with the French Polynesia population will help you to see the European influence on local culture. 

9. Festivals and holidays


There is a festival in French Polynesia almost year-round. It means that you will not find a single day to be bored. The most enjoyable and well-known celebrations take place between June and August. In Heiva Rima’i between mid-June and mid- July, all artists of the state come together in the capital to show their artworks. Another festival in June is Miss Tahiti. Polynesian women are popular for their beauty, but it is not enough to win the competition. The participant that wants to be the winner should have broad knowledge about the local culture. It means that it is not only beauty but also cultural knowledge competition. The most famous festival among all is Heiva i Tahiti. Heiva i Tahiti lasts for one month, and during this festival, you can watch plenty of music performances, sports competitions, and more. Other festivals of French Polynesia are Heiva i Bora Bora, Bastille Day, Matari’i i Raro, Tahiti Pearl Regatta, etc. 

10. Papeete


The last reason to travel to French Polynesia that I want to mention in this list is the capital of the country. We have already mentioned many activities, destinations, reasons to travel to this heaven, but I can say that you will find most of them just in one place. Papeete has mountains, forests to discover, restaurants, cafes to taste the delicious cuisine, beautiful hotels to stay, and more. Finally, if you want to have a mesmerizing vacation that you will never forget, visit French Polynesia

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