12 reasons why you should travel to Hungary right now

12 reasons why you should travel to Hungary right now

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12 reasons why you should travel to Hungary right now
Hungary. Wait for a second. Do you know where is Hungary exactly, though? Hungary is located in East Europe. It embodies the general European charm that we are so used to in countries as Germany and Austria and never fails to impress its visitors with unique cultural heritage and breathtaking natural spots. Now that we have precisely answered the question of “where is Hungary?” it would be just perfect to learn more facts about this fascinating country! For the last years, Hungary has turned into one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, with the capital of Hungary, Budapest being specifically beloved by visitors and often being called one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Hungary is environmentally varied, with low mountains in the north, the Great Plain in the east, several lakes, and rivers, the most notable of which is the Balaton lake which is as well as is Central Europe’s largest lake. Lake offers its visitors idyllic little villages. On the complete opposite site new, contemporary city of Budapest, Hungary, is unquestionably a destination worth exploring for both locals and outsiders as there is always something new to explore. chain bridge Surprisingly, when you search for “Hungary currency” on the internet, you might discover that Euro is not a common European currency, and Hungarian currency is called forint. On August 1, 1946, the forint's arrival was a critical move in the Hungarian economy’s stabilization, and the Hungarian currency remained largely stable until the 1980s. According to the recent numbers, Hungary’s population is projected to be around 9,937,628 people, which makes the country the fifth most populated country in Central and Eastern Europe. Also, it is worth mentioning that the population density is 107 Hungarian people per square kilometre, which is almost twice as high as the global average. The capital of Hungary, Budapest and its surrounding areas is inhabited by more than a fifth of the Hungary population, with 69.5 percent of the population living mainly in cities and towns. Rather than “Hungarian,” the Hungarian population call themselves “Magyar.” Now that we already know all the most important facts about this beautiful country of Hungary, we can move to 12 Reasons why you should travel to Hungary right now!

1. Accessible Budapest: easy mobility!

chain bridgeHow to travel in Hungary?” is one of the most common questions I come across after telling my friends about my trip to this beautiful country. It is very easy indeed! Mobility in Hungary is very well built, and thanks to renovated infrastructure, visiting multiple cities during just one trip has never been easier than it is today. Bus and trains are the most effective ways to navigate Hungary, and some companies even offer student discounts of 50%, which is very efficient for those travelling on a budget. So, if anyone was curious about how to travel in Hungary, well, now we got you covered!

2. It is completely safe to travel to Hungary!

police car Another question I hear you asking me is, “Is it safe to travel to Hungary?”. Talking about a pre-corona situation, the country is a safe place to visit without worrying about any direct or indirect threats during your time in Hungary. However, do not oversee that pickpockets and scammers are two of the main contributors to the overall crime numbers in Hungary and still are the biggest fear of every tourist; that is why always keep an eye for them while visiting crowded places. So, is it safe to travel to Hungary without any further question? Absolutely! If you follow simple safety precautions that are important not only in Hungary but all around the world, you should be able to reduce the chances of anything going wrong.

3. Amazing weather all year long!

hungary sunset Even though it is always a great time to travel to Hungary, it is just the perfect times to visit Hungary during the spring and autumn seasons. The weather is delightful and you, and besides weather conditions, the number of travellers is comparably low which will guarantee you to have Hungary all to yourself. And as well as no queues in front of museums? What can be better than that?!

4. Historic Spas of Budapest!

hungarin spa Being one of the most beautiful places to visit in Hungary, spas and bath has now turned into a modern-day legend among both travellers and locals. Hungary is an Instagrammable place to visit if you are looking for a relaxing holiday with a rich cultural experience. Many historic spa cities and establishments can be found across the country, providing everything from easy bathing in healing waters to longer stays in exclusive spa resorts. The historic Szechenyi Thermal Bath in Budapest offers outstanding spa packages which need to be checked out!

5. Delicious Hungarian cuisine!

hungarian cuisine If you just love diving into the culinary of the country that you are visiting to experience the Hungarian culture, then Hungary is just perfect for you! Meats, bread, dairy, and cheeses are the main ingredients in traditional Hungarian recipes. Hungarian cuisine is predominantly Central European, with some Eastern European influences, such as poppy addition, kefir, and quark usage. And most famous of them all, paprika which is often connected with Hungary and is prominently used in various meals. So, do not miss your chance of getting lost in the tastes of the country during your travel to Hungary.

6. Unique Hungarian Parliament Building

hungarian parliament building When visiting Budapest, it is difficult to ignore the magnificently positioned Hungarian Parliament Building, which you can come across with almost every postcard or souvenir in Budapest. There is no chance that you might not be able to look at this massive building without being struck with its luxurious architecture and proportions, which is particularly true when viewed from Castle Hill on the bank of the Danube river. No wonder why parliament building is considered one of the most interesting places to visit in Hungary. 

7. Debrecen city, the capital of Hungarian Plain

yellow church The capital of Hungary is not the only city that is worthy of your attention. Debrecen, over the last few years has turned into a hidden gem for tourists. In the 18th century, it was the largest Hungarian settlement, and it is now one of the most significant cultural centres for the Hungarian people. Debrecen is a fascinating blend of history and heritage. It is regarded as the capital of the Hungarian Plain and is noted for its remote location on the rolling steppes and extensive agricultural lands to the east.

8. Sopron, the beautiful gem Hungary

hungarian city Located right on the border of Austria and Hungary, Sopron never fails to amaze its visitors. The city’s residents are well-known for their friendliness and devotion to their home. The ‘Gate of Faith,’ which can be seen on the southern side of the city’s sign, the Firewatch Tower, which was erected in commemoration of the 1921 referendum, exemplifies this.

9. Pecs Cathedral, the best cultural landmark

pecs cathedral It would be unfair not to mention Pecs Cathedral while talking about the best places in Hungary. Like so many other historic sites in Hungary, this cathedral was built on the site of an ancient Roman burial chapel and exhibited influences from many different cultures. The original church, which was constructed in 1009 and lasted until the 12th century, was restored, however then unfortunately suffered far more damage due to Mongol attacks.

10. The Hungarian Open-Air Museum

szentendre hungary Do you want to learn many new facts about the country and have fun with your family and friends during your time in Hungary? Well, The Hungarian Open-Air Museum is the perfect option for you then! Due to various influences, open-air ethnographic museums were mainly founded in Hungary at the end of the nineteenth century. The museum is divided into different parts representing various regions and periods and is linked by fun trails. Exploring working barns and colourful workshops, and an authentic old locomotive are among the attractions. The museum promotes a greater understanding and application of folk customs. It leads to the national and international popularization of Hungarian culture and the mediation of a healthier lifestyle dependent on the museum experience.

11. Breathtaking Balaton Lake!

balaton balaton Balaton lake is Central Europe’s largest lake and one of the region’s most popular attractions. The Zala River is the lake’s main water source, and the canalized Sió is its only outlet. The northern shore’s mountainous area is known for its historical significance and is a major winery region. For over a century, Lake Balaton has become the vacation playground of ordinary Hungarians. The majority of the lodging is in private houses and apartments leased by the owners, mostly by agencies.

12. One and only - The majestic Danube river

danube river Last but not least comes the Danube River with its whole magnificence! Hundreds of years ago the Danube was a lengthy border of a Roman Empire border and is now the world’s longest river, passing across most nations. The majestic Danube River runs through Hungary from north to south, dividing Budapest in two as it goes through. Also, let us not forget that the Freedom Bridge offers one of the best sunset views of the river and Buda and Pest. So, during your time in Budapest, get yourself a nice traditional snack and enjoy amazing sunset on one of the few bridges connecting Buda and Pest.

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