10 reasons why you should travel to Jerusalem instead of Tel Aviv

Upendra Kumar Gautam24 December 20202279 views7 min. read
10 reasons why you should travel to Jerusalem instead of Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv is a famous and wonderful place in Israel because of its Miami style beaches and nightlife there. Jerusalem is more popular than Tel Aviv because of radar bars, top-class restaurants, world-class hotels, etc. In Jerusalem, you can also visit multiple historical sites.  Where is Jerusalem? It is a good question, so here we would like to inform you that Jerusalem is Israel's capital located in the Middle East. There are many reasons to travel to Jerusalem than Tel Aviv, and these include gorgeous people, natural beauty, history, and world-class culture. Israel is one of the famous countries where you can find several countable trees in the world. Israel has more museums in comparison to other countries. Jerusalem is a city that you can discover safe throughout your complete trip. In Israel, you can find two main types of religious people: Judaism and ChristianityThe old city of Jerusalem is just 0.9 squares – kilometre covered walled area located within the modern city of Jerusalem. Once you enter this place, you may find world-class cuisine, archaeological relics, and spiritual landmarks. There are holies sites in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam in historical views, which are different in their structure. Most people like to visit these places a lot for praying purposes only. In this blog, we will share with you the information regarding why is Jerusalem important and the reasons why you should travel to Jerusalem instead of Tel Aviv.

1. Journey to Jerusalem

view of jerusalem Jerusalem is one of the cities in Israel, which is only 1-hour away from Tel Aviv. So you can book your flight through Israel airlines, a partner with other airlines such as Qantas Airline, Aeromexico, and South African Airlines. This airline has available flights from most of the countries in the world. From Los Angeles, this flight takes 17 hours, while from Boston and New York, it is only 11 hours to complete the journey to the destination. There is also a train running between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv after catching a train, you get from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv within 30 minutes. If you catch a train, then you can reach Acre and Nahariya up north. 

2. Historic Hotels 

hotel The hotel named Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem is the first hotel that has been working since 1929. It took around 12 years to decorate this hotel's building, 12 architects worked on it, and approximately USD 100 million were spent to restore this building. You can find very charming and quiet hotels in Jerusalem for your stay where you can enjoy three types of the meal during the day. The hotel staff is very helpful and you will have clean hotel rooms, beer and cheese options inside the room. Most of the visitors like to stay in a luxurious hotel with their family and friends. The hotel building is beautiful and attractive for all. You can check the best hotel options there in Jerusalem and book there as per your preference.

3. Booming Market Scene Day and Night

mahane yehuda market Starting from Mahane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem is a famous place for having the biggest market in the world. You can find everything in the market, such things as nuts, seeds, baklava, and halva sweets in this city. You will find one market in this city, which is very old, approximately 88 years old, and this market is situated in the old part of Jerusalem.

4. Wailing Wall  

israel Wailing wall is also known as the Western Wall or Kotel. The Wailing Wall is the holiest place of Judaism in Jerusalem. Most people worldwide come to this place to visit and pray every year at this short segment of the ancient wall. It is known as the second temple, which was made by Solomon. You will be surprised to know why this is called Wailing Wall, and the reason is – "practice of Jews weeping at the site because of the annihilation of the Temples".

5. Dome of the Rock 

mosque Once you enter this city, Jerusalem, you will be able to see a golden dome inside which you can find at the Temple Mount's center; this can be seen from all around the city in Jerusalem. This place is known as the 3rd holiest site in Sunni Islam. The religious people, Muslims, believe that this is one place where Muhammad had traveled from Mecca through its night journey. This place is open for other religious people in a week for a few hours only, so before check-in into the place, you need to check first regarding this.

6. Church of Holy Sepulchre 

church in jerusalem Church of the Holy Sepulchre is one of the known places in Jerusalem where all types of visitors worldwide like to visit this place for praying purposes and to see its historic views. This place is good to visit for history buffs and lovers. The interior decoration is appreciated by everyone who comes to this place for the exterior look; it looks beautiful and lovely to see from outside and inside.

7. Old City Bazaar

old city bazaar There is a famous colorful Bazaar in Jerusalem that you can find between Western Wall, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem's walled old city. You can buy authentic souvenirs during your trip from this Old City Bazaar. You can make a deal with the shop keepers and purchase the items for a lower price. 

8. The Israel Museum 

jerusalem The Israel Museum is one of the best reasons to travel to Israel. In this museum that is present in Jerusalem, you can spend your entire day watching various things in the museum. You will find much attractive, and so you will be able to see historical items as well there. This Museum has a complete collection of art and artificial from the old to the new and so both Israel and other countries art or others you can see there.

9. Modern Culture and Nightlife 

jerusalem nightlife Jerusalem has a modern culture for all the visitors, so this has a great nightlife. You can relax in a café, and you can go shopping as well with your family and friends or partner. Once more fantastic thing there and that is you can take advantage of a hookah bar and dance for the whole night in any of the club that you may prefer to spend your most of the time for the complete enjoy and even you can find relax options with your partner. Thursday nightlife is much famous in Jerusalem for all types of visitors.

10. Incredible Foods 

israel food You may find more things there, and it becomes one more great reason to visit this place that Israel has unique food options there for all visitors. You can even enjoy street foods as well in Jerusalem. Most people like to stay in Jerusalem for various purposes, so they enjoy their food. You may find a lot of variety of food there.  There are many amazing things to do in Jerusalem; the city itself creates a significant base for all the visitors coming from all over the world. If you drive for a short time, you can reach the Dead Sea, which is famous in Jerusalem. The Holy cities of Bethlehem and Nazareth, you may find right there. Judean Hills is one of the gorgeous places to visit in Jerusalem. Hence these things above have many differences and expertise than Tel Aviv, which you cannot find much better in Tel Aviv, which you can find in Jerusalem only. Most of the people like to travel and to spend more time in Jerusalem than in Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is a central base in Israel, where you can find socialization, entertainment, and the beach too and more things to do there at this place. From Tel Aviv, you can travel to Jerusalem as well. But you will find Jerusalem is one of the great places than Tel Aviv; Jerusalem is a much better base for all other activities that we have shared above.

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