14 reasons why you should travel to Jordan right now

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14 reasons why you should travel to Jordan right now
Jordan population of just 10 million, some might think Jordan has nothing to offer as a travel destination. However, most travelers who choose to spend their holidays in Jordan are surprised by its diversity and stunning beauty and leave a feeling touched by the generosity and kindness of its people. From stunning natural Jordan landscapes to world-famous historical and religious sites, Jordan is truly the hidden gem of the Middle East. Here are 14 reasons why you should travel to Jordan at least once in your life.

1. Petra, Jordan

petra Starting with the fact that he is considered the most popular tourist attraction of Jordan, Petra is a historical and archaeological city located in the South of Jordan. Also known as the "City of Roses" because of the color of the stone, the main entrance to the city is a breathtaking attraction located at the end of a winding stone corridor. Once home to the ancient Nabataean people, the Petra of Jordan is estimated to have existed as early as 312 BC and has been described by UNESCO as "one of the most valuable cultural treasures of the cultural heritage of mankind".

2. Dana Biosphere Reserve

desert The Dana Biosphere Reserve is Jordan's largest nature reserve, covering more than 320 square kilometers (124 square miles) mountains and valleys. As well as being home to plants and animals from all over the African, Asian and European continents, it is one of the best places in the world to watch the stars at night.

3. The People of Jordan

jordan people and camels If Jordan is famous for only one thing, it is the hospitality and kindness of the Jordan people. You will be happy to discover that  Jordan people are people who are always ready to help you and will go to great lengths to make sure that you enjoy your time as a guest in their country. Be prepared to receive many, many invitations to dinner and tea.

4. Security

police Despite the fact that Jordan is located in the geopolitical red zone on the map, it remains comfortably protected from the problems of the region. It is perfectly safe to move around the country on your own or as part of a group. This is important for tourists and travelers: for example, in 2015 alone, the British Embassy registered more than 60,820 British tourists visiting Jordan.

5. Jordan cuisine

jordan cuisine There is more to Arabic cuisine than falafel and hummus. Traditional Jordan cuisine is one of the most delicious and healthy dishes you will encounter in this region. You can find all the ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine, including extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, onions, garlic and any other things that could be found in Italy, but if possible, the food in Jordan is even better! They mix Mediterranean cuisine with oriental spices, and the result is incredible. If you eat in someone's house, don't eat anything before you go out, as the hosts will serve you proportionally more than you will ever be able to eat. Rice - and meat-based dishes include Mansaf and Maklube, and if you're lucky enough to travel in the summer, an assortment of colorful, fresh salads like tabbouleh will complement the meal well.

6. Amman

amman city Jordan is home to a huge number of people seeking refuge from conflicts and wars in the Middle East. For this reason, Jordan and the capital of Jordan, Amman, are rapidly becoming a real art center, hosting exhibitions by Iraqi, Syrian and Palestinian artists, as well as Jordanians themselves. Art lovers should check out the Jabal Amman and L'waibdeh districts, and if you're really interested in what's happening in the region politically, Jordan is a place to find the thoughts and opinions of people from across the political spectrum.

7. Diversity

gerasa jerash While travelling in Jordan, the variety of scenery and people can surprise you. Jordan is geographically located between Europe and Asia and for this reason, has always been considered a strategic country. The Moabites, Amorites, Israelites, Greeks, Romans, Nabataeans, and many other civilizations conquered this land, which was reflected in its culture. Enjoy the serene and humble lifestyle of the Bedouins in the Wadi Rum desert by camping with them overnight, but don't forget to also explore what the progressive and fast urban life of Amman has to offer. In addition, the same traditional Jordan dish will have a different taste in the north than in the south, thanks to different cooking methods and the availability of ingredients.

8. Religion in Jordan

mosque Despite the fact that Jordan is a country with a predominance of Muslims in cities such as Madaba and Fuhai, you will find some of the most long-lived communities of Christians living in the country. The harmony between them is widely celebrated in Jordanian society, so you will definitely see churches and mosques standing in solidarity with each other opposite each other, and hear the sound of church bells and the Afan (Muslim call to prayer) in the same area.

9. Budget

hotel Regardless of your budget and vacation plans, Jordan is perfect for you. From five-star hotels and fine restaurants to cozy hostels and guest houses, if they are planned accordingly, Jordan and the sights will allow you to enjoy them at no extra cost. The currency of Jordan is the Jordanian dinar. You can pay in public institutions only in dinars. Although the dollar is popular in the country, it will not be accepted everywhere, so do not forget to exchange the currency in Jordan for small bills.

10. Ancient civilizations

amman citadel Jordan is home to some of the best-preserved archaeological sites of the Roman Empire. In addition to the ruins of the Greco-Roman city of Geras in Jerash, be sure to visit the Citadel (which offers amazing views of the city) and the Roman Theater, located near the center of Amman.

11. Visa to Jordan

jordan passport Jordan issues tourist visas on arrival to more than 130 countries around the world, saving you from having to apply for a visa at the embassy. This allows you to travel spontaneously at any time that suits you. Most people start their journey in the capital of Jordan, Amman, but there is also a Ryanair flight to Aqaba, in the south. You can visit almost all places using public transport, but it would be better to rent a car. Obviously, it's more expensive, but you'll save a lot of time and be able to see more things. The visa costs 40 JOD (single entry) and is valid for 60 days. If you enter Jordan from Aqaba, the visa is free for some nationalities (you will have to stay in Jordan for at least 3 days). To get to most of the most important places in the country, you will have to pay for entry, and the total cost at the end of the holiday is quite high. To save money, we recommend you buy a Jordan Pass, which gives you access to about 40 different locations and significantly reduces the price you will have to pay if you buy each ticket individually.

12. Weather in Jordan

sunset Are you wondering What is the weather in Jordan? The weather in Jordan will be the last thing that will interfere with your visit. Although the winter is cold there, spring comes in early February, and you will be able to travel to all regions of Jordan under the sun until about November. Dry weather also means you'll avoid that sticky humidity even on the beach. The best time to travel to Jordan is spring: in the months between March and May. This is because the temperature is not too high or too low (it is relatively cold in winter, especially in the desert). Also in the spring, everything blooms and is really a sight for the eyes. In addition, the autumn months are also a good choice.

13. Incredible Jordan landscapes

desert Jordan on the map is rich in green and lush north, which seems like a world away from the beautiful dry deserts of the south, and the mountainous landscape oft he capital of Jordan, Amman is awe-inspiring with sunsets over the city. If you are an adventurous person, then make sure to go on an organized hike in one of the many valleys of central Jordan and enjoy the stunning natural views while hiking.

14. The lowest point on Earth 

dead sea The Dead Sea is one of the most unique in Jordan, where as a result of the high salt level, you can easily swim above the water. Do not forget that you will be swimming on the water in natural mud, which has proven healing properties, thanks to the high concentration of salts and minerals, for the treatment of physical ailments. Two interesting facts: because of its "height" (-420 m n.o. m.), you will not need sunscreen: UV rays can not penetrate into a dense atmosphere. Another interesting fact: the oxygen level in the Dead Sea is three times higher than in any other place on Earth.

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