12 Instagrammable places in Amman

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12 Instagrammable places in Amman
Where is Amman? It is the capital of Jordan. In the heart of the Middle East, Jordan is a predominantly desert country that, however, has a great diversity of landscapes that never ceases to amaze. A destination is famous for one of the new wonders of the world; it houses the majestic site of Petra. But besides this fabulous treasure, although small in size, there are many places to visit in Jordan Amman. With a rich historical past, Jordan is full of ancient remains dating from the Greco-Roman, Byzantine, and Umayyad dynasties. Your travel to Amman Jordan will be a real cultural pilgrimage, discovering emblematic biblical sites that have marked history. Also, you can follow the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia by exploring the red desert of Wadi Rum. Traveling to this country is to survey oases and get lost in gigantic canyons, living extraordinary human experiences by going to meet the Bedouins and their legendary hospitality. To travel in Amman Jordan is to get lost on the King's Road, to explore the lands of the Jordan River, and to experience the flotation on the fragile Dead Sea. A trip promise to have a great time in Amman and take your most liked Instagram photo in one of the instagrammable places in Amman. 

Why travel to Amman Jordan?

amman city The capital of Jordan is a good destination for international visitors. Where is Amman? In the Middle East and it is a good place to start your trip to this region, too. There are many places to see in Jordan Amman. Queen Alia Airport is 25 kilometers from the city center. It can take 20 minutes to reach the metropolitan area. The city is built on the Roman ruins of the city of Philadelphia in the desert. It is common to find large archaeological sites among other places to visit in Jordan Amman. One of the main attractions for those visiting Amman is precisely this heritage value. Between its streets, which still retain a citadel, and a Roman forum to visit in Amman. Among the main tourist attractions are the markets, the usual walks through its narrow streets, and the shops of crafts and typical food. Also, among the places to see in Jordan Amman, you will find many picturesque and instagrammable places. In this writing, you can read about 12 instagrammable places in Amman and Jordan, where you can take the most liked Instagram photo of you, also about where is Amman, what are the best places to see in Jordan Amman, and how to spend your time in Amman. 

1. The Citadel of Amman & The Roman Amphitheater

roman theatre An excellent way to start the discovery of the city by visiting the remains and discovering their origins. In addition to superb housing ruins and being a very pleasant walk, the Citadel offers magnificent views of the lower town, where you can take panoramic pictures. When you are on the hill where the Citadel stands, you have at your feet the city center of Amman and a sublime 360° panorama. Amman stretches as far as the eye can see on both sides of the hills. That is on top of the best places to visit in Jordan Amman. Amman is an old city. During the Roman Empire was Philadelphia, its original name was Rabbath Ammon, the city of the Ammonites, a name given to it in the Bible. Pharaoh Ptolemy II Philadelphus will give it its Greco-Roman name, which it will keep until the arrival of the Ghassanids, a pre-Islamic Arab kingdom of Christian faith, a vassal of the Roman Empire, who renamed the city under its biblical name: Amman. It has been the capital since 1921. Today, it is argued that out of 10 million Jordanians, 4 million live in the capital.

2. Petra

petra Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985 and listed in the New Wonders of the World list, the site of Petra is undoubtedly the jewel of Jordan. An emblematic site where the wonder begins at the entrance of the Siq, an impressive canyon nearly a kilometer long. At each turn, the excitement is at its height when you think of discovering the famous door of Al-Khazneh, the Treasury of Petra. The magic happens when it finally reveals itself in all its splendor. However, Petra is not just about this door and is full of wonders to discover on foot. This ancient Nabataean city, founded by the Edomites in the 8th century, is full of troglodyte tombs and breathtaking views. A place that never ceases to fascinate travelers, both by its monuments and the splendor of the natural setting in which it is located. Also, its location allows you to easily visit it from Amman. There are many hiking routes to visit the Petra site. Do not forget to climb the 800 steps that lead to Ad Deir Monastery. Here the show is magical at sunset, so you can take the most liked Instagram photo from Jordan. 

3. King Abdullah I Mosque

mosque Built in 1989, it is one of the few mosques accessible to non-Muslims. It is open from 8:30 am and is located near the new Amman business district. If you stay at the Royal Amman Hotel, it is perfectly recognizable from afar with its two minarets rising to the sky and its magnificent blue mosaic dome. Other beautiful mosques to photograph during your time in Amman are Abu Darwish Mosque and King Hussein Mosque.

4. Mount Nebo

nebo Jordan has many biblical sites, including Mount Nebo, a holy place that rises to 808 meters. It is here that Moses would have seen the Promised Land and here that he would have died at the age of 120 years, even if the place of his burial remains hypothetical. On this site is the Memorial Church of Moses, a basilica that contains ancient mosaics superbly preserved. 

5. Madaba

madaba Thirty kilometers south of Amman, Madaba is a small town along the King’s Route, perfect as a base for exploring the surrounding area. This rather quiet village is worth a visit because it is famous for its Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics. It is home to a Christian minority, which gives it a special atmosphere when the bell towers echo the call to prayer of the muezzin.

6. Dana Biosphere Reserve

dana reserve Classified as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, the Dana reserve is one of the Jordanian natural parks which works to promote ecotourism. The reserve is a real playground for hiking enthusiasts and conducive to the observation of rich flora and fauna. No less than 40 animal species and 800 plant species in a setting that shelters very varied landscapes, between sandstone cliffs, mountains, and desert plateaus. The village of Dana is a little gem that offers a splendid panorama over the valley.

7. Desert Castles

desert castle Witnesses to a fascinating era in Jordan's history, the desert castles are a well-kept secret because they are still outside the main tourist routes. Mostly built during the reign of the Umayyads, these castles built in desert plains are, in reality, the remains of former residences of caliphs. The usefulness of these castles is sometimes ignored, but they could serve as a caravanserai, holiday residence, or hunting lodge.

8. Jerash

jerash columnar Located 50 kilometers north of Amman, Jerash is the second most visited site in Jordan after Petra. A fabulous place that derives its fame from the fact that it is one of the best-preserved Greco-Roman cities in the Middle East. Formerly known as Gerasa, this city reached its peak under Roman occupation, and its ruins bear witness to its past greatness. The remains of this ancient city have been miraculously preserved because buried under the sand for centuries.

9. The Dead Sea

dead sea The experience of floating on the Dead Sea is undoubtedly one of the highlights of a trip to Jordan. What a strange feeling it is to float in this oily sea, located 430 meters below sea level; it is the lowest land-based elevation in the world. The Dead Sea Road is full of viewpoints where you can admire the soft contrast between the color of the rocks and the turquoise blue of the sea.

10. Wadi Rum Desert

wadi rum desert The desert is one of the most Instagrammable places in the country, along with the Dead Sea and Petra. The desert of Wadi Rum, an exceptional and fascinating place that is moreover not only an expanse of sand tinged with red. At the heart of this desert valley, there are numerous stone giants and gigantic rock formations.

11. Mujib Biosphere Reserve

mujib reserve A few meters from the Dead Sea, it is a spectacular sight that is one of the must-see places to visit in Jordan, which stretches from 900 meters above sea level to 400 meters below. It is full of narrow gorges and arid mountains, sometimes reaching more than 1,200 meters. The place offers fabulous possibilities for exploration, solo, or with the services of experienced guides. 

12. As-Salt

As-Salt city If you have the chance, allow yourself time to visit the small town of As-Salt, the ancient capital of Jordan. Its small houses, its authentic architecture make this town a very pleasant and rewarding visit.

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