11 reasons why you should travel to Laos right now

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11 reasons why you should travel to Laos right now
Laos is a beautiful and small country located in Southeast Asia. Myanmar and China surround the country to the northwest, Cambodia to the east, Vietnam to the south, and Thailand. Since ancient times, this country is also called the land of thousand of elephants. That is, the elephant here is famous in the world. People come from each corner of the world to see it. North of Laos is China and North Vietnam, Cambodia in the south, Mekong River on Thailand's border in the southwest. Due to which the climate here is tropical, about 2/3 of Laos's area is full of nature's beauty and forests. Elephant, leopard, cheetah and snake etc., are found in the lush green forests here.   If you travel to Laos, you should know that the colloquial language here is Thai, using Sanskrit, Pali and French words. Additionally, French is the second language of royalty. Like Cambodia and Vietnam, Buddhism is the predominant religion here. People like cuisine here very much. If you are a fan of adrenaline, then here are underground river caves, white water rapids and jungle ziplines, which you can enjoy and make your trip memorable. It would be nice to take the pictures to turn this trip into memories.  Let's know why you should travel to Laos.

1. It's affordable in brief

village in laos Laos is suitable for any budget on you, here all the cheap and expensive things are available according to your wish. All services are still at an excellent price in Laos compared to travel to all countries in Asia. If you want to take advantage of the best services at a low cost, then all amenities (AC, hot bath, WiFi, fridge, pool and restaurant) are available for around $40 a night. There are lots of services offered for all taste of travellers, and in brief, every person can find options in terms of cost either expensive or cheap. If you wish to make your holiday memorable, then Laos will be better for travelling.

2. Amazing Laos nature

laos nature You will be a nature lover. Would you like to know what to see in Laos? Views of natural beauty will attract you here. When you travel to Laos, you should enjoy the natural beauty here with a boat ride across the Mekong River. Tourists see mountain views riding bikes on the streets of Luang Prabang. The winding roads atop the mountains symbolize the natural beauty of the country. As soon as you come here, you will fall in love with Laos nature and scenery. The beautiful lush and dense forests here will fascinate you. These beautiful scenes will inspire your heart to roam properly. It is stunning, winding roads, hills make here must-visit place for nature lovers

3. You'll get to amazing Laos food

laos food If you are fond of food, then you will not find good and delicious food from Laos. There are such snack shops on the road, narrow streets, where even big celebrities reach to taste them. If you plan to travel to Laos, you need to know about the famous glutinous sticky rice with spicy jeow, grilled fish, fried morning glory, or bamboo soup. Laos is a perfect place to travel. The crowded city is famous not only for walking but also for different types of food items. Especially the street Laos food is so delicious that you will become a fan of it. 

4. Amazing Laos nightlife

party toast drinks Laos is a beautiful and small country, known worldwide for its thrilling Laos nightlife, colonial architecture and cheap wine. People come from all over the world to enjoy the attractive and night-long nightlife or nightclub. Tourists from all over the world come to nightclubs to experience dance party and trance music of Laos. The city of Laos is full of clubs. So, if you travel to Laos, then be a part of the club parties. Of course, you will have more club parties, but here you will have extra fun.

5. Quiet beauty everywhere

town in laos Laos is considered a pioneer in the field of tourism, full of natural beauty, tranquil environment. Called a country with a thousand elephants, many crores of tourists visit each year this country. The snowy hills, rivers, lakes and greenery located here attract tourists. Laos has many popular tourist destinations, which are full of beautiful and serene provincial surroundings. It is said that Laos's local life is simple: tourists come from every corner of the world to beautify the streets here. Tourists here truly experience the heart touching natural beauty; hence, the tourism here makes for a unique experience compared to anywhere else in South-East Asia.

6. Culture, history, and tradition

buddhist temple Despite Laos being old, it came into existence on the world's political map in medieval times. According to Lao literature, Prince Falgun is considered the founder of Laos. A Kshatriya chieftain took refuge in the court of Angkor for some reason. Like the neighboring country Cambodia and Vietnam, Buddhism is the main Laos religion of the people here. So if you want to learn more about Buddhism or interact with Buddhist monks, there can be no better place than this. People here welcome tourists to temples, etc. places of worship according to their culture, provided that the tourists remain respectful and polite.

7. Lifestyle and climate of Laos

rain Talking about climate of Laos, the climate here is tropical and monsoon. There is a rainy season from November till May, due to which tourists are less in this season. There is a dry season from November till April, so the number of tourists visiting the Millions remains in this season. However, in terms of temperature, the average temperature here is 26.5 ° C (80 ° F), which is favourable for tourism. Talking about lifestyle, the lifestyle of the Laos people here is unique. You will be surprised to see the living conditions of the people from here, and you too will be interested in the living and dress of these people. However, people here now consider the old traditions less and adopt the style of modernization.

8. Night shopping

night market There is no doubt, Luang Prabang is the most famous in the country in the night market area. That is, here is the best night market in the country. You will find exciting markets here. Everything from textiles and other locally made handicrafts to household items and fresh meats and produce is available here. The lights of the needs here at night fascinate people, where is Laos Markets for shopping, there is always a gathering of Tourist. Tourists visiting here adorn the markets here. Markets and shopping malls in the streets of Laos are discussed worldwide. Laos has an excellent atmosphere for tourists who shop. You will find stalls in the streets for the best shopping in the attract markets here. 

9. Laos festivals

laos festival Laos is well known throughout the world as a country of traditional and cultural festivals. If you travel to Laos, you can enjoy the festivities here. Laos is always full of people at fairs and festivals. People associated with every Laos religion have their own cultural and traditional festivals. Each festival of the Laos people has its own mythological Story and history have special significance. The Luang Festival, Lunar New Year (Chinese/Vietnamese) and Boat Racing Festival are among the major Laos festivals here.

10. Where is Laos adventure?

waterfall Do you need to know what to see in Laos? The lush green forests, high hills, waterfalls, etc., found here will thrill your mind. Here you can zipline between the treehouse in the rainforest. Additionally, rock climbing can also be done in the limestone mountains. That is, everything in Laos that can please your mind. Here you can also enjoy tubing, trekking and cycling. You will be surprised to know that there are many caves to swim in, including bike tracks for swimming and waterfalls for swimming inside. 

11. Historical temples in Laos

historical temple Laos has been a majority Buddhist nation since ancient times. Tourists come from far and wide to visit the intricately painted temple or wat here. Some of the most ornate temples in Laos are in Luang Prabang, the former royal capital. Many historical temples can be found here. If you travel to southern Laos, Vat Phou is worth a visit, and this temple is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Additionally, the ancient Khmer temple attracts millions of people for traditional dances, sporting events and music. Laos is one such country in the geography of the world, which is famous for its beauty. Many such things in this country make this country more attractive from other countries such as the language, living conditions, dress, culture, religion, etc. will attract you. Although Laos is less developed and prosperous than its neighbours, Laos has become known for travelling in Southeast Asia five to ten years ago. The locals here are happy to see the visitors and welcome them by showing them their beautiful country. So you too can enjoy the natural beauty, high hills, lush green forests, waterfalls and delicious cuisine here. 

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