16 reasons why you should travel to Nicaragua right now

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16 reasons why you should travel to Nicaragua right now
Nicaragua, is one of the amazing places worthy of a visit to Central America. Tourists mostly visit other countries in the region, such as Costa Rica. But Nicaragua is very underrated in that sense. This small state will definitely impress you in almost everything. First, let’s see where Nicaragua is. It is a Central American country located between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, bordering Honduras to the north and Costa Rica to the south. What is the capital of Nicaragua? Managua is the largest and the capital city of Nicaragua. Nicaragua is one of the low-income countries in the Western Hemisphere. Nicaragua currency is Nicaraguan cordoba.  Why travel to Nicaragua? Well, there are many places to visit, such as Lake Nicaragua, and activities to do with a lower budget. When to travel to Nicaragua? The best time to travel to Nicaragua is through a dry season. It is mostly from December to May, when there are few amounts of rainfall. Where to travel in Nicaragua? There are many exotic and cultural sites to pay a visit to this small amazing country, which I write more about below. This article will give you information about 16 reasons why one should travel to Nicaragua, as well as an answer to the question: Is it safe to travel to Nicaragua?

1. Lake Nicaragua

cocibolca lake One important reason to visit Nicaragua is getting to see Lake Nicaragua (aka Cocibolca), the world’s one of the largest lakes and the largest freshwater lake in Central America. Spanning 8,264 square kilometres, Lake Nicaragua came into existence thanks to tectonic activities. Local people usually do not recommend swimming in this lake, but if you are very determined, you will find a few beaches on its shores. The view around the lake is very picturesque, so you won’t be able to resist taking a lot of pictures.

2. Scuba diving and snorkelling

snorkling in nicaragua There is a variety of diving and snorkelling venues in Nicaragua. Close to Corn Island, you can enjoy diving in crystal clear Caribbean waters. Or you may decide to enjoy the deep Pacific waters around San Juan del Sur. Or even the coolest one is diving in a crater lake of the Apoyo Volcano. In the waters of the Caribbean Sea, you will witness a great diversity of marine life. While diving, tourists relish watching nurse sharks, the Queensland groper, the pennant-fish, various sea turtles, etc. 

3. Amazing surfing experience

surfing Are you a fan of surfing and wonder: When to travel to Nicaragua? It is a good idea to travel to Nicaragua in winter. It is the dry season in the country, with the lowest amount of rainfall. During the summertime, Nicaragua receives a lot of rain, which may be problematic for surfers. On the southwest of the country, you will find San Juan del Sur beach. It’s an amazing place for visitors who are in search of the perfect waves. Playa Maderas is another beach offering unforgettable surfing experiences.

4. Immaculada Conception Castle

spanish defensive fortification of el castillo Are you wondering where to travel in Nicaragua? If so, don’t miss the chance of visiting Immaculada Conception Castle, aka the Fortress of the Immaculate Conception. The Spaniards built this amazing castle in the 1670s. Standing on the hill and overlooking the surrounding areas, this legendary caster protects the communities around from Caribbean pirates’ attacks. Today, there is a museum inside the castle displaying the exhibits related to the history of the area. It is easy to reach the castle from San Carlos on a boat.

5. Delicious food

Being in search of eating authentic meals and the philosophy of eating like locals have made tours to sample local food more famous. Travelling to Nicaragua will also create an opportunity for you to taste delicious and authentic local dishes. A must-have traditional dish in Nicaragua is Gallo Pinto (Rice, red beans, and onions). Other famous local foods include Nacatamal, Quesillo, and Rondon. For a traditional Nicaraguan breakfast, you should try Desayuno Nica.

6. Canopy tours

zip lining Why travel to Nicaragua? It is just enough to mention that the untouched rainforests of Nicaragua host around 7% of the world’s biodiversity. Now imagine flying over those rainforests. It is possible thanks to canopy adventures in the country. Nicaraguans offer canopy adventures not only in rainforests but also in other environmental settings, such as over lagoons, lakes, and rivers. There are very stringent rules and professional guides, ensuring the highest safety possible during canopy tours.

7. Los Guatuzos Wildlife Refuge

monkey sitting in the leaves Being located about five hours driving distance from the capital of Nicaragua, Los Guatuzos Wildlife Refuge covers an area of 437 square kilometres. With its important protective measures, the refuge has dozens of wetlands, ponds, as well as rivers, to explore in this wildlife refuge. It is a perfect place for watching birds, crocodiles, sloths, and other wild animals.

8. Sandboarding

sandboarding Where to travel in Nicaragua? What about an active volcano? Cerro Negro is an active volcano famous for its sandboarding activity. Cerro Negro is just 400 meters high, without a single tree on it. You will find an amazing scenic view of the surrounding areas. The surface of the volcano is smooth and steep, making it very suitable for sandboarding. Just like snowboarding, you will have a wooden board to go downhill, but without snow this time.

9. Indio Maiz Biological Reserve

nature of nicaragua Being located in the south of the country, Indio Maiz Biological Reserve stretches over 3,000 square kilometres. It covers a large area of a tropical rainforest, which provides a great niche for hundreds of rainforest species, such as jaguars or pumas. You can also get professional guided tours offered by the local indigenous inhabitants of this excellent place.

10. Hiking

hiking What may ruin your hiking plans? Of course, it is raining. That is why, as I said, the best time to travel to Nicaragua is from December to May, when there is very little rain. Hiking is arguably an excellent way of getting the best of Nicaragua. Tourists will get various trails for hikers in the Mombacho Volcano Natural Reserve. There are also reputable local guides, who know the area like the back of their hands.

11. Being free of large crowds

sunny day in san juan del sur town As mentioned earlier, Nicaragua is an underrated country in Central America. That is why you will find it very peaceful and relaxing thanks to the absence of large crowds of tourists. Even during the best time to travel to Nicaragua, there is not a great number of tourists. As the country is getting more and more famous, make sure to be among the first to travel to Nicaragua

12. The Lost city

san juan del sur Greytown, the lost city, is also an amazing place to see, with its interesting history. Nicaraguans and Spanish people inhabited this town, called San Juan del Norte. But the British invaded and renamed it Greytown in 1841. Its name is dedicated to Sir Charles Grey, the governor of Jamaica at the time. When visiting, you will also find the remains of the unsuccessful attempt at building an inter-ocean canal before Panama.

13. Rich wildlife

toucan sitting on branch The country’s rainforests are home to very diverse animals, birds, insects, as well as trees and plants. Visiting Nicaragua and witnessing all these natural beauties is very satisfying. The fact that Nicaragua is a poor country must be another reason for us to visit and enjoy it while bringing money into the country, which is much needed for the protection of Nicaragua wildlife.

14. Very friendly people

unidentified nicaragua people Nicaraguans are incredibly kind and friendly. Their children are so happy to play and dance with you. Adult people always smile when they see tourists and are always happily welcoming them.

15. Affordable prices

money of nicaragua Compared to the more visited neighbouring countries, Nicaragua is much affordable. For one USD, you can get 34.50 Nicaragua currency. You can even find a bed to sleep in a dorm for about $5. One bottle of beer is about $1.50. An excellent local dish in a fine restaurant wouldn’t cost you more than $15.

16. Adrenaline rush

volcano crater eruption There are 23 volcanoes in Nicaragua, 19 of which are active volcanoes. Are you not excited already? There are many activities around these volcanoes, such as hiking, sandboarding, and mountain biking. Imagine, while enjoying yourself on the top of the mountain, suddenly it erupts. That would be quite an adrenaline rush.

Is it safe to travel to Nicaragua?

nicaraguan police It is a safe place to visit. But you should make sure that you are never alone, and even better, you are with a reputable local guide. The reports show that since 2018, the crime rate in the country has increased. Robberies, violent attacks, and petty crime happen mostly outside major cities. For women, is it safe to travel to Nicaragua? Yes, unless they are alone. Lone female travellers can be subject to verbal abuse and kidnapping. 

A quick recap

beautiful granada cityscape Nicaragua is a beautiful Caribbean nation, with pristine and less-explored rainforests. It offers various fun activities and picturesque nature. In this blog, I have touched upon topics like the capital of Nicaragua, Nicaragua currency, and where to travel in Nicaragua. The questions that have answers here are as follows: Is it safe to travel to Nicaragua? Why travel to Nicaragua? When to travel to Nicaragua? The main points are the following: Lake Nicaragua, scuba diving and snorkelling, surfing, the Fortress of the Immaculate Conception, amazing food, canopy tours, Los Guatuzos Wildlife Refuge, sandboarding, Indio Maiz Biological Reserve, hiking, fewer crowds, Greytown, rich wildlife, friendly people, affordability, and adrenaline rush.

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