12 most Instagrammable dishes in Europe and where to try them

Ieva Miltina 29 September 2020 1152 views 5 min. read

One of the most amazing things about travelling is the ability to try different dishes and cuisines. The truth is - food can bring back memories, create new memories, and convey so much meaning as no words could. Isn't this amazing? I guess this is one of the reasons why we are often eager to scroll and drool over the most instagrammable dishes to cook on our social media feeds. These delicious pictures not only give us some impression of the best dishes in Europe countries but sometimes bring us on a journey through online recipes even if we don't have the opportunity to actually travel. The last year has been living proof that we bring our taste buds on adventurous journeys and make some great Europe dishes at home without even leaving your own crib. Let's dream a little. With this article, I will probably not tell you what are the top three dishes in Europe, but you will find out way more. Here goes a list of 12 most instagrammable dishes in Europe and the best places to try them! Ready to drool a little? Off we go!

12. Bratwurst in Nuremberg, Germany

A huge sausage unapologetically squeezed in an obviously too small bun waiting to be knacked open. And that was not a spelling error - just imagine the 'knack' its skin does when squeezed between your teeth, followed by a slight drool of delicious meat juices from the inside! And then a hit of sharp mustard on top of your mouth, giving another layer of excitement. This is one of the most iconic German street foods, but it also will be served along with oh-so-traditional potato and sauerkraut plate. Head to the south of Germany and try the best sausage in Bratwursthäusle to snap some slightly awkward pics of you trying to bite right into it!

11. Svenska Kottbullar in Stockholm, Sweden

I know, brown blobs in a sauce are actually not one of the most instagrammable dishes in the world, but let me justify the position in this list. This Swedish staple that first emerged in 1754 is now one of the most widely photographed (uninstagrammable) dishes just for one reason. The Swedish giant IKEA offers them their outlets in the whole world since the 80s already, and therefore it has become a well-recognized dish from this Scandinavian nation. The best place to try those? A shop in Stockholm that specializes in just that - Meatballs for the People. Or buy them from IKEA and make it one of your own most instagrammable dishes to cook at home!

10. Stroopwafels in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

A sticky, gooey caramel pressed between two wafer-thin layers of pastry is the most convenient cookie-like dessert to enjoy while strolling on the streets of beautiful Amsterdam. Or alongside morning coffee. Or just about any time, all the time. You will find them basically everywhere if you go to this open-minded capital, but let me suggest the creative Van Wonderen Stroopwafels if you are looking for those instagrammable qualities. They are one of few that experiment with the classic recipe and the toppings, adding some of those colourful accents to your Instagram photos.

9. Fish and chips in London, United Kingdom

There is nothing more British than a big fillet of fish battered and deep-fried, served along with some deliciously crispy french fries. Typically wrapped in greaseproof paper and newspaper, this makes one of the best Europe dishes to be eaten outdoors. For the sake of instagrammability, in a place with a great view for your snaps. Head to Poppie's Fish and Chips to get yours!

8. Gyros souvlaki in Athens, Greece

Greek food is absolutely amazing, but its appeal hides rather in flavours than the simple gastronomic theatrics. This is nevertheless one of my favourite instagrammable dishes in the whole world! Another amazing street-food staple is shaved meat from the spit, veg, tzatziki, and french fries wrapped in a piece of soft, grilled pita bread. Complete happiness for your tongue and belly, especially after some wild partying in the Greek clubs. A suggestion for the best outcome. Your hands will be very busy; therefore ask someone else to take photos of you trying to eat this (smaller or bigger) beast! It will be great literally anywhere you try it in Greece, but supposedly one of the favourites for the locals is Bairaktaris Central.

7. Churros in Madrid, Spain


Crispy, warm elongated doughnuts covered with some sugar is all you need to make yourself really, really happy. Served with warm and gooey chocolate, they make the perfect instagrammable temptation for your stories! Serving since 1894, Chocolateria San Gines is arguably the best spot to have this treat.

6. Cold beetroot soup in Riga, Latvia

What are the top three dishes in Europe? This is definitely not a dish on the "most popular foods" map. But it is something totally absolutely unique and instagrammable. Most likely for one big reason - it is deliciously pink! Many tourists often call it the Barbie soup, and surely does it look like something very cute. It is made from kefir, pickled beetroots, cucumbers, and fresh herbs and is mostly eaten in the summertime. To get the best shot at trying it, definitely go for one of the most authentic Latvian food places - Folkklubs Ala.

5. Gelato in Rome, Italy

What would be a perfect vacation without some colourful ice cream pictures in the warm Italian sun, right? Let me use the moment to educate you - gelato is a kind of ice cream, but the preparation technique actually differs, and the texture is much denser. This is what makes it more creamy and delicious. Really, one of the best dishes in Europe countries for decadent sweet lovers! You will find amazing gelato all over Italy, but the place suggested even by the magnificent Anthony Bourdain himself is Gelateria Dei Gracchi!

4. Fondue in Zurich, Switzerland

Cheese. Warm, gooey, melted cheese in a big pot in the middle of the table. Usually a communal affair, the particular flavours will differ from the region and the cheeses added, but for the most authentic ones go to Zurich to dip your pieces of bread and enjoy the complete cheesy happiness in Swiss Chuchi Restaurant! And don't forget to make some seriously tempting stories.

3. Francesinha in Porto, Portugal

This can be called the king of all sandwiches because it is something you are unlikely to forget! Two or more layers of bread, filled with cured ham, Portuguese sausage, steak or roast beef, covered with layers of melted cheese, tomato and beer sauce, and sometimes egg. And don't forget the fries! The easiest way to describe it is - food coma in one dish! The best place to try this by far is in Cafe Santiago.

2. Macarons in Paris, France

If you were wondering what are the top three dishes in Europe, then this is definitely one of those that fall into the sweet tooth category. Not only it is one of the prettiest treats with more and more options, colours, flavours to choose from. It also happens to be the second most popular European dish on Instagram. A whopping 6,578,600 mentions of #macarons! With that said - the most instagrammable, as well as the most Instagrammed (solely European) dish title, goes to this tiny heavenly bit. Best place to try it? No doubt - Ladurée pâtisserie. It is THE place where Pierre Desfontaines invented this iconic sweet at the beginning of the 20th century, and the recipe has not changed since!

1. Pizza in Napoli, Italy

pizza in napoli

Yes! The simple, melted cheese and tomato flatbread that comes in all sizes and flavours are the most Instagrammed dish ever. The unbelievable amount of 49,193,150 posts that are dedicated to this staple! Let me just argue a bit on this number - not all of these would correspond to the authentic Italian type of pizza. By the way, it is the simple Margherita on the thinnest pizza crust. Lots of these posts would be associated with the thick crust pizza, which is considered one of the most common dishes also in New York. But this article is about the Europe dishes and I can wholeheartedly suggest having the pizza of your life in  L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele in Naples. And make it a thousand times more instagrammable by sitting at the table from the movie "Eat Pray Love" with Julie Roberts! It is a truly happy feeling to dream about stuffing your face with an endless amount of everything sweet, salty, fatty, fried, gooey, and all the other sinful edible things. Seeing some tempting pictures just helps us get there, and therefore I hope the list has left you drooling and scrolling over some of the best dishes in Europe countries. And even more - I hope that this will inspire you to feature at least some of those most instagrammable dishes to cook from your own home. Francesinha for next Sunday breakfast? Or maybe a girly afternoon with your own macaron workshop? Just go for it; the world is your oyster!