10 reasons why you should travel to Phi-Phi Islands instead of Bangkok

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10 reasons why you should travel to Phi-Phi Islands instead of Bangkok
Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia are neighbours of Thailand. Formerly Thailand was called Siam. The Gulf of Thailand surrounds Thailand. Thai people are those immigrants who came from China in the 11th century. So, let’s start to discover Thailand and find out how to travel to Thailand. By the way, if you want to make this trip happen, you should check Thailand visa requirements first.

How to Travel to Thailand

thailand police When you decide to travel to Thailand, the questions like the best time to travel to Thailand, how to travel to Thailand, what to do in Thailand, best places to travel in Thailand, is it safe to travel to Thailand -  keep popping in your mind. Do not worry: we will answer all of your questions in this blog. For example, a valid passport for six months is necessary. Some country nationals can enter Thailand without a visa by the land border and stay there for 30 days. 10 reasons why you should travel to Phi-Phi islands instead of Bangkok

1. The Nature of Phi-Phi

Nature of Phi-Phi Islands The first reason is Phi & Phi Island Resorts. Incredible Phi & Phi resorts are more beautiful than the capital city. Bangkok is the most famous city in Asia. It is renowned for its nights, clubs, lights. The bright lights of the city make this city more lovely than other cities. The most popular thing in Bangkok, of course, is nights and clubs. The to-do list in Bangkok is laconic but interesting: as we say, visiting the floating market will be a great experience. Chinatown is another destination for food lovers. There are several places where you can taste Chinese and Thai dishes. It is very popular to drive a scooter there. All of the locals and nearly all of the tourists are using scooters for their transportation. It can be a great fun experience for you. Wat Pho-Temple of the Reclining Buddha is located on Rattanakosin Island. You feel that you are in Asia when you visit this place. But, if you want to fill up your heart, your spirit with the emotions of Thailand, then you should travel to the Phi-Phi islands. It is a dream of those who want to have fun, even nature lovers. Warm beaches, wild forests, incredible waterfalls will treat your soul. There are so many parties that you can enjoy more than other parties during your visit to Thailand. It is also a food paradise. There are many cooking schools so you can learn how to cook your favourite meals. Meditation and yoga centres are the way to find your inner peace.

2. Phi-Phi & Khai Nai Islands Deluxe Full-day Tour by Speedboat

Phi-Phi Islands tourist This is another reason. You should for sure see Phi-Phi islands resort. It is acceptable to add to the to-do list: Phi Phi & Khai Nai islands deluxe full-day tour by speedboat. Excursions with speedboats, amazing views of monkeys are available on Phi-Phi & Khai Nai islands deluxe full-day tours. Bangkok is good, but diving in the Phi-Phi islands resorts is even more marvellous. You can add this tour to your “what to do in Thailand?” list.

3. Phuket Island

Phuket Island The third reason is Phuket island. You can also visit Phuket island because Phi & Phi is an island group between Krabi and Phuket island. Phuket is the largest island and one of the best places to travel in Thailand. This island is one of the most popular places to visit. World-class shows are staged in Phuket. Karon Beach, Freedom Beach, Kathu beach are the most beautiful beaches on this island, but there are more than 30 beaches overall. Surin Beach, Paradise beach, Nai Harn are a slice of heaven. A visit to Phuket will be an unforgettable experience to stay with you for a lifetime; you will not forget any second of your visit. Jet skiing, hiking, snorkelling, going to the cart are among the entertainment choices. Wat Chalong, Big Buddha, is the most popular cultural place in Phuket. If you are looking for a few vintage places, Phuket town’s old buildings are here. Also, as the island is small and worldwide famous, safety is ensured at all costs here. The local community is so close that everyone knows each other. They are known for being friendly, helpful, and kind to the guests of the island.

4. Krabi Island

Krabi Island The next reason is, of course, Krabi island. As we say, Phi & Phi is near Krabi island. Krabi is the most popular province in Southern Thailand. It is also considered the best island for its view. The sandy beaches, bars will make your experience more beautiful. If you are a nature and animal lover, being a volunteer in Lanta-Animal Welfare will help you to feel good. There is Railay for rock climbers. Ao-Nang is a very bustling beach resort. Shark watching tours will be lovelier than Bangkok’s amazing lights.

5. Full Moon Parties

Drinks There are always “full moon parties” on Phi & Phi island. There is a legend about this party. Once the group of tourists noticed a beautiful moon view from the beach. From that day on, the Full Moon Party takes place here. A lot of drinks, music and a colourful ambience are the best sides of the party for adding it to the “what to do in Thailand” list. Another adrenaline activity that Bangkok doesn’t have: Rock climbing!

6. Fresh Seafood

Fresh Seafood Eating street food would be extremely fun for you. You can find grilled meat on the papaya salad. Thai people do not eat at home. Every street has a food corner in Bangkok. Besides, it is unforgettable to eat fresh seafood on the paradise beaches. 

7. Songkran

Songkran People have water fights in Songkran (Traditional New Thai Year), which is celebrated in April every year. It is one of the best experiences for fun lovers. To visit Phi & Phi at this time is more attractive than to be in Bangkok. Furthermore, you can experience scuba diving in one of the most suitable places in the world here. These kinds of activities are offered to even beginner level scuba divers. Put on your scuba diving suit and enjoy the depth of nature!

8. The Beaches

Beach The beaches of Phi-Phi islands resort are among the main reasons to visit Thailand. Relaxing beaches and the stunning beauty of beaches make people happy. It is possible to find there many white sandy beaches. By walking, you can also find hidden little beaches that are accessible to the public. For the smaller islands and beaches, you can also rent a long tail boat taxi or kayak tour. A Bamboo Island tour is another beautiful activity for visitors. It has several white powder sandy beaches. For dinner, you should walk only 30 minutes. More than 20 beaches are waiting for you.

9. Captain Bob’s Sailing Cruise

Captain Bob’s Sailing Cruise Captain Bob’s Sailing Booze Cruise includes snorkelling, fishing, cliff jumping. What can be better? You will see the beauty of different beaches and lovely nature. Cute stuff’s service is great. The Phi viewpoint is the best point in Thailand. All of the views are crazy beautiful.

10. Koh Phi-Phi Leh & Maya Bay

Koh Phi-Phi LehThe Beach” movie with Leonardo di Caprio was filmed exactly here. It’s worth seeing this beautiful place. The lively marine of Koh is very famous. Tourists often visit this beauty and discover colourful underwater life. You can rent a private long-tail boat. Also, you can join the snorkelling tours. There are several beautiful bays to discover, such as Loh Samah Bay, Malong, or Palong bay. There you can see sea turtles, black sea reefs.

Best Time to Travel to Thailand

view of thailand The best time to travel to Thailand is from November to April. It is the dry and cool season in Thailand. From July till October is the rainy season. Yet, it does not mean you should not go to Thailand at this time. Heavy rain attacks are not too long. If you want to get great Instagram pictures, then the period from December to early April could be the best choice. As you know, Thailand has a tropical climate: it is always hot and humid. However, there are always cooling breezes and oceans. Raincoats will help you even if you travel during the dry season because rain can come unexpectedly.

Is It Safe to Travel to Thailand?

tourists in Phi-Phi Islands The government has warned about some issues that could occur while you travel. Do not enter people’s protests. It can be dangerous to travel to the area that is bordering Malaysia, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Also, we wouldn’t recommend travelling to Pattani, Narathiwat, Yala, and Songkhla. Buying any Thai pharmacy without a prescription can be a problem for you. You can be arrested, so get medical advice for getting any pharmacy.

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