10 reasons why you should travel to Playa del Carmen instead of Cancun

10 reasons why you should travel to Playa del Carmen instead of Cancun

Punhan Shukurov17 October 2020815 views8 min. read
10 reasons why you should travel to Playa del Carmen instead of Cancun
Where is Mexico? Mexico is in the southern part of the North American continent, bordering the US, Belize, Guatemala, and the Pacific Ocean. Several regions of Mexico, such as Cancun, are particularly famous as favorite vacation destinations for foreigners. However, notable cities and towns can be overcrowded, expensive, and boring. Therefore, we need to discover and explore new places that will make our vacation unforgettable and interesting. Playa del Carmen is another Mexican city that is definitely worth visiting and spending a holiday. In this blog, we will talk about travel to Playa del Carmen. We will answer the following questions: Why travel to Playa del Carmen instead of Cancun? Where is Mexico? Is it safe to travel to Playa del Carmen? When is the best time to travel to Playa del Carmen? This blog will be handy for those who are looking for new exciting cities to travel to and explore.

1. Scuba diving and snorkeling

scuba diving in mexico The Caribbean Sea is one of the most amazing places in the world to experience scuba diving and snorkeling at its best. The city of Playa del Carmen is located along the coastlines of the Caribbean Sea. The purity of the water makes it great for diving and snorkeling. You will have a chance to admire a myriad of colorful fish species and sea plants while diving. The hotels and tourism agencies offer special instructions and clothes for these activities. You can join the short lesson before diving and snorkeling in order to have a flawless experience and great fun. Scuba diving and snorkeling are well-developed tourism activities in Playa del Carmen. The city attracts millions of tourists thanks to the high quality of water for diving activities.

2. La Quinta Avenida - Playa del Carmen's principal street

la quinta avenida La Quinta Avenida, which is Playa del Carmen's principal street, is located along the shore of the sea. The iconic road, which features various tourist attractions, is very well-developed as an entertainment spot. Excellent restaurants, cafes, jewel shops, street performers, and cozy hotels will make your time great in La Quinta Avenida. While wandering around the street, you will enjoy tasting the delicious local meals offered by street vendors. You will feel the sweet taste of experiencing Mexican culture while appreciating the street music. Many travelers say that La Quinta Avenida is a particular street where you can experience Mexican street culture at its best. Dynamic La Quinta Avenida will make your travel to Playa del Carmen unique and unforgettable. Why travel to Playa del Carmen? - to see the most exquisite street with the most exciting tourist attractions in the whole of Mexico.

3. Discounted tourism packages

money Playa del Carmen has a developing tourism industry that is growing at a fast pace. Therefore, the government has increased the number of offers to inspire more tourists to visit Playa del Carmen. Discounted tourism packages, cheap flights, and travel to Playa del Carmen are among the unique offerings. You will hardly find special deals for another city such as Cancun. Playa del Carmen has a vast tourism potential that is ready to boom with a significant number of incoming tourists. Cheap flights and travel to Playa del Carmen motivate people to visit Mexico and enjoy the perfect Caribbean vacation. Special tourism packages also include health insurance services for significantly discounted prices. The packages usually cover the insurance for health for travel to Mexico. The discounted prices are a great chance to visit Mexico and its iconic Playa del Carmen. If you choose to visit other touristy cities, in order to arrange insurance for health for travel to Mexico, you will spend a lot of money. However, choosing Playa del Carmen would save a lot of money for you.

4. Amazing Caribbean beaches

caribbean beach Ocean with crystal clear water, pristine white sands, and hot temperature are the dream of every traveling enthusiast. Well, Playa del Carmen has all the beauties of the perfect tropical beach! All you need is to choose the best time to travel to Playa del Carmen. Fascinating arch sculptures are also typical of Playa del Carmen beaches. You will enjoy sipping your tropical cocktail while lying on the white sand. On a hot summer day, the beaches may be very crowded. If you want to have fewer people around, the best time to travel to Playa del Carmen is from April to May. During the late spring, temperatures are rising on the shore of the Caribbean, and fewer people visit Playa del Carmen. Having fun on the tropical Caribbean beaches in Playa del Carmen will be the most memorable moment of your travel to Mexico.

5. Rio Secreto - Mysterious caves and an underground river

rio secreto Mysterious caves and an underground river are rare tourist attractions that you would only find in Playa del Carmen. Rio Secreto is a natural treasure that is well protected by the Mexican government in order to attract many tourists. Local tourism agencies organize underground tours to Rio Secreto, where you can participate together with other visitors. The alluring blue color of the river, ancient rock formations of the caves, and perfect color mixtures will make your time in Rio Secreto the highlight of the Playa del Carmen trip. Please note that you should rent several items of unique clothing for the underground tour. Also, the local tourism agency will give you a lot of exciting information about the unique history of Rio Secreto. The ancient history and natural beauty of Rio Secreto will astound you.

6. Entertaining Xplor playground

playa del carmen beach Playa del Carmen also includes an adventurous outdoor playground for both children and adults. River rafting, fascinating caverns, extraordinary hammock ride, and marvelous cenote are among the most exciting attractions. Xplor offers its best interests to make your time valuable and memorable. Xplor is one of the rare places that mix natural attractions with a man-made playground. You will have dozens of chances to capture perfect moments while enjoying the activities. Also, it is worth noting that you do not have to spend a lot of money in order to have fun in Xplor. 

7. Professional golf courses

golf area Playa del Carmen offers high-quality golf courses that may prepare you for all levels of playing the game. Playa del Carmen has vast areas available for professional golf games. Therefore, tourists have been playing golf in this Caribbean city for decades. Golf is very famous in this city that attracts many tourists thanks to its worldwide fame. During the busiest season, when a lot of foreigners visit Playa del Carmen, you can join professional golf competitions and win prizes. Golf contests are always entertaining and exciting. We can say that Playa del Carmen is highly specialized in golf. You can hardly find a better place than this city in Mexico, where you can play and enjoy the golf games at their best.

8. Coralina Daylight Club

coralina daylight club Inspired by crazy Las Vegas clubs, Playa del Carmen has built a tremendous and fascinating open-air club. In the daylight club, there are no limits for entertainment. You can drink, play games, dance, and swim in the pool as much as you want. Usually, daylight clubs in Playa del Carmen have direct access to the Caribbean sea, where you can continue swimming for several hours. Concept restaurants, cafes that serve unique tropical cocktails, and private areas are the best things about the daylight club. You will have the best moments of your travel to Playa del Carmen in Coralina Daylight Club that is unique to this city. You will hardly find outdoor entertainment clubs such as the Coralina Daylight Club in other cities and towns in Mexico.

9. 3D Museum of Wonders

art Would you like to see the gallery Playa del Carmen in 3D format monuments? 3D Museum of Wonders is a place where you can see the unique sculptures, paintings, models, and drawings from ancient times. 3D models are used in order to talk about the history of Mexico in a more narrative and interesting form. You can not find unique 3D museums such as the gallery Playa del Carmen in other cities in Mexico. The price of seeing the gallery Playa del Carmen is pretty affordable. Admiring colorful 3D sculptures, learning about Mexican history, watching artworks, and exploring ancient artifacts will be the best moments of your travel to Mexico.

10. One of the safest places in Mexico

mexico beach Is it safe to travel to Playa del Carmen? Well, absolutely yes! According to the statistics, crime rates have fallen a lot during recent years. The Mexican government paid special attention to the security in the city of Playa del Carmen, mainly due to its tourism potential. The government and local agencies have ensured that Playa del Carmen is a perfectly safe city to visit. However, it is always good to take precautionary measures such as traveling with groups, walking around only touristic places, etc.

A quick recap

festivity In this blog, we have answered the following questions: Where is Mexico? Why travel to Playa del Carmen instead of Cancun? Is it safe to travel to Playa del Carmen? How to get cheap flights and travel to Playa del Carmen? This article will be very useful for those looking for an exciting new tourism spot in Mexico. As a precaution, you've also learned you should get insurance for health for travel to Mexico, and most importantly, for a Mexican visa.

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