10 reasons why you should travel to Poland right now

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10 reasons why you should travel to Poland right now
Poland. This country can surprise and delight even the most demanding tourist. Here you can find a purely rustic relaxation in the lap of nature or plunge into the bright, bustling life of the big city. Where is Poland? For sure, each of us knows that the country is located in Central Europe. Most of us know that Poland is a lowland country. However, there are hills (6% of the territory) and mountains (3%). The Baltic Sea washes the northern part of the country. So why should you travel to Poland? Let's name ten main reasons when you learn about which you will have a desire to come here.

1. Warsaw

view of warsaw The capital of Poland is located in the Vistula river basin. One side of the city area is called Praga, and on the other side - Old Town. Life here beats the key both day and night. Warsaw is a typical European capital, judging by its architectural relics. The combination of antiquity and modernity fills the city with this spirit of youth and a certain amount of experience and wisdom. And what's more, residents respect and observe traditions, but always keep up with the times. Warsaw has been officially declared the capital of Poland since 1596. During World War II, much of the city was utterly destroyed. The restoration took a lot of time and effort, but it was worth it - the historic Centre of Warsaw is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The capital of Poland is also considered a major cultural centre of the country. Various festivals and meetings are held here, such as International Chopin Piano Competition, Mozart Festival, Warsaw Theatre Meetings, Warsaw Autumn.

2. Krakow

Cities of Poland do not cease to be fascinated by their unique atmosphere. And Krakow Poland is no exception. It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Therefore, it is not surprising that it was visited by royals from other countries, famous painters, artists and scientists. More than 200 historical architectural monuments, included in the list of protected objects, have been preserved here. You can see the city in the palm of your hand and capture this mesmerizing view from the observation deck located on Kosciuszko Mound. If you decide to get there on foot, stock up on drinking water - climbing will take about an hour. You can make your way through the Las Wolski by looking at the zoo and the Camaldolese Monastery in Bielany on the way. In the city, be sure to take a walk on Market Square. It's easy to find - any road in Krakow will take you to it. The square has stone palaces and ancient houses with numerous cafes, restaurants, exhibitions, theatres and galleries. If you plan to travel to Poland, the sights (at least mandatory) are in Krakow Poland. St. Mary's Basilica, the Royal Castle, Wawel Hill, Wawel Cathedral - this is only a small part of what is worth seeing.

3. National cuisine

traditional polish soup Yes, this is also one of the reasons to travel to Poland. The national cuisine of this country is popularly called "warming the soul". Cabbage, mushrooms, meat, and fish are the main components of Polish dishes, which make them nourishing and nutritious. Poland can be rightfully considered the "country of soups". Each meal here begins with a first course. And there are a significant number of them in the country. The most famous of them are duck blood soup Czernina, Krupnik and Zurek. Second-courses of Polish cuisine is no less tasty and famous. Bigos, Pierogi, Cabbage roll and Kielbasa - is it possible to refuse these masterpieces of culinary art? And what is for dessert? Polish desserts are mainly cookies and pies stuffed with jam or cottage cheese. The most popular are Mazurek and a Polish Babka.

4. Nature

poland nature Given its location, Poland is characterized by the specific nature of both mountainous areas and plains. Pure rivers and lakes, impassable forests and ancient castles and fortresses hiding on this picturesque background create the impression of the period of Knights. There are wild places on the territory of the country, which have been preserved in their original form. The main natural tourist objects, the uniqueness of which must be seen, are:
  • Bialowieza Forest
  • The valley of the Rospuda River
  • Morskie Oko
  • Crooked Forest in Poland
  • Slovinsky National Park
In the forests and mountains, you can find many animals and birds such as wild boars, lynxes, wolves, roes, brown bears, eagles, owls. You will get unforgettable emotions if you see a colony of bison, whose population was once destroyed by humans, but, fortunately, it was restored.

5. Masurian Lakes

masuria lake If you are a fan of a quiet and secluded holiday, you should head to Masuria, which is called the edge of a thousand lakes. And for some reason. There are 2000 lakes, which connect 12 channels and eight rivers. Around the lakes stretches forest massifs with natural reserves and landscape parks. That is why this place is called the "lungs" of Poland. To get to Masuria, you have to drive through the ancient city of Torun. Surprisingly, the medieval buildings and narrow streets of the town have been preserved almost in their original form. In this beautiful place, you can try a variety of leisure activities: fishing, diving, canoeing and kayaking, yachting. There are no problems with finding a place to stay in Masuria. You can choose both luxury apartments in a modern mansion and rent a fishing house on the beach. The most popular here are "floating houses", which can accommodate the whole family or a large group of friends. If you want to diversify a quiet holiday in the lap of nature, be sure to visit some Poland tourist attractions of this region: Gizycko Swing Bridge, Boyen Fortress, Church of Swieta Lipka, Wolf's Lair, Reszel Castle and etc.

6. Spirituality

religious place Poland is considered the most religious country in Europe. More than 90% of the Poland population is Catholic. However, there are other confessions in the country, and atheism is not prohibited. In addition to the many churches that meet at every turn, there are Orthodox churches, Protestant temples and Muslim mosques. The locals are very reverent about their religious customs and traditions. They are all strictly observed and honoured. From an early age, children are brought to spiritual shrines and Sunday schools, taught prayer chanting, and told about God. The Catholic Church has a significant influence on the lives of local people in Poland. For example, the country has issued a law that prohibits trading on Sundays and holidays. While in Poland, be sure to look at the churches. In addition to admiring the external beauty and decoration, you will be lucky to feel the atmosphere of peace of mind and serenity inherent to these places.

7. Shopping

city building old brewery Shopping travel to Poland is very popular with the country's guests and its neighbours. Prices for goods here are much lower than in Western Europe, and the quality is not inferior to the world-famous brands. And the assortment is quite broad - everyone can choose something to his or her liking. It is believed that the best shopping is waiting for you in Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, and Bialystok. In these cities or near them are conveniently located in mega malls - substantial shopping areas where you can buy everything. Also, there are many stores, boutiques, and department stores offering a vast range of various goods. They are usually open from 09:00 to 21:00 on all days of the week, except Sunday.

8. The salt mine in Wieliczka

wieliczka sat mine Wieliczka is a small town not far from Krakow. The mining of salt in this place began in the 13th century. The salt mine, located here, is one of the oldest mines in the world. The mining of rock salt here lasted more than 700 years. As a result, the mine formed 300 km long tunnels at a depth of 327 m. Also, there are about 2000 chambers in this mine. The tourist route offered by the operators will bring you to the bottom of the salt mine, where an underground town with chapels was built. Walking through the salt mine, you will see unique sculptures, caves, altars, chapels, underground lakes, which are artistic works of miners Wieliczka. Today various conferences and meetings are held in the caves of the salt mine, exhibitions and expositions are organized. There is also an underground sanatorium, where respiratory diseases and asthma are successfully treated.

9. Caring for animals

cat Poles are very fond of animals and try to take care of them. Most of all among residents are dogs - many walk their favourites in parks and squares. However, failure to comply with the rules of cleaning for the animals threatens with a fine. And how not to do this, if there are unique places withstands with bags and waste garbage cans. Often, near the Polish stores, you can see bowls of water for animals. But you will not find homeless animals in the streets. And if you do, you should call the EKO Patrol police. This is an exceptional service, whose employees will come and take the found animal to the shelter, where he will be fed, washed, sterilized and given all necessary vaccinations. After that, the animal is waiting there for its master. It often happens that wild animals accidentally get to cities in Poland. Ecopetrol's workers catch them and check for some diseases, and then released them into their natural environment. The love and care for animals among Poles also manifests itself in the presence of a cemetery of pets in the vicinity of Warsaw. It is considered one of the largest cemeteries in Europe and has more than 15,000 graves.

10. Stop of time

bus stop No matter how magical it sounds, but it is a fact. This action takes place in Warsaw. Every year on August 1 at 17:00, the city stops for precisely one minute. At this moment, you can hear a sharp and loud siren howling. Drivers of all modes of transport stop and leave the cabins, pedestrians slow down, and visitors of cafes and restaurants get up from their tables. All stand silently for a minute. So what causes this behaviour? This is how the city remembers the heroes of the Warsaw Uprising, which took place in 1944. It was the most massive military operation, which was carried out by the European resistance movement during the Second World War. The uprising lasted 63 days. During that time, 10,000 rebels were killed, and 7,000 were reported missing. The rebellion began on August 1. Therefore, on that day, the capital's residents honour their heroes. This is how beautiful Poland is. The sights permeated with the spirit of antiquity, the breathtaking nature, the national cuisine, which is impossible to forget - all this will make you fall in love with the beautiful country and come back here again.

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